Emporia Farmers Market Celebrating 30 Years

The Veggie Gazette
Fresh & Local 

July 2012


Volume 6, No. 7



I guess the one downside to once-per-month newsletters is the time it takes to read them when there is so much I have to share with you! Grab a cup of coffee and soak it all in. 


First, I would like to formally invite you to become a Friend of the Emporia Farmers Market. For the month of July, we will be conducting a Friends drive to raise the final $3,000 needed to meet our operating budget for 2012. Becoming a Friend is your pledge to make local food, and supporting local farmers and gardeners, a priority. It can be as easy as wearing your Friend of the Emporia Farmers Market t-shirt and telling everyone you meet what you love about the market or making a $30 donation (which results in up to $15 in return that you can spend at the market!)


More about becoming a Friend of the Market can be found below in this newsletter.


You may select your Friend Membership options, register and pay online by clicking this link or you may pick up a membership form at the market kiosk (and at several vendor booths) during the month of July. 


Second, I want to thank you for your part in our big markets (record numbers of vendors, too!). Let's keep this trend going! And while you are shopping the Emporia Farmers Market, take advantage of the abundance of fresh produce to stock up with local foods in your pantry year-round.


What's your favorite method for preserving the harvest? Do you freeze? Can? Dehydrate? There are several opportunities coming up in Emporia and I would urge you to take advantage of them.


There are some harvest preservation classes scheduled at FHTC Community Connections. These classes will be led by Our Local Foods leader and former EFM manager, Tracey Graham. 


June 30: Jams & Jellies for Beginners

July 9: Harvest Preservation Introduction

July 14: Harvest Preservation Party


Enrollment for these courses can be found here


Yet another opportunity to delve into preservation techniques is coming via K-State Extension-Lyon County. This class will take place on July 11 and will include lunch. Please see below in this newsletter for information on how to enroll for this opportunity. The class will be led by Karen Blakeslee, a food scientist from KSU.


More on this course can be found here.


As always, we appreciate your support.


See you at the market!


Tracy Simmons
Market Manager 




Thanks to the market's lead sponsor


ESB Financial


In This Issue
July Market Schedule
Food Preservation Workshop with Karen Blakeslee
Winner of the Murphy's Menu Berry Cook-Off
Veggie Valets are Back!
Vendor Introductions
Also in Emporia This Week
June Markets Report
July Market Schedule




There will be NO market on Wednesday, July 4th

Have a safe and happy holiday!




Saturday, July 7

Burritos for Breakfast

Made from all local ingredients, enjoy a burrito for breakfast - vegetarian, bacon and sausage options.


Wednesday, July 11

Murphy's Menu Pinwheel Cook-Off

(more info below in this newsletter)

Watch for contest guidelines in the Emporia Gazette


Saturday, July 14

Homegrown Celebration brought to you by ESB Financial

Watermelon games and more!

Live music by Lance Fahy


Wednesday, July 18


Saturday, July 21


Wednesday, July 25


Saturday, July 28

Live Music by Savanna Chestnut


Sunday, July 29

An EFM special appearance at the Lyon County Fair

north end of the fairgrounds

market starts at 5:00 PM



A complete calendar of upcoming events can be found online at www.emporiafarmersmarket.org
There is still time to sign up for the 
Food Preservation Workshop
with Karen Blakeslee, 
Food Scientist from KSU


July 11, 2012, 10a.m. - 5 p.m. 

Learn the proper food preservation techniques for pressure and waterbath canning, and drying. This class will be taught by Karen Blakeslee Food Scientist from KSU. This class has a fee of $25.00. 
Reservations required, minimum of 10 people, maximum of 20.
RSVP due by July 6th. 
Class will be held at the West Campus of Presbyterian Church 1702 W. 15th Ave. Lunch will be provided. 
Reserve your spot:  620-341-3220
Congratulations to the winner of our first Murphy's Menu Contest of the Season - It was a Berry Delicious Entry!

 Click here for the Emporia Gazette article by Regina Murphy, plus recipes for Patty's entry, as well as Judy Conway's Granke's Fried Apricot Pies.

Congratulations Patty Kahn

 Ambrosia Prairie Berry, by Patty Kahn

And special thanks to Regina Murphy and the Emporia Gazette for participating in and supporting our market. 


The next Murphy's Menu Cook-Off will be held on Wednesday, July 11, and the theme is Pinwheel Roll-Ups, also known as Tortilla Roll-Ups. What could be simpler? Spread a tortilla with something tasty, roll it up and slice into discs. It's the easiest appetizer ever.


Bring your entry to the market kiosk by 4:45 PM on Wednesday, July 11. This is your chance to win fame and prizes for the best Roll-Up recipe in Emporia. It's easy and fun. Please join us!

Become a Friend of the Emporia Farmers Market

Becoming a Friend is your pledge to make local food, and supporting local farmers and gardeners, a priority. It can be as easy as wearing your Friend of the Emporia Farmers Market t-shirt and telling everyone you meet what you love about the market or making a donation (which could result in money back that you can spend at the market!)


Individual/Family Membership Options:


"Friend of the Market" Membership: $30

Receives ONE $5 market token to shop at the Emporia Farmers Market. Receives ONE (1) "double your market money" coupon (value up to $10). This coupon allows one time use of our debit machine to purchase $5 market tokens with no additional fee. We will match your purchase up to two (2) $5 market tokens. (In short, you can spend $10 and get $20 to shop at the market!) Finally, becoming a Friend includes you on our list of "Friends" in monthly e-newsletters and weekly reminders. Becoming a Friend also entitles you to one vote at the EFM Annual Meeting held in March each year.


"Friend of the Market" Membership with T-Shirt: $40

Includes the above, plus a one-of-a-kind, tie-dye t-shirt. T-shirts will be delivered no later than the end of August.


T-Shirt Order Only: $15


Listed Friend: $10

Your name listed on our "Friends" list in monthly e-newsletters and weekly reminders.


Business/Other Membership Options:


"Helpful Harvesters" - $100 +

For a minimum donation of $100, individuals, community groups and businesses may become "Helpful Harvesters"

  • Receive 1/2 the value of your contribution in Market Coupons, including an invite from you to your customers to join you in shopping at the Emporia Farmers Market. (You donate $100/receive $50 in coupons to distribute to your clients and customers)
  • Your business name and a link to your website appear in monthly market e-newsletters, as well as weekly email reminders (seasonal).
  • Your business and a link to your website is featured on the EFM website (www.emporiafarmersmarket.org)
  • You or representatives from your organization or business will have the option of "hosting" a market each season. As market host, you will be featured in press releases and online (EFM website, newsletters, and social media) as inviting shoppers to the market. You will have the option of checking in vendors and setting up the market for that day, as well as greeting customers and making your own marketing materials available to customers.
  • Your business will receive top priority for partnering with the market to bring educational opportunities (fitting alongside the market's mission) to our shoppers. If you have expertise or a service that you would like to highlight as a program for a Saturday or Wednesday market, please talk with the market manager for options and scheduling. 


The Emporia Farmers Market is operated by The Learning Connection of the Flint Hills, a non profit corporation in the State of Kansas that has been designated as a federal 501(c)(3) organization by the IRS.

Savor the Season

Available at the Emporia Farmers Market are a set of 25 crop cards designed to get you thinking about seasonal eating.  Each card has information about Selection, Storage, and Preparation and a delicious recipe, many of which have been tested by our good friends from K-State Research and Extension Master Food Volunteers.


The cards are available at the market kiosk!  You can also find recipes at the Kansas Farmers Markets website.



The Savor the Season specialty crops for 2012 are:
  • Spinach
  • Arugula
  • Snow Peas
  • Rhubarb
  • Basil
  • Bell Peppers
  • Garlic
  • Spaghetti Squash
  • Turnips
  • Pumpkins
Veggie Valets at Saturday Markets


Logan Avenue 4-H Club members are back this season with Veggie Valet services. Look for the kids in the bright blue t-shirts. They will help you carry your corn, your melons, and more!


Veggie Valets are a community service project of the club. No fees, no tipping! Please invite a Valet to carry your produce while you shop the market.

Veggie Valets 

If you know a group that would be interested in a service project as Veggie Valets at our Wednesday markets, please contact market Manager, Tracy Simmons, [email protected] or 620-343-6555.

Introduction to 2012 Vendors

As vendors sign up for the 2012 season, I will post a bit about them and their product here. Information about our vendors will also become available on our website.  




Norman Betty

Year began selling with EFM: 1990

Products Offered: Fresh garden produce, including bell peppers in season, candy onions - yellow sweet, Yukon Gold potatoes, and beets.



Engle Farm - Ed & Christina Engle

Year began selling with EFM: 2012

Products Offered: A variety of fresh garden produce, including tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, bell peppers, hot peppers, okra, cataloupe, watermelon, green and yellow beans and turnips. Also farm eggs and home baked goods.



Fuller Foods - Colby Fuller

Year began selling with EFM: 2012

Products Offered: A variety of fresh garden produce, farm eggs, herbs, jams and jellies.



Jim Gurney

Year began selling with EFM: 2009

Products Offered: A variety of fresh garden produce, including carrots, beans, tomatoes, squash, beets, turnips, peas, potatoes and cucumbers. Also fruit and herbs.



Heck Farms Family Produce

Year began selling with EFM: 2005

Products Offered: Sweet corn, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe. 

Vendor, Jase Hubert. 

Jase Hubert

Year began selling with EFM: 2006

Products Offered: A variety of fresh garden produce.



Jeanette Hurshman

Year began selling with EFM: 2004

Products Offered: Fruit pies, jams and jellies, baked goods, live plants.


September Market 

Jirak Brothers

Products Offered: Sweet corn, watermelon, honeydew melons, cantaloupe, tomatoes, pumpkins and guords.



Drew Kuchera - Kuchera's

Year began selling with EFM: 2010

Products Offered: Kuchera's Mild Salsa (licensed/certified), a variety of garden produce, jams and jellies.


Donna Mann

Year began selling with EFM: 2012

Products Offered: Cupcakes made from scratch! No box mixes or artificial flavorings. I use local ingredients and local fresh fruit whenever possible.



Jimmy W. Mounkes

Year began selling with EFM: 1982

Products Offered: Vegetables, including beets, potatoes, squash, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, peppers and corn.



Mators and Tators - Wanda Myers & Mike Myers

Year began selling with EFM: 2011

Products Offered: Vegetables, including potatoes, tomatoes, onions, beets, sweet peppers, hot peppers, eggplant, zucchini, summer squash, and sweet potatoes. Also offering baked goods, herbs, and artisan crafts.


Carl Reed

Year began selling with EFM: 2009

Products Offered: Sweet Corn.



Pettijohn Farms - Tyson Pettijohn

Year began selling with EFM: 2009

Products Offered: A variety of fresh garden produce.


Buttermilk Lane 

Bradley Phillips

Products Offered: Berkshire Pork Products. Potatoes, onions, carrots, turnips, shallots, garlic, tomatoes, squash, green beans, peppers, cantaloupe, watermelon, broccoli, cabbage, okra and more! Farm fresh eggs.



Same as Me 4

Year began selling with EFM: 2012

Products Offered: Handmade soaps, tie-dye t-shirts, veggies, fruit, jams and jellies.


Shaw Necklaces 

Darren Shaw

Year began selling with EFM: 2009

Products Offered: Native American Indian Arts & Crafts. Handmade Jewelry.



Stanton's Gardens - Roy L. Stanton, Sr.

Products Offered: A variety of fresh garden produce, including tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, kale, squash, beets, carrots, swiss chard, turnips, onions, sweet potatoes and rhubarb. Plants: tomato, peppers, mums and flower pots. Live Herb pots and cuttings. Baked goods, including zuchinni bread and banana nut bread. 


Pa Pa Produce - Tamie Vahsholtz

Year began selling with EFM: 2006

Products Offered: A variety of fresh garden produce.



If you are a vendor who has news you would like to share, please email Tracy at [email protected] or leave a message on the market office machine at 620-343-6555. Newsletter deadline is the Wednesday prior to the first of each month.


Also, feel free to send me your website address or links to pages on Local Harvest or other local foods directories. 


 Also in Emporia


Have you checked out the courses being offered at Community Connections this season? What a great resource for Emporia. Be sure to check out their many offerings. Cake decorating, German Cooking, Tamales, and more!


Jams and Jellies for Beginners - June 30


Harvest Preservation Introduction - July 9



2012 Lyon County Fair

Open Class Spotlight Event of the Year
"Squash Any Variety"
Sunday July 29, 2012, 3:00p.m.
Anderson Building

A typed recipe, with entrant's name and address, must accompany entry and may be published. Entries must come in an insulated
container, if necessary. Entries will be judged by a distinguished community person or persons.   

Classes are Main Dish, Side Dish, Dessert/Bread 

Prizes are available for 1st and 2nd place in all three categories.


Emporia Chamber Calendar


Emporia Gazette Calendar

 Thank YOU for Shopping Emporia Farmers Market.


Thank You for shopping the Emporia Farmers Market
photo by Evie Simmons

Saturday Markets

  open 8 am


Wednesday Markets

open 5 pm



Shop early for the best selection!



Parking Lot

7th & Merchant


Emporia, KS 


We Accept Vision Cards and Debit Cards

As of 6/23/2012, the market has given away $2,200 in matching funds to Vision cardholders. This completes the 2-for-1 matching program for the 2012 market season. 
Many thanks to the Emil Babinger Charitable Trust for making this gift possible.
The Emporia Farmers Market accepts Vision Cards and Debit cards year-round!




What was at the market in June?


for a visual journey

click here

and here.


Thank You to our Farmhands


The Market could not run without you!


June Market Volunteers:

Becky Hadicke

Ellen Hansen

Janice Jaggard

Karen Mize

Ruthann Resch

Ann Scheller

Evie Simmons

Kaman Simmons

Rand Simmons

Becky Smith


June Veggie Valets:

Jarrett Botkin

Kiera Cortina

Kermit Hunter

Bradley Scheller

David Scheller

Maddie Simmons


Market Musicians:


Savanna Chestnut

 Savanna Chestnut playing at first winter market of 2010.


Sue Claridge

Sara Coltrane

Anne Strobel

Flute Trio: Sara Coltrane, Sue Claridge and Anne Strobel 

Anton Zouplna, III

Tony Zouplna

Anton Zouplna, Sr.  

Live Music by Three Generations of Zoulpnas 


Thanks to KVOE for appearing Live and Local at our first Wednesday Market in June.

KVOE Live and Local at the Market 


2012 Market Sponsors

Emporia Realty Group 

PraireLand Partners
Winter Market & Vision Card Enhancement Sponsor:


The Emil Babinger Chartiable Trust


Facilities Sponsors:


The City of Emporia


Lyon County K-State Research & Extension


Flint Hills Music


Media Sponsors:




The Emporia Gazette


The Flint Hills Shopper


Community Partner & Event Sponsors:


Country Mart North


Emporia Community Foundation


Emporia Main Street 


Emporia Subways


Flint Hills Community Health Center


 Emporia Area Local Food Network 


Murphy's Menu


Chelsea Gerleman

Pampered Chef


RJ's Cake & Candy


Vanessa Apodaca
Tastefully Simple


The Verona Grill and Pizzeria

The Verona Grill - Emporia, KS 


Helpful Harvesters:


James & Theresa Muckenthaler 


Simmons Law Office 


Don & Ruth Wise


Many Thanks to our

2012 Friends of the Emporia Farmers Market & Farmhands

Kim Botkin
Riley Botkin
Taylor Botkin
Janet Brassart
Harold Brenzikofer
Ele Browning
Betty Campbell
Margaret Davidson
Courtney Gagan
Ellen Hansen
Christina Hardin
Fannie Harrell
Beth Henrikson
Bill Ihling
Dianne Ihling
Janice Jaggard
Amy Jordan
Logan Ave. 4-H Club
Ruthann Resch
Charles Rothenberg
David Scheller
Mike Scheller
Evie Simmons
Kaman Simmons
Maddie Simmons
Rand Simmons
Mark Sherman
Becky Smith
Ben Stallings
Ashley Storrer
Anna Tall
Casey Woods
Barbara Younger
Contact EFM

EFM Market Office
702 Commercial, B3
Emporia, KS

Office Hours:


8:00 AM -2:00 PM


most Fridays 

8:00 AM -11:00 AM


and by appointment 




Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce




Emporia Main Street





Our Local Food - Twin Rivers


OLF: Twin Rivers



Kansas Farmers Markets




Farmers Market Coalition






Bottom of the Newsletter Bonus

Bring this coupon to the market kiosk with $12 to order your Friend of the Emporia Farmers Market, one-of-a-kind, tie dye t-shirt. (Regular price: $15.00)
or mail check (payable to TLC) to The Learning Connection of the Flint Hills, 702 Commercial Suite B3, Emporia, KS 66801

Name: ___________________________________________
Phone: __________________________________________
Date Ordered: ____________________________________
Payment received by: _________________(market volunteer)
Color* (circle one)
Light Green, Light Blue, Yellow-Orange, Do-It-Yourself White

*Note: All t-shirts will be tied and batch dyed in a single color of your choice. There are no guarantees for color or pattern results.
(circle one)
Adult Sizes: Small, Medium, Large or XL

Adult Sizes (Additional $2.00, total $14/regular $17): 
Child Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL
Friends of the Emporia Farmers Market t-shirts must be pre-ordered and pre-paid. They will be available for pickup at the market kiosk by mid to late August. 
Offer Expires: July 14, 2012