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Are you utilizing LinkedIn to its full capacity?
Top 5 reasons to use LinkedIn
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May 17: Making MS Work Networking Event
Making MS Work is designed to connect professionals who are currently employed and living with MS, to foster business networking, establish professional connections, support open discussion about successes in the workplace in spite of MS, and promote positive approaches to working while living with MS. Click here for more details and to register.
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Are you utilizing LinkedIn to its full capacity?

Most of us have heard the saying about finding a job, "It's not what you know, but who you know." Connecting with the right people at the right time significantly increases your chances of finding a job. The most valuable tool for the job seeker today is a social networking website.

Join our LinkedIn GroupLinkedIn is one of the most popular and effective professional networking websites there is. To date there are over 120 million members, and this number continues to grow rapidly. Many of us have LinkedIn profiles and know it's important, but are you aware of just how useful it is and all the benefits LinkedIn has to offer?

Networking is such an important tool for your job search. Networking is all about making connections and then using those connections to continue making more connections. Yet LinkedIn offers many tools in addition to the opportunity to network. Let's look at a few great reasons to invest your time in LinkedIn.

Top 5 reasons to use LinkedIn
1. Networking: Network to your full potential. Your network is larger than you think; it includes all of your family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers and casual acquaintances. A great way to connect with everyone you know on LinkedIn is to import your address book. Connect to everyone in your address book that has a LinkedIn profile, and invite the others to join!
2. Be searchable: Optimize your profile by ensuring it is complete with clean and honest information. Think about your headline; this is your number one branding tool and the information that shows up during a search. The headline defaults to your current or most current job title, but it is better to change it to a summary of your role. Hiring managers are using LinkedIn too to search for potential candidates. 
3. Job Search: Thousands of jobs are listed under each category on LinkedIn. Not only can you search for job listings, but you can research the companies and hiring managers to learn more about their background. In addition, you can see if any of your connections are connected to the hiring managers that are of interest to you. You are then able to use inside connections to help you get access to a company or job you are interested in. 
4. Recommendations: Help yourself stand out by recommending people you are connected to as well as requesting recommendations from your contacts. Try to request recommendations from people you have worked with and trust and who can give an honest and positive recommendation. 
5. Research: Again, LinkedIn allows you to research companies you may be interested in as well as recruiters and hiring managers. Learn about their background, statistics about the company, job postings, recent promotions or changes to the company, new hires and some current employees. Overall, the summary of the company can hint at the culture of the company.
Join MSWorks on LinkedIn 


Now that you have the basics of utilizing a LinkedIn profile, we invite you to join our professional networking group on LinkedIn.

We've created a Greater Delaware Valley MSWorks Networking group on LinkedIn. Click here to join our group today.


This group can be used to:

  • connect with professionals who are currently employed and living with MS
  • foster business networking
  • establish professional connections
  • support open discussion about successes in the workplace in spite of MS
  • access LinkedIn job links that are updated daily
  • prepare to enter the workforce again or learn tips to maintain employment
  • promote positive approaches to working while living with MS
  • learn about valuable resources that can help whether you're looking to get back into the workforce or are currently working
In case you missed it... 


This winter, we offered a six-part teleconference series focused on employment issues in collaboration with the National Capital and New York City-Southern NY Chapters.


The following topics were discussed:
  • A 21st Century Approach to Job Searching
  • Get Informed:  Legal Protections in the Workplace
  • Effectively Manage Challenging Resume Dilemmas
  • Reinvent Yourself
  • Home-Based Employment: Too Good To Be True? 
  • Don't Do It Alone:  Employment Resources
If you were not able to participate in the teleconferences, they were recorded and are available on our Recorded Programs page.
Employment spotlight 



The unemployment rate for Pa. in March 2012 was 7.5%, down .1% from February. For more information about employment trends in Pa., please click here
New Jersey
The unemployment rate for N.J. in March 2012 was 9%, steady since February.
On April 19, 2012, Governor Christie announced the Employment First Policy for New Jersey to help remove employment barriers for individuals with disabilities. To learn more, click here.
As always, if you have any questions about employment issues, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Christina Forster
Employment Services Manager