Medical Sales - Blog Round-Up Summer 2011 
Medical Sales 
Top 5 Medical Sales Blog Posts
Why do physicians switch
Four ways to differentiate from the competition
Physicians suggest four ways to build credibility
Sales rep must be a competitive advantage
The networking challenge

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Medical Sales - Blog Round-up 

Some of the most popular blogs at the Sales Training Connection are on medical sales. If you've missed them ... here's a round-up of the top 5 medical sales blog posts.

We hope you find them interesting - feel free to share them with your colleagues.

Janet Spirer and Richard Ruff
Sales Training Connection

Why do physicians switch?


A few months ago we were meeting with some Regional VPs of Sales in a medical device company. While the conversation is always interesting, two of the VPs brought up a key question: in addition to the traditional questions included in pre-call planning, it's critical for medical device sales people to have a good understanding of not only what the customer currently is using, but why they use the product they currently implant. Too often sales people know the what - but not the why. Read more ...  


Four ways to differentiate from the competition  


How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? We asked four first line and middle sales managers at a medical device company for their advice.


They said:


Physicians suggest four ways to build credibility 


When asked what their top concerns are about selling medical devices, interacting one-on-one with physicians usually tops most sales people's list. And it's very understandable. No matter how much clinical training they receive, interacting one-on-one with a physician terrifies most new sales people. Horror stories become folklore within companies, at hospitals, and in physician practices about medical device sales people who have made an initial misstep. Avoiding the misstep is a key to building credibility. Continue reading...


Sales rep must be a competitive advantage 


Underlying successful selling are medical device sales people who acknowledge the strategic importance of selling value. To get better at selling strategically a key challenge is to abandon the price sale and move to selling value.  How do you make the switch?  Read more ... 


The networking challenge 


A key to successful medical device sales, as in most sales situations, is getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Successfully networking in medical device sales requires knowing who's who and having relationships characterized by superior access and credibility. Read more ...


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