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 September, 2008

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Club Store Packaging
New Equipment
Warehouse & Inventory Control
Point of Purchase
Media Packaging
Club Store Packaging

MSL currently offers club store packaging services such as:
  • Package Design
  • Clamshell
  • Blister Pack Sealing
  • Shrink Band / Wrapping
  • POP Display Assembly
Our creative team is continuously working with clients to develop unique club pack designs that will make your products stand out and also help to reduce material cost.
We specialize in club store display assembly.  From small shelf displays to pallet size floor displays.  MSL provides complete turn key services to take your project from concept through completion.


For all of your local transportation needs.  Call Lorna at
317-334-0600 to schedule a shippment. 

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 Jeremy Bunce 
Fall is fast approaching.  Fourth quarter production and first quarter 2009 planning are well under way.  MSL can help in several ways, including contract packaging, packaging design and distribution.  What problem are you trying to solve?
Contact us for a quote.
New Equipment 
In addition to our current shrink banding / wrapping systems MSL has recently acquired a Capra 8000 Bottom Overlap Horizontal Shrink Wrapper combined with an Arpac shrink tunnel and an Arpac Rotary Tower Automatic Conveyorized Stretch Wrapper.  This system offers extreme flexibility and is designed to run large product sizes as well as very small items producing aesthetically pleasing packages that are perfect for retail display.   Contact us to discuss how this system can benefit your organization.
Photo and description used with permission from Arpac LP.
MSL Facility
Warehouse &
Inventory Control
Did you know MSL has 120,000 square feet of warehouse space?
Did you know MSL has on-line inventory reporting for all our customers?
MSL offers several warehousing solutions including storage and pick and ship.  Contact one of our representatives for more details or a quote.
POP Display
Point of Purchase
Point Of Purchase displays are quickly becoming a driving force in product marketing and retail promotions.  POP displays allow products to be presented "out-of-the-box" with an endless range of shape, size and graphic combinations.  From full pallet floor displays to counter-top and sidekick units, MSL's unique ability to assemble, fill, pack and ship POP displays to multiple retailers and club stores in the Unites States & Canada is second to none.  Please contact us for additional information.
Media Packaging
Media Packaging
Hand assembly and semi automated media packaging remains one of MSL's specialties.  From CD bundling, jewel case assembly, security label application, seasonal release, promotional multi packing and shrink wrap application, MSL is the solution for your outsourced media requirements in gaming, DVD, CD, and publishing industries.  
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