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Best of the Sales Training Connection


Summer 2012
If you are a subscriber who might have missed a popular post, or if you haven't had a chance to visit the Sales Training Connection, we thought we would bring to you the Best of the Sales Training Connection.
In this issue you will find our most popular blogs - about selling and sales training - posted during the Summer 2012.
We hope you find them interesting - feel free to share them with your colleagues.
Janet Spirer and Richard Ruff
Sales Training Connection

In this issue
Ignore the buyer - a costly mistake!
Improving sales coaching feedback - the importance of pronouns
Selling value - everyone's doing it
Asking for referrals - 5 best practices
Sales force management and millennials
Two sales books you might have missed
Sales Training  
Ignore the buyer - a costly mistake!


Becky Quick one of the anchors on CNBC recently related a personal story in Fortune that not only rings true, but reminds me - and I suspect many other women - of one of the "deadly sins" of selling. When purchasing a new car she did extensive research, and only needed to test-drive before "plunking down her money". Continue


Improving sales coaching feedback - the importance of pronouns


People knowledgeable and experienced in sales know sales coaching is worthwhile; it can make a difference and it should be a priority. The pros agree coaching is a critical piece of the puzzle in developing a world-class sales team. Continue


Selling value - everyone's doing it


When I started in the sales training industry about 25 years ago, I had the good fortune to start with a great company and work with a really smart guy.  At the time we were selling sales training programs that helped our clients do a better job selling value in major accounts. Continue 


Sales Coaching 
Asking for referrals - 5 best practices


We were recently talking with some sales managers about helping their teams build their book of business.  While the managers noted that some prospects come from corporate marketing campaigns, several remarked their sales people were not personally doing a good job developing referrals and they needed to. When we took a deeper dive into why, two reasons stood out. Continue 


Sales force management and millennials


Sales force composition is changing: as companies hire millennials, the generational diversity inside their sales forces is expanding. This trend introduces several significant challenges - How do you engage millennial sales reps? How do you motivate them? And, how are their interests and needs alike and different than the rest of the sales team? Continue 


Two sales books you might have missed
  • Sales Growth - McKinsey & Co - A blue-print for achieving growth by revealing what world-class sales executives are doing right now to find growth and capture it - as well as how they are creating the capabilities to keep growing in the future.
  • The Challenger Sale - Corporate Executive Board - The need to understand what top-performing sales reps are doing that their average performing colleagues are not drove the Corporate Executive Board to investigate the skills, behaviors, knowledge, and attitudes that matter most for high performance.
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