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Richmond Island Lobster Hunt
Richmond Island Lobster Hunt
earthrise - Veta La Palma, 'Algae-Culture' fish farm
Veta La Palma, 'Algae-Culture' fish farm
Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish
Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish
James Beard Foundation Awards 2012 - Open
James Beard Foundation Awards 2012 - Open

James Beard Foundation 



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 NOAA Fish Watch





There was knife play....... without Blood 








The semi final Boka Round absolutely rocked!! We saw some incredible competition as 10 of the city's best went head to head for the day's prize of $500.00 cash. Special thanks to Eric Kleinberg Photography for the stellar pics of all the action.  In the end, the quickest & cleanest killing was administered by winner, Luis Pedroza of Benny's Chop House with an unreal 1 minute - 2 seconds time to shuck one dozen nearly perfect Naked Cowboy Oysters. The next best time of the round was scored by Erik Vollano of Boka who clocked in at a 1 minute 25 second mark.


Now, with the the top 4 scoring Chefs advancing on to the final round battling for that Grand Prize of $2,000.00, this is where all focus will be centered. Being held Sunday, September 30th at 4:15 on the East Great Lawn, this battle is scheduled as the Grand Finale to Chicago Gourmet 2012. Last year's over capacity crowd was trampling the foliage & knocking down the barricades to get a glimpse of the competition. This year, with the addition of a ridiculous $2,000.00 Cash Prize along with a stellar roster of guest judges you can be assured the crowd will be even bigger.



Luis Pedroza- Benny's Chophouse
 Eric Vollono- BOKA
 Steven Adams- BOKA
Azazi Morsi - Frontier


Seasonal Menu Changes 


Keeping with the kick off last week, we are featuring products that will readily available for Chefs who are in the midst of planning their fall menus. The items featured over the next few weeks will make perfect menu accompaniments with your Autumn Squash, Heirloom Apple Varieties, Chards, Grapes, Fig & any other seasonal produce you've been waiting all summer to start dabbling in.


Veta La Palma Spanish Lubina Bass


This is what a sea creature SHOULD look like if you're demanding the absolute best.

The eyes look like black holes & the animal appears to be still alive. The body is in a semi contorted position as the muscles are in a tight state of rigor mortis. These absolutely exquisite creatures are the highest grade of Mediterranean Sea Bass on Earth. These Lubina, hailing from the Veta La Palma Estate of Seville Spain have played roles on menus of some of the best restaurants in the world & are recently new to Chicago.

The flesh is a delicate off white opal color with a moderate fat content covered by a skin that offers such an incredible bright clean flavor without any acrid characteristics.

Each animal is harvested to order, purged & killed in an ice slurry bath drawing the core temperature down to just above the freezing point. They are soldier packed in styros & shipped direct to Supreme in Chicago.

Veta La Palma Lubina have appearing on some of the area's most prestigious menus like Tru, Sepia, L20, Lula, Ria, Recess, Inovasi, Blackbird & Moderno just to name a few. The fish moving into the Datum months will continue to arrive in exquisite form ranging from the 2# mark up to 8# behemoths.

Linda Greenlaw Select Swordfish


Introducing Linda Greenlaw Select (Great Oceans)

Introducing Linda Greenlaw Select 

Autumn Swordfish





Captain Linda Greenlaw made an internationally recognized name for herself, responsibly hunting Wild Swordfish while captaining the Fishing Vessel Hannah Boden (the vessel Linda also captained during the 1991 nor'easter documented in The Perfect Storm). Captain Greenlaw has now partnered with an Elite Fleet of Vessels to supply Supreme Lobster & Seafood Co with LINDA GREENLAW SELECT® Swordfish. These fish are rated as "Top of the Trip" - the best of the catch and the freshest of what is produced by each individual boat. Captain Greenlaw works exclusively with what are considered to be the highest quality producing vessels to insure the caliber of each animal that is sold to Supreme Lobster's customers earn the grade of LINDA GREENLAW SELECT®


Fishing for swordfish is not without its challenges. This particular fishery is most productive during certain phases of the moon; necessitating that trips are in sync with the lunar cycle. One trip consists of a number of 24-hour cycles of setting (putting overboard) and hauling (retrieving) the fishing gear. In addition to employing the preferred responsible harvesting techniques of longline catching and harpooning, crews must use "circle hooks" which are designed to minimize negative effects on non-target species and greatly decrease mortality rates of released fish and juveniles. Swordfish are caught one at a time. When a fish is pulled from the ocean, it is immediately and immaculately cleaned, and then stored in salt water ice in the fish hold. Never frozen, the "top of the trip" are those fish that come aboard late in the cycle of a trip, landing them on top of the fish hold - last caught, first off freshest fish.


These fish, which are nationally known as the highest grade Atlantic Sword on the market today are available exclusively though Supreme Lobster. Another stellar offering for Autumn Menus!


Hawaiian Kanpachi - September Special


For the month of September, Blue Ocean Mariculture & Supreme Lobster is offering discounted pricing on one of the most elegant animals on Earth! This is an incredible opportunity to feature Hawaiian Kanpachi on your Autumn Menus.


Sustainably raised off the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, these animals are hatched, reared & harvested using state-of-the-art aquaculture technology without depleting wild fisheries or harming the natural ocean environment. This state of the art facility raises fish using a fish meal and fish oil diet in deep sea net pens at depths of over 200 feet. Currents in this area are fast moving and ensure that the aquaculture operations do not affect water quality or damage coral reef habitats. Waters around the farm are monitored and have not shown any impact of farming operations on water quality.




This incredible animal's flesh carries an astonishing 30% fat content, which translates to fish that is packed with rich flavor, moistness & high levels of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. These extremely high fat contents partnered with the brightly clean, slightly buttery essence of the flesh offers an unparalleled level of Umami, the flavor component describing savoriness one of the five basic tastes together with sweet, sour, salty & bitter.


The level of marbling in the flesh is reminiscent of Kobe Beef & is one of the main reasons Hawaiian Kanpachi is considered to be one of the world's most elegant delicacies in fine cuisine.


A descendent of the Hawaiian wild kahala, this Hawaiian yellowtail has the silkiness of sablefish (a.k.a. black cod), but with a more savory rather than sweet flavor. It's richer in omega-3 than just about anything else in the ocean and has no detectable mercury. It melts on your tongue, holds up on the grill, and is so rich in oils that it'll fry in a pan without butter.  



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