Portland's Community Benefits Agreement
On September 5, Emerald Cities Portland and the Metropolitan Alliance for Workforce Equity (MAWE) turned out over 200 community members wearing red shirts labeled "Community Benefits For All" to support the Mayor and City Council as they considered a Community Benefits Agreement to bring benefits to workers, promote training and placement of women and people of color, and grow demand for disadvantaged businesses. In the first agreement of its kind for Portland, Mayor Adams and the Portland City Council approved the CBA for use on City projects, and piloted the CBA on 2 Water Bureau projects totaling $100 million.  
ECC Hosts Community Foundation Dialogue
Council On Foundations Logo Emerald Cities Collaborative held a session on September 11 at the Council on Foundation's 2012 Community Foundations Conference convened in New Orleans. The session informed the community foundations about local work in our Emerald Cities and their hometowns. The briefing was sponsored and facilitated by Michael Brown of the Seattle Community Foundation, who serves as fiscal agent, steering committee member, trusted local convener, grant funder, investor (PRI), and true advocate. The Seattle Foundation's 360 support for EC Seattle presented a range of options for deepening Community Foundation engagement. Other participants included the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta, Oregon Community Foundation, Rhode Island Community Foundation, Seattle Foundation, Greater New Orleans Foundation, Funder's Network for Smart Growth & Livable Communities, and Neighbor Works. 
Board Spotlight
Boma Logo ECC Board partner organization Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) is joining the Green Parking Council and the International Facility Management Association in the launch of the Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking (LEEP) Campaign ( LEEP helps businesses take advantage of the savings opportunity that comes from high-efficiency parking lighting technology. The U.S. Department of Energy is supporting LEEP by providing implementation resources and technical assistance via their Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
Cows Logo New ECC Board partner organization COWS just released two great resources. First, their report Greener Reality takes stock of the green economy, looking at what works (and doesn't) in related skill and credentialing initiatives and placing them in a broader context of human capital development, community resilience, and climate change. Defining equity, sustainability, and greater democratization as critical elements of a truly greener future, the paper considers the practical and political challenges to achieving these in the United States. Second, their new American Legislative and Issue Campaign Exchange (ALICE) is an all-new public online library of progressive state and local law. Includes "exemplary" laws worthy of replication, and "model" laws that suggest general language, in addition to background research, talking points, and other aids in effective communication.
Perspective: From Transactions to Transformation 
by Denise Fairchild


September was a very good month for Emerald Cities. I proudly watched three of our local council directors move from transactions to transformation. Leveraging the power of their multi-stakeholder coalitions, they each moved closer to institutionalizing ECC's mission within their local political economy. Let me explain.


I routinely remind everyone (and myself) that the Emerald Cities brand  -- the triple bottom line - is one of the best, but still one of the hardest brands to sell. We want: 1) energy efficient buildings, 2) that create jobs and business opportunities, 3) that are high wage with careers and benefits, and 4) that are shared with disadvantaged populations. There are gigantic hurdles to overcome in realizing any one of these objectives. Yet, each of our local councils have adeptly garnered a pipeline of building retrofit projects - public buildings, community colleges, downtown commercial projects, and multi-family affordable housing projects - that carry the Emerald Cities brand. Believe me, this important work, project development, is hard enough.


Yet, our local councils are moving beyond deal flow into broad-based community engagement. This month, Cleveland and Portland, following on the coattails of San Francisco's city-wide community benefits agreement (CBA), turned populists, elevating ECC's mission into the public forum. Coalition members organized and convened hundreds of labor and community residents to advocate for high road economic development policies with their city officials. These city-wide campaigns and public dialogues are the stuff of real transformation. They are clearing the underbrush, talking about the hard issues, and changing hearts and changing minds. They are advancing policies and changing business practices. They are making subsequent high road deals easier to do. In fact, they are creating a "new normal" such that their success in creating high road jobs may actually put them out of work. Definitely something to ponder.  

A New Tool For Chemicals
Chemhat BlueGreen Alliance and Charlotte Brody, Associate Director of Health Initiatives, has announced the release of ChemHAT, a new, free tool that is designed by workers for workers to make it easier to learn about chemicals. ChemHAT (Chemical Hazards and Alternatives Toolbox)'s searchable database, found online at, makes it easy to read about the scientific findings on the short and long-term health effects of over 10,000 commonly used chemicals.  
Congressional Black Caucus Talks Green
CBC logo On Friday, September 21 in Washington D.C. ECC attended the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's 42nd Annual Legislative Conference entitled "The Truth About the Green Economy." The panel was hosted by ECC partner Green For All and Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II (D-MO 5th District), and discussed attacks against the green economy, facts about job growth and green economy, and strategies for response. Guests included MSNBC Commentator Jeff Johnson, Gilbert G. Campbell of Volt Energy, and Danielle Deane of The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. The day was concluded with a reception recognizing African-American energy and environmental professionals. 
Trade-UP In Huffington Post
trade up logo Atlanta partner Deborah Scott of Georgia Stand-UP and Trade-UP was recently highlighted in the Huffington Post, in an article on community-labor partnerships as a means to creating career pipelines to good jobs. 
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