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Welcome to the newest edition of Eco-Tec's WaterWise, exclusively covering developments in produced-water treatment for steam generation, flooding, or disposal at oil production facilities.

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New Heavy-Oil Production Facing Difficult Water in California
Novel Ion-exchange System Softens Produced Water for Steam Generation (Published in Oct. 2011 issue of World Oil magazine)
Micro Media Filtration Proving Effective in Produced Water Softening Systems
Produced Water Society, Eco-Tec Set for Annual Workshop
New Heavy-Oil Production Facing Difficult Water in California 
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As heavy-oil production continues to move into new areas, operators in California face more challenging levels in produced water. However, despite the high hardness and total dissolved solids (TDS) being found there, Eco-Tec's RecoFlo ion exchange technology is demonstrating how it can treat this difficult water, in economical ways...
"Novel Ion-exchange" Produced Water System at Seneca Heavy Oil Operations
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As California entered a period of severe drought in 2008, the challenges of using thermal methods to extract heavy oil became compounded by the difficulty of securing freshwater sources... In an effort to manage the crisis, then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proclaimed a state of emergency and enacted widespread water-conservation measures...
Micro Media Filtration Proving Effective in Produced Water Softening Systems 
Spectrums in Bakersfield

Having an effective, durable pretreatment system in advance of ion exchange produced-water softening systems is the first, most critical line of defense -- ensuring smooth, more trouble-free performance downstream...It's especially true when dealing with today's ion exchange technologies, which require...
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Eco-Tec is a globally recognized manufacturer of water purification, gas processing, and chemical recovery systems for industrial operations. In business since 1970, Eco-Tec provides proven integrated systems based on proprietary technologies that offer significant cost reduction, superior process efficiency, and facilitates an environmentally responsible approach to using natural resources. Eco-Tec has provided more than 2,000 systems in over 55 countries, and is represented in all major markets.
Produced Water Society, Eco-Tec Set for Workshop
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A growing network of engineers and industry professionals, known as The Produced Water Society, has been hard at work since 1991 furthering innovations in separation, filtration and analysis. As January rolls around, the Society is getting set for its annual three-day conference being held in Houston, Texas, USA, where Eco-Tec will also be presenting a paper/case study...

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