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Defining Your Goals
February, 2008
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Be SPECIFIC and MEASURE Your Progress
Goals Require ACTION
Be REALISTIC and Respect Your TIMING
Share Your Goals
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Good marketing plans begin with clearly defined goals.Just as you wouldn't hire an employee, and agree to pay their salary, wthout having specific things you want that person to work on, don't spend money on marketing without specific goals in mind.


Your goals are the foundation of your business activities. They outline what you want to accomplish, serve as a measuring stick for success and help you determine if previous activities are worth repeating.


Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T. Specific, Measurable, Action Oriented, Realistic and Time Based.

Be SPECIFIC and MEASURE Your Progress


Be SPECIFIC. As you evaluate your business think bout what will make your business more successful?


Is the answer: more new customers or more sales to existing ones? Do you need more sales, more revenue per transaction, or more profit per sale? Is your goal to switch customers to a new product or service?

Your answer will change your marketing approach.


MEASURE: Thn you will know if yoiu have arrived at your goal.


The measurable aspect of your goal helps you decide how large an investment to make in your marketing efforts. It is a scorecard used to determine if the program was a success and worth repeating!

Remember - Goals require ACTION


ACTION PLAN: Every goal needs one - A series of small steps which help you achieve desired results. Without a viable plan, it is almost impossible to accomplish your goal.

 Be REALISTIC and Respect Your TIMING


Be REALISTIC:  While your goals should be challenging encouraging everyone to do more than they have done historically, a goal set well beyond your current capabilities can negatively affect your business.


Goals establish the level of expenditure you make; bigger goals require bigger investments. If you are unrealistic in your goal definition, you may spend more money than is appropriate for your business.


TIMING is everything when setting goals. Establish realistic time frames and deadlines. Remember - shorter time frames often require larger investments to accomplish the same goals.

Share Your Goals


Don't keep your goals a secret! Tell others what you want to accomplish, so they can help.


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