Medical Sales - Blog Round-Up Winter 2012 
Medical Sales 
Top 4 Medical Sales Blog Posts
Training new medical device sales reps - getting it right
Emerging trends in medical device sales - podcast
Translating clinical value into economic value
Sales performance - aaddressing accelerated clock speed

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Medical Sales - Blog Round-up 

Some of the most popular blogs at the Sales Training Connection are on medical sales. If you've missed them ... here's a round-up of the top 5 medical sales blogs posted during the Winter.

We hope you find them interesting - feel free to share them with your colleagues.

Janet Spirer and Richard Ruff
Sales Training Connection

Training new medical device sales reps - getting it right 


If you have the opportunity to read SPBT's Winter 2012 FOCUS Magazine issue, you'll see an article Dick and Janet wrote about training new medical device sales reps. Here's a preview and link directly to the article....


A preview ... When designing a training curriculum for new medical device sales people, clinical knowledge is first and foremost. But on its own, it's not enough for sales success. Adding traditional sales skills training also is important, but insufficient for sales success. New medical device sales people need something more from sales training. 


Emerging trends in medical device sales - podcast


In this podcast with Medsider, Dick discusses trends in medical device sales and what it takes to become a dominant medical device player in today's economic environment.


Click here to listen to the podcast or read the transcript of the interview?   


Translating clinical value into economic value


At the 2011 Medical Innovation Summit much time was spent discussing how economic conditions and their impact on policy is shifting control in healthcare from providers to payers. These policy shifts are manifesting themselves in many forms such as: changes in reimbursements, a rise in healthcare IT, and a push to decrease healthcare costs. 

To stay competitive, medical device companies - and their sales forces - must keep these changes in mind as they look to 2012. Continue ...

Sales performance - addressing accelerated clockspeed


Clockspeed describes the pace of business evolution inside industries. Simply, industries with faster clockspeeds have more market experimentation, increased competition, and frequent waves of innovation. 


Booz & Co recently posted an interesting study in strategy + business on accelerated clockspeed as it applies to the health care industry. Continue ...

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