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Amine Purification Update
For Refineries, Gas Processors & Chemical-Recovery Professionals-Winter 2012
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Still Going Strong...Very First AmiPur Continues to Perform
AmiPur Installations Reach 59... Reflect Need for Low-Sulfur Fuel
Continuous Removal of Contaminants from Amine Solutions (Published in PTQ magazine)
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Welcome to the newest edition of Eco-Tec's AmiPurspectives, exclusively covering developments in continuous amine-purification technology. 
Still Going Strong
Very First AmiPur Continues to Perform, After Nearly 14 Years of Service Hollman PRSI AmiPur


Still performing and still going strong, the very first Eco-Tec Amine Purification System (AmiPur™) installed in 1998 remains in operation and carries on as a critical part of the refinery's process - despite being an earlier, less rugged version of the systems built today...
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AmiPur Installations Now At 59, Across 18 Countries
Vintage AmiPur New Projects Reflect Greater Need for Low-Sulfur Fuel Worldwide


Entering the new year,59 gas processing plants and oil refineries in 18 countries worldwide have installed, or are set to install, an AmiPur™-PLUS system for continuous removal of Heat Stable Salts (HSS)... The most recent AmiPurs, currently being designed and built by Eco-Tec, include systems for...
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Continuous Removal of Contaminants
from Amine Solutions (Published in PTQ magazine)
boiler erosion
The amine-treating unit is of great importance in gas processing and refinery operations for treating acid gases. It is also attracting increasing attention from the pressing needs of environmental compliance and for meeting stringent levels of H2S and CO2 removal. 
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