November is the month when we
remember to give thanks for all the blessings 
in our lives.  We, at MSL, are thankful for our families, good health and good friends. 
We are also thankful for our loyal customers and the strong relationships we continue to build. 
Rework & Repackaging
MSL Facility
Manufacturers and retailers are often faced with the task of re-packaging or reworking product.  Changes in marketing efforts, alterations to product specifications, component add-on's, new product codes, returns refurbishment, and quality inspections are just a few examples of MSL's product repackaging services.  MSL Packaging & Fulfillment has the experience and flexibility to undertake complex product repackaging programs even under the most demanding time-frames.
Inspection & Sorting
MSL has been providing unparalleled outsourcing services since 2003. MSL's partnerships enable us to offer a range of inspection and quality services including component assembly, certification, inspection, and quality sortation.

We will efficiently and effectively meet your component handling, sorting, and assembly requirements while maintaining project quality, integrity and cost efficiency.
Flexible Labor
MSL FacilityAll of MSL's QC Managers, Operations Management & Support,  Line Leaders, Receiving & Shipping Clerks, Fork Lift Operators, Project Manager's, and Material Managers are full-time staff.  In addition, MSL utilizes a highly flexible temporary workforce. MSL's company policy is designed to do MORE than the minimum verification process that is required by State and Federal law to ensure proper, verifiable documentation and also the integrity of our operation.
By 2009, MSL will require all temporary labor and full-time employees to speak English. MSL will not discriminate against bi-lingual or non-English speaking persons. Prospective employees with full-time potential who have limited English skills may be asked to complete a recommended English study course to be eligible for employment.
For more information about MSL's Labor and Hiring policies please feel free to contact our Human Resources Department.
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 MSL Facility
Crisis Management
Crisis -- 
a condition of instability or danger leading to a decisive change.
Crisis management involves identifying a crisis, planning a response to the crisis and confronting and resolving the crisis. 
When minutes count and deadlines are absolute, we provide the logistical expertise, detailed coordination and on-demand team labor necessary to turn crisis into completion. 
  • Large Scale / Minimal lead time programs 
  • Hot Rush & Priority project production scheduling
  • On-Call 24hr / 7day operational availability
  • On-Site Action Team 
Efficient coordination and response to a given crisis can be the difference in successfully attaining a deadline or risking the loss a prospective client to our customers.  MS Logistics Crisis Management model makes it possible to coordinate large scale packaging & logistics projects requiring immediate management, labor, space and equipment to resolve the crisis situation.