Elite Women Around The World®
Elite Women Around The World® is a global network of individuals, leaders, organizations, businesses, coming together with a shared mission of enhancing the economic position of women globally and creating a worldwide platform for:
  • Leadership, Mentorship, Economic Advancement & Empowerment for women
  • Collaboration among women businesses
  • Building of Alliances with other businesses and civic organizations
  • Education and Insights on business issues for global opportunities
  • Strategic Networking among local, national, and global leaders

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Women Empowering Women
Global, National & Regional business opportunities
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Upcoming 2011 Series "Women Empowering Women"
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Be part of our quarterly luncheon panel dialogue;
 January 29th, 2011- Scaling Up...Can I Dream Big 
April 28th, 2011- Tackling the barriers to business
July 28th, 2011- Nurturing future market leaders: Role models, access to influential networks, mentoring, confidence building - taking your business to the next level
October 27th, 2011- Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy: The Only Way for a Community to Build a Sustainable Economy
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 Elite Women Around The World®
 hosted on October 6th
 An Elegant Evening in Elegant Style 
Elite Women Around The World® bestowed heartfelt honors to
 Sarina Jain
 Proclamation from the Mayor, City of Pepper Pike
City of Beachwood proclaimed Thursday, October 7th
"Sarina Jain day "
      Sarina speaking 1 - Headshot
The evening featured Sarina Jain, the "Jane Fonda" of India and America's first cross-cultural fitness star and creator of the Masala Bhangra Workout®
Sarina was overwhelmed with these honors and gestures and had tears in her eyes while accepting them and said in her message that Rita was the first Indian woman to support her efforts. Both Rita and Sarina  encouraged other women as to how important it is for women to support and mentor each other. Sarina shared her journey and struggles as to how she established herself as a leading person in the fitness industry across mainstream America. Both organizations are looking forward to future alliance and collaboration between themselves for the Economic Empowerment of Women.
The evening also previewed an unforgettable demonstration of her 
Masala Bhangra Workout®

Sarina demonstrating to group Masala Bhangra Workout


Global, National and Regional business opportunities
Group during Networking upper level 
Through Elite Women Around the World®, Rita Singh, fully utilizing her international background and perspectives, intends to foster the building of understanding and relationships across cultures.  That strength will prove to be one of the key components for 21st century leadership.  I wish all who participate the richest possible experience. 
-Martha Mayhood Mertz,
Founder of ATHENA International
Access to the Worldwide Women Skills Data Bank
World Leader Sandra Yancey speaking at Inaugural Event
Sandra with Elite Women Image
 "As women around the world attain higher levels of education and have become more directly involved in their respective economies, the demand for caring and knowledgeable mentors  and relationship building skills has skyrocketed. Elite Women Around The World®, offers to satiate the thirst that we have for growth, expertise and meaningful connections. Having met a cadre of amazing and wonderful men and women from the Elite events that I have attended to date, I feel confident that the database will greatly expand my network, visibility and relationships around the globe." Gloria M. Ware,Vice President, Relationship Manager, Fifth Third Bank
Why Join
Group Networking 

  • Global, National and Regional Business Opportunities
  • Worldwide Network and Global reach
  • Access to the Worldwide Women Skills Data Bank
  • Global Mentoring Matchmaking
  • Global Alliance Partner collaboration
  • Supplier Partner Visibility
  • Exclusive Global Speaker's Bureau network
  • The Opportunity to Uncover the Leadership Within You
  • Discovery of Core Values
  • Empowerment of Women
 "When women are involved in the economy, important shifts happen" 
Warmest Regards,

Rita N. Singh Raghuvanshi 
CEO & Founder, Elite Women Around The World®
Founding Managing Partner/CFO/CPA, S&A Consulting Group LLP
CEO & Founder, Miraj International LLC
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