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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver


Our Mission at 

supportive, inclusive, and non-competitive atmosphere in which
yoga practitioners can learn and grow.


This past year we have put forth the slogan "8 Limbs, Many Paths, Find /Follow Yours" to convey the message and mission at 8 Limbs.

What does it mean? 

8 LIMBS    

8 Limbs refers to the 8-limbed path of yoga as outlined in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.* They are the global and personal guidelines for living (Yama and Nimaya), physical postures (Asana), breath practice (Pranayama), sense withdrawal (Pratyahara), concentration (Dharana), meditation (Dhyana), and contemplation (Samadhi). At 8 Limbs you can find instruction and support for this full spectrum of practice.


There are many paths in life, as well in yoga. 8 Limbs was founded on the idea that there is no one way to practice yoga -  no set sequence, no singular teacher, no requisite philosophy. There are many different paths to walk, many ways to practice.


At 8 Limbs our mission is offer a supportive, inclusive, and non-competitive atmosphere in which yoga practitioners can learn and grow. Our teachers hold the space for an exploration of practice for the individual. Though we lead group classes, we offer options, encourage following your inner teacher, and avoid dogma. Let us know how we're doing. And have a wonderful September!

Smile Often 
Anne Phyfe Palmer 
Owner and Education Director

8 Limbs Yoga Centers
*Learn more about the Yoga Sutras at our new Sangha Gathering class on Thursdays at 7:15pm with Jenny Hayo, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill.     
Tias Little Workshop September 14-16, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill

Hoop Yoga Fusion 
September 22, 8 Limbs West Seattle

Partner Prenatal September 23, 8 Limbs Wedgwood

Yoga Nidra Yoga Bliss September 29, 8 Limbs West Seattle

Tias Little Workshops
September 14-16, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill
8 Limbs has cultivated relationships with several visiting teachers over the last 12 years to give our students and teachers master practitioners to study with in additional to the wonderful teachers here in Seattle. Tias Little started coming to 8 Limbs almost ten years ago and has had a strong influence on many of the 8 Limbs teachers who have studied with him since then, such as Kate Bradfield, Melina Meza, Jenny Hayo, Jonna Bracken, and Jen Yaros. Join Tias to go deep into the inner body with his September 14-16 Weekend Workshop.

Exploring the Chakras & Subtle Body October 5-7, 8 Limbs Phinney Ridge

Many Paths Teacher Panel October 22, 7:30pm, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill

Teacher Training Info Session October 22, 8:30pm, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill

Fall Seasonal Vinyasa October 19-20, 8 Limbs Wedgwood

Inversions October 27-28, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill

Fall Yoga Retreat November 2-4, Sleeping Lady Retreat Center, Leavenworth

Yoga of Fulfillment with Rod Stryker December 14-16, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill


Our September Events roster starts up with three great series to consider:


Back Care with Kate Bradfield will support those dealing with mild and chronic back pain through yoga and awareness. Have a friend who complains of back pain? Tell them about this 6-week series starting September 19 at 8 Limbs Phinney Ridge.

Restorative Yoga is finally getting its due as the antidote for our busy modern lives. Using yoga props to support our bodies in different relaxation positions (and some active ones), Restorative Yoga is a must for people who demand a lot of their bodies and minds. They help with insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depletion, and depression. Give yourself a treat and sign up for this one-time 6-week series with Dawn Jansen, a teacher with 20 years of yoga experience.


Intro Series are the best way to meet yoga for the first time, but they are also great refresher courses in the basics for those who are coming back to yoga after a summer hiatus, or ready to strengthen their foundation of knowledge. New series are starting at all four studios in September, including Jenny Hayo's return to teaching after maternity leave, now on Thursday nights at Capitol Hill. 

KIDS & TWEEN YOGA - Fall Series
Kids Yoga

Capitol Hill

Tween Yoga, Saturdays 3:30 - 4:30pm


Phinney Ridge

Kids Yoga, Mondays 4:15 - 5:15pm



Tween Yoga, Sundays 3:30 - 4:30pm


West Seattle

Tween Yoga, Wednesdays 4:30 - 5:30pm

Kids Yoga, Thursdays 4:30 - 5:30pm


Visit our Kids & Family Yoga page for series dates, some starting in September. Join the Kids & Family Yoga Email List to receive quarterly announcements.


Sleeping Lady This year's  Fall Sleeping Lady Retreat with Melina & Anne Phyfe, November 2-4 is now on wait list for rooms at Sleeping Lady, though participants can find Leavenworth accommodations and join us as off-site students.  






January 4 - 6: Winter Yoga Retreat at Aldermarch 

Tracy Hodgeman and Terilyn Wyre


Early March (pending): Yoga for 50+ Retreat 

Sally Carley and Chiara Guerrieri


April 5 - 12: Advanced Training Retreat at Breitenbush 

Melina Meza, Chiara Guerrieri & Anne Phyfe Palmer


July 12 - 14: Summer Yoga Retreat at North Cascades Institute 

MJ Daniels and Megan Costello


July 28 - August  2: Advanced Training Retreat II

Melina Meza, Chiara Guerrieri & Jenny Hayo


November (dates TBD): Fall Yoga Retreat at Sleeping Lady 

Melina Meza and Anne Phyfe Palmer



We are excited to share the winning design from our first ever t-shirt graphic design contest. The shirts have just arrived and we have local designer Heather Elder to thank for contributing her beautiful and insightful artwork. "This hand-drawn design features over 150 uniquely illustrated petals. These petals represent the unique path that exists for every person if they seek it-the path that the practice of yoga helps to reveal."  


Learn more about Heather and her design process later this month on the 8 Limbs Blog. Learn more about future boutique events, products and promotions by signing up for the quarterly boutique newsletter at  Much gratitude for the response and thoughtful efforts made by all contributors to support 8 Limbs and the community through this contest.


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Though not all of these are posted on our website, we have scheduled all of our visiting teacher workshops for fall 2012 and early 2013:


September 14-16, 2012 - Tias Little

December 14-16, 2012 - Rod Stryker



January 4-6, 2013 - Scott Blossom

March 28-31, 2013 - Sarah Powers

May 3-5, 2013 - Shari Friedrichsen