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DOE Joins Seattle Celebration

Gil Sperling

DOE Special Advisor Gil Sperling

On May 23rd, Department of Energy (DOE) Special Advisor Gil Sperling joined close to150 dignitaries at the first of a two-part launch and celebration of Emerald Cities Seattle's first anniversary. Emerald Cities Seattle and Cyan Strategies President Mike Mann orchestrated a pre-reception "listening and visual tour" for Mr. Sperling. The day began with a luncheon discussion with Mayor McGinn, the Local Building Trades, Community Power Works business partners and ECC community partners, where they shared about Seattle's financing and community workforce structure for retrofitting downtown commercial and hospital projects. This was followed by a tour of Seattle's Qwest Field, showcasing innovative energy plans for the urban sports facility. An informal policy discussion helped define the tools for expanding this work. Mr. Sperling best expressed his enthusiasm in his remarks at the evening celebration/reception, stating, "most of my travels around the country focus on helping cities in trouble. I like coming to Seattle because I get a chance to see how to get it right."

ECC Takes A Lesson From Detroit

Detroit Training2

Training Participants in Detroit

30 representatives from ECC Cities spent four days in Detroit, Michigan sharpening their skills in ECC's high-road retrofit development process. Joining over 1,500 other participants in NeighborWorks quarterly training programs, our participants learned about the "design and development" phase, with customized planning sessions on: designing community workforce agreements and integrated workforce development systems, benchmarking municipal buildings using EPA's Energy Star Performance rating system, working with energy services performance contractors, expanding cross-sector collaborations, and designing national and local energy policies. Detroit was a great backdrop for discussing ECC's mission of rebuilding a new, more sustainable economy. ECC President Denise Fairchild, Detroit Mayor Bing and community practitioners generated ideas for reinventing a collapsed urban and regional economy, encouraging efforts in urban agriculture, efficient land use, large-scale community planning, and redesign.

Leadership In Providence And The University Sector

Meeting in Providene

Providence Mayor Taveras with Emerald Cities Providence partners

Emerald Cities Providence recently recently gathered in an afternoon planning meeting with ECC National Board Members from the National Building Trades, LISC, LIUNA, YouthBuild and MIT-CoLab at the Rhode Island Foundation. Together we worked to develop a strategic initiative for Emerald Cities Providence, which has great potential considering their powerful partnerships with Mayor Taveras, Green and Healthy Homes, NeighborWorks, Building Futures, the local utility, National Grid, and others. Brown University is providing strong modeling and leadership for retrofitting all six of the major colleges and universities in the area. Overall, Providence has a long-standing labor-community partnership and a successful, nationally recognized workforce development model. Bring it on Providence!!!


YouthBuild Apprenticeship Training

Emerald Cities partner Daryl Wright, VP of Career Development at YouthBuild USA, and the national AFL-CIO Building Trade Department have been working together to deliver the Building Trades Multi-Craft Core Curriculum Coordinators (MC3) Training. To date, the US Department of Labor-sponsored trainings have been held in Silver Spring, MD and Los Angeles, with another to be held in June in Atlanta. In Los Angeles, Richard Slawson and Robbie Hunter opened the proceedings on behalf of the Building Trades Councils of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Members of the Joint Apprenticeship Council are also advising Los Angeles area YouthBuild programs on adapting and implementing the Curriculum. The three YouthBuild programs in Atlanta are working in partnership with representatives from the North Georgia Building and Construction Trades Council, along with community-based partners including Georgia Stand-UP/Trade-UP, the Urban League, and the Center for Sustainable Communities. The 120-hour pre-apprenticeship curriculum has been designed to provide nationally recognized, credentialed knowledge and skills for entry into registered union building trades apprenticeship programs, building career pathways for young adults who live in some of America's most impoverished communities and represent a reservoir of talent for the construction and energy retrofit industry. The MC3 and successful completion of apprenticeship programs will position these young adults to contribute to a more sustainable future.


Emerald Cities Seattle Launch Part Two

Seattle Speakers

Top: Norman Rice, Lee Newgent, Maud Daudon, Gil Sperling, Mayor McGinn, Ash Awad. Bottom: Stacia Jenkins, Denise Fairchild, Michael Woo.

If you weren't at the McKinstry Innovation Center in Seattle on May 23rd, then you missed a "who's who" celebration of the first   year of Emerald Cities Seattle. Over 150 Emerald Cities  Seattle partners enjoyed music, appetizers, and great company at the "all hands on deck" event led by Stacia Jenkins, Emerald Cities Seattle Project Coordinator. Elected officials included Port of Seattle Commissioners, City and County Council members, and State Legislative officials. Seattle Mayor McGinn, Ash Awad - VP of Energy and Facility Services at McKinstry, Maud Daudon - President and CEO of Seattle Northwest Securities Corp., Lee Newgent - Executive Secretary of Seattle-King Co. Building and Construction Trades Council, Norman B. Rice - President of The Seattle Foundation, Gil Sperling - Dept. of Energy Special Advisor, and Denise Fairchild - President of Emerald Cities Collaborative all highlighted the accomplishments of the Collaboration, denoting Seattle as the city to beat; after all, it is the original Emerald City!

City of the Month




Here are some of the great things happening with Emerald Cities San Francisco:

  • Avni ImageAvni Jamdar is the new director of Emerald Cities San Francisco. She joins with prior work as a Policy and Research Analyst at PolicyLink and extensive experience in equitable economic growth, regional equity, transit-oriented development, and community development.
  • Emerald Cities San Francisco is working closely with Collaborative members, affordable housing developers, and the City of San Francisco, to embark on a pilot project for local energy efficiency retrofits. In April 2011, ECC SF engaged the philantrhopic community to highlight the vision and work of Emerald Cities through a funders' briefing. In February 2011, the City of San Francisco passed a landmark energy ordinance requiring owners of commercial buildings to perform energy benchmarking and energy audits every five years, in order to generate work and jobs in the sector.  
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Building A Sustainable Market 

Climate change. Energy efficiency. Sustainability. What are they? And who cares? Translating these ideas into issues that interest and mobilize the average person is part of our core mission, and it is as essential as our environmental and economic agendas. We call it civic engagement. Collaboration of government, business, labor and community is, in fact, the hallmark of the Emerald Cities strategy to build a new clean-energy economy. We, with support from our foundations, have invested in establishing the social, political and intellectual capital of a broad cross-section of stakeholders, to change policy, generate demand, and change personal attitudes and behaviors. The local councils in each of our cities function as energy market intermediaries, working both the demand and supply sides of the emerging sustainability sector. We expect to expand this work even further with the hire of the Advocacy and Civic Engagement (ACE) Director, thanks to the support of Atlantic Philanthropies. Stay tuned...



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