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  November 21, 2011

PANDORA Supports our other smaller organizations on Chase Community Giving Fall 2011 Project.

Chase Community Giving
PANDORA is working hard to ensure our other small organizations also win on Chase Community Giving on Facebook. If we can get 10 organizations on the top 100 on Chase Community Giving we are talking about $250,000 in grant support that will allow these small organization to shine even more.

Marly Silverman is one of the advisors of the ME/CFS Fundraising Group on Facebook, a group that is working hard to promote the current organizations competing on this amazing contest all united in one major goal to strengthen hard working and well deserving organizations.

The Coalition4MECFS as well as the Coalition4Fibromyalgia are working diligently to promote this contest. The organizations from both coalitions such Phoenix Rising, CFSknowledgecenter.com,  CFS Solutions of West Michigan, as well as the IACFS-ME Association, The CFIDS Association, WPI, The American Pain Foundation, and many more, some who have been winners and some who we hope will be winners now and in 2012, are collaborating in a full effort to get the following organizations on the top 100: 

Rocky Mountain CFS /ME and FM Association (Rocky Mountain CFS Association Inc. in Chase)

Wisconsin CFS Association
Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Association of Georgia

Organizations which do not belong to the Coalition4MECFS or the Coalition4Fibromyalgia and we are lending our support too.

The New Jersey CFS Association
Mass CFIDS Association
Enterovirus Foundation
Connecticut CFIDS Foundation
IACFS-ME Association

Click here http://www.chasegiving.tk/

For rules and details, you can go here: http://www.rmcfa.org/chase_giving.html
Thank you for voting- ONE VOICE, ONE COMMUNITY, ONE CAUSE!  

Thank you to all provided input on the Coalition4ME/CFS Proposal to Reclassify Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in the ICD10-CM submitted to the Center for Health Statistics  


Coral Gables, FL, September (Date), 2011 - The Coalition 4 ME/CFS on July 15, 2011 submitted a proposal to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) for reclassification of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) as a neurological disease in the ICD-10-CM and ICD-9-CM. It was accepted for review at the upcoming meeting on Sept. 14, 2011 at the Center for Medicare Services (CMS), in Baltimore, Maryland. 



Mike Munoz
Mike Munoz, Coalition4ME/CFS.org 

"The goal of this proposal is to ensure alignment with ICD-10 and the clinical modifications embraced by other countries, and to ensure alignment with the best current case definition for CFS, which includes both viral and bacterial triggers are in place" stated Mike Munoz, a member of the steering committee of the Coalition4MECFS.


To read the entire press release and proposal, please visit the coalition website at Coalition4ME/CFS.org  


PANDORA wins Citgo 2011 Fueling for Good $5,000 gas card 

YouTube video on Citgo win

Thanks to our supporters who voted for us daily in the Citgo "Fueling for Good" program, PANDORA was one of four charities who won a $5,000 gas card.

See PANDORA's Thank You note at the bottom of this  2011 Winning PSA produced by Lynn Bousquet creating awareness for ME/CFS.   

Thank you!

Click here to watch video
P.A.N.D.O.R.A.'s Mission

To be one strong voice for manyŠ . . .
  • Creating and Raising Community Awareness 
  • Advocating for Quality of Life Issues
  • Providing Support and Educational Resources
  • Establishing Partnerships in our worldwide community
  • Supporting Scientific Research
  • Encouraging Empowerment groups
  • Organizing Educational Medical & Patient Conferences

These goals will assist patients with neuroendocrineimmune disorders and their families in leading productive and fulfilling lives.

Built on Hope * Strong on Advocacy
Finding a Cure through Research

1 Voice - 1 Community - 1 Cause™

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Coalition4ME/CFS Proposal
PANDORA wins $5K Citgo Gas Card
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We have a new website!   

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NEI Center

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The NeuroEndocrineImmune (NEI) Center™ will be 

the first research center to incorporate patient social services assistance, physician education, biomedical and clinical research, and patient computer aided disease diagnosis and treatment (CADDT) specifically designed for multi-system illnesses and complex diseases.    


To read the entire mission statement and for more information, go to

 P.A.N.D.O.R.A.'s Facebook Cause Page for the NeuroEndocrineImmune (NEI) Center


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Agent for Change

Marly Silverman, Founder, P.A.N.D.O.R.A.

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