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Zero Net Energy Project for Laney College
Laney College LogoEmerald Cities Oakland has formed a new partnership between Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and Laney College, the largest campus of the Peralta Community College District (PCCD) and partner in the Emerald Cities Community College Initiative. EC Oakland rallied staff and personnel from Laney and successfully garnered a $200k Technical Assistance grant, provided by PG&E's Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Pilot Program, for a new Sustainability Center. Through a competitive public process, the ZNE grant brings world-class technical advisory teams to help projects meet their energy efficiency goals through design and technical assistance. The new Laney Sustainability Center will be built according to the highest sustainable building standard, the Living Building Standard, and will provide state-of-the art training and advanced curriculum development to students, contractors and workforce programs. EC Oakland will continue to partner with PCCD on workforce opportunities and community benefits on this center and on the current high road retrofitting goals for all five PCCD campuses.


Cleveland City Symposium 
City of Cleveland On Friday, August 3, Emerald Cities Cleveland will be joining labor, developers, contractors, and community members, in a vibrant educational symposium hosted by the City of Cleveland's Office of Equal Opportunity and the Cleveland City Council. The symposium, entitled Community Benefits: Making Development Accountable, will highlight best practices in development projects designed to maximize their value to the community (such as hiring local workers, working with unions, and ensuring the workforce is diverse). The morning session will highlight successful endeavors in other cities, and will be led by ECC board member Kathleen Mulligan of the Partnership for Working Families. The afternoon session will host a "roundtable discussion" of key stakeholders, including ECC's labor and community partners.


Seattle's Energy Disclosure Ordinance
Seattle Energy Disclosure Banner Seattle's Energy Disclosure Ordinance for Commercial Buildings requires large building and multi-family building owners (greater than 5 units) to report building characteristics and energy use on the EPA's Portfolio Manager tracking tool. This ordinance has potential to be a valuable tool in increasing the visibility of energy use and efficiency for the owners themselves as well as buyers and tenants. Emerald Cities Seattle is exploring opportunities to strengthen the ordinance in the future by making the measures more relevant to the multi-family building sector. EC Seattle is also looking into publicizing the scores of large commercial buildings, to celebrate the energy efficient buildings and call attention to less efficient ones. 
Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland
Allen Temple Allen Temple Baptist Church (ATBC), in East Oakland, is a tremendous community partner for providing a myriad of support services to the low-income community (workforce trainings, GED programs, child support, HIV programs, to name a few). Emerald Cities Oakland has worked with partners California Energy Service Corporation and Oakland Shines to enter the church's energy baseline into the EPA portfolio manager. The team is also providing lighting and solar assessments for the campus, which consists of a half dozen buildings. On July 27, ATBC passed an Emerald Cities MOU, agreeing to partner in the 'greening' of their two-block campus. EC Oakland sees ATBC as the pioneer partner in a larger goal of 'the high road greening of churches' in Oakland and Alameda County, and implementing the projects with CWA outcomes.


Denise Fairchild by Denise Fairchild


The recent passing of one of America's labor icons, Joyce D. Miller, gave me a chance to reflect on the role of women in the labor movement and the importance of the labor movement for women. Ms. Miller was co-founder and 17-year President of the Coalition of Labor Union Women, the first woman elected to the AFL-CIO Executive Council, and the executive director of the Glass Ceiling Project under Clinton, among many other groundbreaking roles. She joins the ranks of women labor leaders as far back as Sarah Bagley, Mother Jones, Triangle Shirt Waist Leaders, Mary McCloud Bethune, as well as our contemporary heroines Dolores Huerta, Maria Elena Durazo, and Arlene Holt Baker. These women, other leaders, and ordinary working women all struggled against exclusion and oppression inside and outside the labor movement. Actually, women have always found it easier to actualize ECC's vision of an immutable bond between labor and community. They fight not only for the right to decent wages and working conditions, but also a better quality of life for all workers. Joyce Miller wrote (1991), "as women increasingly join the ranks of the labor movement and as they enter positions of leadership in it, they are renewing and redefining unionism... With their increased participation in unions, women are pressing for a more comprehensive agenda which will benefit not just union women but all union members and their families...". I welcome the role of women in ECC's struggle for rebuilding America's future the high road way.

Energy Fact Check logo

June 20 marked the launch of, a new and useful online resource for anyone engaged in the debate over clean and renewable energy. Providing real-time information, is designed to help ensure both sides of the story are told by responding to inaccuracies and misrepresentations with the facts. was created in partnership with the Surdna Foundation and Spitfire Strategies, and is a resource of the American Council On Renewable Energy, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to building a secure and prosperous America with clean, renewable energy.


California Benchmarking Evaluated
California State Seal The California Statewide Benchmarking Process Evaluation is a report submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission on the plausible impact and possible obstacles of implementing California's rating and disclosure policy. Read it here (the first few pages provide a great summary). 


Emerald Cities is excited to announce and introduce our talented new Local Executive Director in Atlanta, Antiqua Cleggett. Welcome Antiqua!


Our very own Casey Barnard, Local Director in Portland, will be getting married in early August at a beautiful conservation area on the Oregon coast. Congratulations!



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