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Selling the Benefits
July 2007
Get to the Point!
Don't Focus on the Features!
Why People Purchase
Learn to Sell the Benefits
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A common marketing mistake is focusing too much attention on the features of a product.  Particularly in high-tech products, long descriptions of the technical specs in advertising and marketing material exhaust and usually lose the average customer.


Instead of making customers interpret your features and how they can benefit from them, tell them and sell them the benefits up front-a technique that's sure to set you on a sea of smooth sales!

Don't Focus on the Features

As you begin to craft your marketing message, focus your attention on how your customer profits or otherwise gains from using your products or services.


Does your product make people fell safer, more secure, more stylish, or more important because they own it? Does your service save them time or money?


Once you understand the benefits of your product from the customer's perspective, then you can define the value of your product or service.


Remember, the value of your product or service has absolutely nothing to do with the cost to produce it.  The TRUE VALUE of your product or service is based on how much you save, increase, reduce, or improve.



Why People Purchase


People purchase products and services to realize one or more of the following benefits:


TO SAVE:  money, time, effort, or resources


TO INCREASE:  income, investments, future opportunities or personal relationships


TO REDUCE:  expenses, taxes, liabilities or problems

 Learn to Sell the Benefits


Learn more from industry veteran Lorraine Ball at her exclusive marketing workshops, designed with small business owners in mind.


Lorraine Ball
Lessons Workshop
July 31, 2007
8:00-10:00 am
Fee: $49

Networking is like Fishing.  To be successful, you have to find the right fishing hole, properly bait your hook and learn to reel in the big fish. 

In this lively two-hour session, Networking Experts Lorraine Ball and Pat Milner will show you how networking is the foundation of your marketing experience.