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Bed & Breakfast Tales




The staff at The Caldwell House are always amazed at the number of people who tell us, "I've always wanted to run a B&B.  I'll bet it's fun."   


We must admit that being an innkeeper is a very interesting occupation.  We have made many friends and there are so many experiences that are memorable for us - sometimes pleasant - sometimes funny.  Oh, the stories we could tell!


Being an innkeeper at The Caldwell House is a 365-days a year and  24-hour a day operation. The staff never tires of finding ways to please our guests and make their stay a wonderful memory so that they will return again and again.  Whether a first-time guest or a returning guest, it is all worthwhile when the guests leave satisfied, which is always our goal.  We meet many interesting people and, for a little while, have the pleasure of treating them like family and experiencing a little part of their lives as they pass through Abbeville.   


People who are from Abbeville often wonder why tourists come to a small town like Abbeville. more....

Halloween Party



Stories of Caldwell Events



It is not difficult to understand why many innkeepers say that "they could write a book" about the guests and experiences they have had.  The staff at The Caldwell are no exception.  We want to share some of the funny and unique experiences we have had.  



What's going on in Acadiana...

May 12 -- Chef Heath Lemoine of  Zea's Restaurant  


May 28 -- Farmer's Market, Magdalen Square, Abbeville 


June 16 -- Chef Toni Norman Haynes, cooking instructor and author  


June 17 -- Chef Toni Norman Haynes (luncheon demo) 


June 18 -- Chef Toni Norman Haynes (hands-on demo)   


July 2 - Farmer's Market, Magdalen Square, Abbeville 


July 14 -- Chef John Panaro of Delicious & Nutritious, Lafayette    

July 16 - Farmer's Market, Magdalen Square, Abbeville  


July 23 -- Ice Cream Festival, Magdalen Square, Abbeville - 9:00 am - 3:00 pm 


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April, 2011
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Did you know...?
  Some of the features inside The Caldwell House which are original to the home are the hardwood floors, pressed tin ceilings, pocket doors in the parlor and dining room, beaded board ceilings and wainscotting, and transoms above the doors.  Originally, there were a few fireplaces throughout the home, however, at some point in the past they were truncated at the roofline.


The Caldwell House

Banana Breakfast Cake    
At The Caldwell House, we serve this cake
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