March, 2012
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ABB TVOC-2 Arc Guard System
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What's new for 2012?

Join Vision Control & Automation and ABB for the ABB Automation & Power World, April 23rd through April 26th, 2012!

Beginning on Monday, April 23rd, the ABB Automation & Power World will feature a Technology and Solution Center with over 130,000 sq. ft. of exhibits and presentation theaters where you will be able to meet and network with hundreds of technical experts and technology partners.

You will also be able to earn PDHs for every workshop you attend, as well as CEUs on many topics. Choose from over 300 hours of

Educational Workshops

Customer Case Studies

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Registration is not required for general workshops and hands-on technoical training, giving you the flexibility to choose your workshops on-site.

Protect Equipment From Dangerous Arcs with ABB's Arc Guard System

ABB's new TVOC-2 Arc Guard System protects equipment and personnel from dangerous arcs and prolongs the life-cycle of equipment. The Arc Guard System is a safety device that detects faults in low and medium voltage switchgear, by clearing an arc within an extremely short time. In turn, the system reduces the energy in the arc so that personal injury and equipment damage are kept to a minimum. As legal and regulatory requirements increase, old equipment soon becomes out-of-date. ABB's Arc Guard System helps increase equipment safety and thereby extend its life-cycle.
The Arc Guard System is user-friendly and easy to install. The system is flexible, with mounting options on a DIN-rail or directly on a panel wall on both new installations and old switchgear in need of prolonged life. As your system grows, the Arc Guard System can be easily extended to meet your needs. 


Click here for more information on ABB's TVOC-2 Arc Guard System.




Monitor Insulation for Unearthed AC, DC and Mixed AC/DC Systems

ABB's new CM-IWN.5 Insulation Monitoring Relay serves to monitor insulation resistance in unearthed IT AC systems, IT AC systems with galvanically connected DC circuits, or unearthed IT DC systems with a voltage up to 400 V AC and 600 V DC. The measuring range can be extended up to 690 V AC and 1000 V DC by using the coupling unit CM-IVN, and can be configured to your specific application requirements for multifunctional usage. This makes these devices a great solution for providing insulation monitoring for applications with high system leakage capacitance, such as solar applications. 



Click here for more information on ABB's CM-IWN.5.


Cut Panel Costs  and Save Installation Time with ABB Miniature Circuit Breakers

ABB Miniature Circuit Breakers offer a compact solution to your circuit protection requirements and saves installation time with the clip-on DIN rail mounting system. The current limiting features of these devices increase circuit protection by significantly reducing the let-through energy and utilizing faster trip times. The S200UDC series of Miniature Circuit Breakers is now available in UL489 DC applications up to 125VDC, including 1-pole and 2-pole devices with K and Z characteristics and rated current from 1A to 63A.