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with Douglas Ridings
March 26 - April 2


In the offices of 8 Limbs our staff has been stepping back to take inventory and look at the big picture of our business and our place in the community. Like any living organism, 8 Limbs has to be cared for to function optimally.

After launching some huge projects (Phinney Ridge studio, website revamp, 500-hour Teacher Training) in less than a year, we stepped back in the fall to look at how all of our systems are working.

We can use the ancient model of the Koshas to outline how we took inventory of ourselves. We asked "how is our physical sheath (Annamaya Kosha), where can we make facility improvements in 2011?" We looked at how we spend our energy (Pranamaya Kosha) as a team, and are in the midst of a reorganization of admin staff (see below for our Communications Director Job Posting!). The flow of information and institutional knowledge was audited to address our wisdom sheath (Manomaya Kosha). We underwent a branding exercise to clarify our personality as a business (Vijnanamaya Kosha), which helped us to remember with the bliss of why we are in this business in the first place, to create connections (Anandamaya Kosha).

Out of this investigation, we are pleased to announce our new mission: 8 Limbs is dedicated to creating community in Seattle with a non-denominational approach to yoga. 

And our call to action: "eight limbs, many paths, find/follow yours."

Perhaps some of you have heard this on the radio over the last few weeks. We are excited to be underwriting two awesome local radio stations in Seattle: KUOW and KEXP.  

8 Limbs and several of our teachers were also featured in the Seattle Metropolitan Magazine Yoga Guide in January, which accurately portrayed our dedication to leading the Seattle yoga community, both in our yoga practice and our business practices.

For more information on The Koshas and how to study learn more, visit today's post on the 8 Limbs Blog.

Have a great February!

Smile Often

Anne Phyfe Palmer, Director
8 Limbs Yoga Centers


Steve GoldTween Yoga Series with Dawn Jansen                    February 3-26, 3:30-4:30am, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill

Live Music Yoga Class with Steve Gold & Anne Phyfe
February 10, 10-11:30am, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill 

Yin & Sutra Series with Jen Yaros
February 12, 10am-12pm, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill 

Partner Yoga with Rai
February 12, 2-4pm, 8 Limbs West Seattle

Thai & Fly with Jamie Hall
February 13, 1-4pm, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill                 

The Business of Yoga with Melina Meza
February 25-27, 8 Limbs Phinney Ridge

Douglas Ridings will host an intimate retreat at Villa Sumaya on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala March 26-April 2. Villa Sumaya is a magical remote oasis reached by boat. Unplug from city life and immerse yourself in lush gardens, delicious food, and your yoga practice. View photos from last year's retreat on the 8 Limbs Yoga Centers Facebook page. More info.
Yin & Sutra Series with Jen Yaros
March 5, 10am-12pm, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill

Spring Cleanse with Jen Yaros
March 12, 2-4:45pm, 8 Limbs Capitol Hill

Handstands and Backbends with Dawn Jansen
March 19, 2-4pm, 8 Limbs Phinney Ridge

Asana & Adjustments with JinSung
March 25-27, 8 Limbs Phinney Ridge
Longtime 8 Limbs instructor Dawn Jansen has started a new series focused on girls ages 10-13. Spread the word to friends! Four-week series are scheduled at 8 Limbs Capitol Hill (February 5-26) & Wedgwood (March 6-27). 
8 Limbs Director Anne Phyfe Palmer was invited to present at the 2nd Annual Yoga Hub Virtual Conference. She will present the following classes: "The Koshas: Unveiling Your Potential" and "Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga: Embracing the Positive." Other presenters include Gary Kraftsow, Amy Weintraub, Nischala Devi, and local yoga teachers Molly Lannon-Kenny and Robin Rothernberg. Learn more about the February 8-11, 2011 Conference, which you can take from your own living room. Use APP219 as your discount code and receive $50 off!
HeaderBeginning on Friday, February 18th, join Megan Costello for a new All Levels Gentle Class at 8 Limbs Phinney Ridge. Explore meditation, yogic breathing techniques, postures and an extended period of savasana with application of Om tuning forks incorporated into the period of relaxation. A wonderful end to a long week and a great addition to any strong yoga practice.
The Wedgwood Thursday 7:15pm Level II Flow slot hosts a rotating roster of teachers and topics they have deep understanding, or mastery, of. This month Jay Holby will teach The Bandhas. Coming in March: The Koshas with Anne Phyfe Palmer. $16 drop-in, incl. w/ passes & membership. More info.
8 Limbs now offers an ongoing, flexible, 500-hour Teacher Training Program made up of 20-hour "modules" taught by visiting and local Senior Teachers. Our next module will be taught by Melina Meza February 25-27 and features "Sequencing for Special Needs" and "The Business of Yoga" (also offered to public). More information on this unique training here.
8 Limbs is looking for a 20-30/hour Communications Director. The position is flexible, but would ideally maintain all of the internal and external marketing and promotions for 8 Limbs. We are looking for someone with design experience (InDesign and Illustrator). Heck, in our perfect world, this position would also include Boutique buying and merchandising. Are you someone with multiple talents (marketing and design, or marketing, design and retail) interested in a low-stress and supportive work environment? Contact for job description with Communication in the subject field. 


Trade your time for free yoga classes and studio benefits. 8 Limbs Wedgwood is has a Front Desk Work Study Opportunity, Fridays 3:30 to 4:30pm. Contact: 8 Limbs Capitol Hill needs a postcard and flyer distributor. Contact 

We are STILL looking for a part-time Boutique Buyer to join the 8 Limbs community. Applicants should have a strong retail background that includes purchasing and merchandising and a passion for sustainable products. If you would like more information please contact Ashley at
Have a few minutes? Head to Yelp or your favorite review website and let folks know what you think about 8 Limbs Yoga Centers! Many thanks.
Join artist Donna McCord at the Capitol Hill boutique on Thursday, February 24th 7:00-8:30pm. Her photographs, currently on display at Capitol Hill, are of a series of cairns taken in her travels throughout Washington, California, Oregon and Hawaii. Join us for time with the artist and complementary wine and snacks. We look forward to seeing you there.