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October 2008
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Poly Bagging
Kitting & Multi - Packing
Shrink Packaging
Light Manufacturing
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Poly - Bagging
Poly Bagging
MSL currently operates 30 - foot pedal poly bag sealers. The flexibility of stand alone sealers gives MSL the ability to output high volumes of product within even the most demanding timeframes. Poly bagging is a cost effective way to bulk package product with a complete bag seal as well as "hang-ready" header cards.
Kitting & Multi-Packing
kitting 3 

 Kitting is defined as "the process in which individual but related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit". For example, retailers may request a promotional gift set from a manufacturer.  In this set, the retailer may request that specific items be offered within a promotional gift bag including bottled product, literature, and several alternatives similar in nature. MSL then creates a customized kit that is assembled and shipped as one unit to the clients specific instructions.

MSL FacilityMSL currently offers multiple kitting services including promotional and customer specific packaging materials through our core partners and packaging supply distributors.
MSL FacilityShrink Packaging
Shrink wrap is a widely used cost effective packaging method. Shrink film is a protective wrapping for articles of merchandise consisting of clear plastic film that is sealed around various objects and shrunk with heat to create a clear, tight fitting package. Common shrink wrap films are produced from a variety of gauge's and clarities including polyolefin and PVC.  Shrink packaging offers the flexibility required for unique package design and can accommodate virtually unlimited product lengths. 
Shrink Banding is another effective marketing tool which can be used in a variety of ways.  Bands come in all sizes, can be either clear or printed and are commonly used to hold two or more promotional products together. 
MSL Packaging & Fulfillment specializes in shrink packaging services and utilizes both high speed shrink and manual shrink wrap equipment to accommodate a wide range of product sizes and volume requirements.

Light Manufacturing                    MSL Facility

MSL offers light manufacturing of products and components enabling our clients the ability to outsource programs that may tie up fixed overhead and capital.  Third party services specific to light manufacturing allow for a controlled and flexible assembly operation without the burden of full time management and dedicated resources for programs with fluctuations in product output and variable demand.
MSL Facility
Order Fulfillment Center 
Fulfillment warehouses obtain shipping requests in a variety of manners including web-based application, by customer invoices, a spreadsheet e-mailed directly to the warehouse, or a more robust EDI interchange directed to high volume users.  When an e-commerce business outgrows the start-up facility or when time constraints limit your ability to effectively meet shipping requests, it may be time to utilize MSL Packaging & Fulfillment center for outsourced order fulfillment.
Advantages to Outsourced Order Fulfillment:
  • Inventory is stored offsite thus freeing up fixed overhead cost.
  • On Line visibility of inventoried goods.
  • Management of outbound orders fulfilled and shipment accountability.
  • Return processing and documentation.
  • Reduction in daily responsibilities related to the order fulfillment process.                                             Contact:
                                                                         Jeremy Bunce
MSL Packaging & Fulfillment                         317-334-0600
258 South Kitly Ave.                                        Fax: 317-334-0700
Indianapolis, IN 46219
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