The Caldwell House
Evangeline Master Honeymoon Suite

Part of our Wedding and Bridal Accessory Packages

Evangeline Master Honeymoon Suite

Sunlit Master Bedroom 

The Caldwell House, in its wedding and reception packages, includes an overnight stay for the bride and groom in the grand Evangeline Master Honeymoon Suite.  This room was originally built as a second parlor to the home in 1907, however, with the addition of a jacuzzi bathroom several years ago, it now serves as a honeymoon suite.   The exquisite sleigh bed... more 

Bridal Accessories 

Bridal Dressing Room - SF 

When weddings and receptions are held at locations other than The Caldwell House, a bride and groom can still enjoy having The Caldwell House be a part of their wedding.  They may purchase individual items included in The Caldwell's wedding packages:


  • A photo shoot with the photographer of your choice for engagement and/or bridal pictures ($50 for 1 hour);
  • Three hours of bridal dressing time in our Bridal Dressing Room ($300); and
  • An overnight stay in the Evanageline Master Honeymoon Suite with gourmet breakfast ($250).


Each of these items can be purchased separately or together.  Our Bridal Accessory Package....more 

What's going on in Acadiana...


May 28 -- Farmer's Market, Magdalen Square, Abbeville  


June 4 -- Daylily Festival and Garden Show, Magdalen Square,

Abbeville, 8:30 am - 3:00 pm


June 16 -- Chef Toni Norman Haynes, cooking demonstration at The Caldwell House (dinner demonstration) $60/person  


June 17 -- Chef Toni Norman Haynes, cooking demonstration at The Caldwell House (luncheon demonstration) $50/person  


June 18 -- Chef Toni Norman Haynes, hands-on cooking class in The Caldwell kitchen (brunch) $70/person    


July 2 - Farmer's Market, Magdalen Square, Abbeville 


July 14 -- Chef John Panaro of Delicious & Nutritious cooking demonstration at The Caldwell House (dinner demonstration) $60/person    


July 16 - Farmer's Market, Magdalen Square, Abbeville  


July 23 -- Ice Cream Festival, Magdalen Square, Abbeville -  

9:00 am - 3:00 pm  


August 11th -- "Italian Summer's Night" Cocktail Demonstration & Wine Tasting by Trent Roy of Marcello's Wine Market & Cafe at The Caldwell House ($60/person)


August 25th -- Cooking Demonstration by Chef Brian Blanchard of iMonelli Restaurant at The Caldwell House (dinner demonstration) $60/person


Watch for more demos to come! 

    Have you ever considered renting an entire

bed & breakfast for a wedding or family gathering?


Watch for our June newsletter on bed and breakfast packages which include a family whole house rental. 


The Caldwell House            Affordable Elegance....Extravagant Value
May, 2011
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Read about the Cooking Demonstrations held at The Caldwell House


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Facts about The Caldwell House...
Did you know...?
  The Caldwell House originally had two parlors near the front door.  The parlor which was to the right is now used as the master bedroom and honeymoon suite.  The parlor to the left has always been the main parlor. Long ago, it was common for a parlor to be used for visitation when family members died.  The molding in the parlor to the left shows a pattern which resembles an egg and an arrow - which represents life and death. Some members of the Caldwell family were laid out in this parlor. 


The Caldwell House

Fluffy Cream Cheese
Scrambled Eggs 
This recipe is a different twist on scrambled eggs
and gives a creamy taste to the eggs.

To experience more of our delicious breakfast items,
stay at The Caldwell House!
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