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July 2005

To Our Valuable Customers

MSL is pleased to announce the recent addition of the Kallfass Universal 400 to our current list of packaging & fulfillment services to assist in peak season shrink packaging demand. Specializing in seasonal and spike packaging demands, our program is the most flexible 3rd party packaging option in Indianapolis.

Multi-pack Shrink Wrap Specialists
  • Additional Shrink Machinery Added
  • Prime Midwest Location
  • Shrink Packaging & Assembly Specialists
  • Crisis and Contractual Mobile Packaging Services

  • Prime Midwest Location
    MSL Facility

    Indianapolis, Indiana offers one of the nations most centrally located distribution points available with over 65% of the population of the United States within a 600 mile (one-day) transit. Centrally located facilities matched with 24/7 operations availability allow our clients immediate access to our services with cost effective distribution.

    Shrink Packaging & Assembly Specialists
    Tex wrap 2022

    MSL offers a variety of services including high speed shrink packaging, blister packaging, poly- bagging, hot melt application, shrink sleeving, kitting & multi-packaging, promotional and point- of-sale displays, returns processing & reverse logistics. Need assistance on display boxes and POS design, let MSL take your concept to physical product.

    Crisis and Contractual Mobile Packaging Services
    Crisis Logo

    We have taken a new approach to emergency Project Services. MSL's flexibility is now availably 24/7 On-Site. In many cases it simply makes logistical and financial sense to repackage or assemble products at our customer's facility. This approach greatly reduces costly transportation & double handling as well as increases response time and project completion. Our mobile packaging services in most situations have proven to be the most efficient way to add value to our clients products. We Go To Your Facility.

    Additional Shrink Machinery Added
    Kalfass 400

    The Kallfass 400 is a fully-automatic form/fill/seal machine for complete overwrapping of products without film overlap. Products of randomly varying lengths can be packed consecutively with speeds up to 85 packs per minute.

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