October, 2011
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February 9th, 2012
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ABB STAR Series Designed to Maximize Productivity

The recently launched STAR Series Product Line from ABB is the next generation of modular motor control and protection for applications up to 20 HP at 480 V. The line features just five coil choices, rated both AC and DC, handling a wide voltage range, as well as low voltage ride-
through and integral surge protection.The wide input voltages, along with a common 45 mm frame width and increased design modularity make for seamless integration.This product line is ideal for use in manufacturing, alternative energy, material handling, power supplies, mobile commercial equipment and more.


Minimize Mechanical Stress with ABB Softstarters

ABB recently launched the new PSE softstarter, 
featuring a built-in two-phase torque control bypass. As the world's first compact softstarter with built-in electronic overhead, the PSE series is more reliable and efficient than traditional products. 

The compact design features a LCD display with an illuminated language neutral backlit display and an easy-to-use four button keypad. The built-in bypass provided in this softstarter reduces the number of connections, allowing for decreased set-up time and installation cost.


Ensure Reliable Switching with eOT Enclosed Switches

The ABB eOT series of enclosed manual motor controllers ensure reliable switching, using cutting edge design and technology.
Controllers are rotary operated, using 3 and 4 pole, 600V HP rated switches and are housed in thermoplastic/polycarbonate, sheet steel or stainless steel enclosures. 

The controllers come in two handle color options and are available with optional 1 NO auxiliary contact installed. The controllers have cUL approval and are UL508 and 98 Listed. Even with their extremely compact size, the controllers are horsepower rated and suitable as a motor disconnect. The sealed plastic enclosure allows for a flush mounting surface installation and is suitable for hose-down environments.