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in a pragmatic way. 

Aldous Huxley  


Our Mission at 

supportive, inclusive, and non-competitive atmosphere in which
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In the beginning of 2010 I made my first "bucket list." It was an assignment from my mentor Heidi. I winced at first, having considered this practice hokey, but agreed to the homework. I was to list everything I would do if time, energy or money were no object.


I considered the list as I made my way through the week. Having a BMW or Mercedes, in the world I grew up in, was a measure of success, of having "arrived." It seemed the apex of adulthood to me. Now an actual adult, I saw them around Seattle and occasionally felt pangs of jealousy, of dissatisfaction with one-Subaru household and the limitations of our financial situation. It was as if a BMW signified completion, and lack of one was just that, a lack. I always assumed that I wanted one, and that it would feel great.


When I finally sat down to write my list, it contained things like "plant a vegetable garden" and "take all of Rod Stryker's yoga trainings" on it. I wanted to "travel to France, India, Italy and Sedona" and "live at an ashram for a month." When I dug down into my deepest truest desires, most of what I wished for was experiences, both ordinary and extraordinary. They were things that took time, and energy, and sometimes money, but mostly they were enriching rather than requiring riches.


I completed my list and turned it in to Heidi. The next time I spied a spiffy BMW driving down Madison towards the lake, I noticed my wholly different reaction to it. I realized that the only material item on this "do anything" list was an electric car. No Mercedes, no BMW, just a more energy efficient alternative to our family car. It was a pretty big deal for me to see that the desire for a fancy car was a ghost that had long ago taken up residence in my brain. It was such a relief to kick it out and make room for more meaningful goals.


Since I wrote that list I have experienced a couple of the items. My family spent a Thanksgiving in Sedona. We now eat vegetables and berries from our bountiful garden. I am regularly writing. And as you read this, my family and I are traveling in France.


But most of all, I have crossed an invisible line of limitation that I had placed around my existence. I have become more interested in what I CAN do than what I haven't done. When regret pops into my head, or jealousy, a voice quickly remembers "let's put that on the list!"


Have you ever taken the time to write your own "bucket list?" Just do it! You'll have a tangible record of what is important to you, what you want to put your energy into, and how you can live the live you desire, now.


Happy July!


Smile Often

Anne Phyfe Palmer
Owner and Education Director

8 Limbs Yoga Centers       
July 7, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill

July 16, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill

Summer Seasonal Vinyasa with Melina Meza
July 13 - 15, 8 Limbs Phinney Ridge

Mindfulness and Meditation with Karen Gamble
July 23, 8 Limbs Phinney Ridge
Partner Prenatal Yoga with Anne Phyfe Palmer
July 23, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill

July 9 - August 13, 2012, 8 Limbs West Seattle with Maura Barclay
July 10 - August 14, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill with Kate Bradfield
July 31 - September 4, 8 Limbs Wedgwood with Jen Yaros

Kids Yoga
July 10 - 31, 2012, 8 Limbs Wedgwood
MC Yogi Workshop & ConcertTias
August 17, OmCulture

Tias Little Workshops
September 14 - 16, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill

Yoga of Fulfillment with Rod Stryker
December 14 - 16, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill

Coming in the fall: Yoga Nidra, Building a Sustainable Practice, Energy Integrity, Inversions, Seasonal Vinyasa for Fall, Yoga and Memoir, and more!

Keep yoga and the amazing teachers at 8 Limbs in your life through the Summer! The scoop this year: unlimited yoga (drop-in classes only) at all four of our studios for just $95 per month (3 month commitment). That's more than 25% off the one-month rate. Summer Specials must be purchased by July 15, 2012. Visit our website to purchase or stop by any of our neighborhood studios during this time.



We still have space in our Summer Camps at 8 Limbs Capitol Hill, Phinney Ridge, and Wedgwood. For dates and times visit the Kids & Family page on our website.

Call your neighborhood studio to register. Wedgwood will continue the popular Tuesday 4:30-5:30pm Kids Yoga Series, July 10 - 31. Register at 206.523.9722.

8 Limbs is excited to co-host musician MC Yogi for a "Yoga as Pilgrimage" Workshop & Asana Practice and Concert on Friday, August 17 at OmCulture in Fremont. MC Yogi was the artist who published "Yoga for Hope," a song featuring the voice of Barack Obama, during the 2008 election campaign. 

Trade your time for free yoga classes and additional discounts  

clothing and merchandise.  


* Phinney Ridge is looking for Front Desk help on Fridays 4:15-5pm, and Childcare on Wednesdays 9:30-11:15am, and Cleaning on Wednesdays

For details, please contact 


The next 8 Limbs Retreat is July 6-13 in the Oregon Cascades at Breitenbush Hot Springs. This summer retreat brings us to one of our favorite retreat locations and it hosted by Melina Meza, Chiara Guerrieri, and Jenny Hayo. This powerful trio of experienced teachers will offer daily asana classes and workshops in Ayurveda, Yoga Sutras, Non-Violent Communication, and more. Don't miss this week-long odyssey to stretch your body and mind. Registration is now open for the Fall Sleeping Lady Retreat with Melina & Anne Phyfe, November 2 - 4, 2012. Don't wait too long, this retreat has filled the last two years.

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This year our July 4th Holiday Schedule runs Wednesday, July 4 through Sunday, July 8. Click "table" on the Master Schedule on the above link to see the schedule in the usual way. Enjoy our slightly limited schedule of classes through the "long" weekend and celebrate FREEDOM, the ultimate goal of yoga!
Our Summer Schedule starts today, June 1st! Note several teacher changes we've made to respond to requests and due to changes in teacher schedules. And we are excited to have three new teachers on our schedule. We welcome back Jonna Bracken who taught at 8 Limbs for many years, opened Yoga on Beacon (now called YoBe), then lived on the East Coast to finish a degree in Health Sciences. Jonna will teach Sundays 5pm and Tuesdays 7:30pm at West Seattle. Rachel Cagen, a longtime yoga practitioner, finished our teacher training two years ago and joins our staff with the Tuesday 6pm class, also at West Seattle. And Heather Carballo currently an 8 Limbs Yoga Advisor, will take on the Wednesday 5:30pm Prenatal and sub the Tues/Thurs 6:30am classes starting June 19, and yes, these are also at West Seattle. 

8 Limbs instructors Douglas Ridings and Terilyn Wyre will be teaching at Wanderlust Whistler, August 23 - 26, 2012. Enjoy these fabulous teachers, plus Baron Baptiste, Seane Corne, Michael Franti, Thievery Corporation, MC Yogi, Krishna Das, and more. Get your passes now!  



Though not all of these are posted on our website, we have scheduled all of our visiting teacher workshops for fall 2012 and early 2013:


September 14-16, 2012 - Tias Little

December 14-16, 2012 - Rod Stryker



January 4-6, 2013 - Scott Blossom

March 28-31, 2013 - Sarah Powers

May 3-5, 2012 - Shari Friedrichsen
September 27-29, Nicolai Bachman