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How Free Are You?

Let Freedom Sing!




Ideas For Finding Freedom-

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One Whole Health...For You!              Vol. 120       



After a wonderful 4th of July/Family Reunion, I am filled with gratitude for the many liberties we enjoy in Leah HCthis country and for the bountiful gifts I'm surrounded with in my life. I celebrated with 50+ family members-lots of hugs, smiles, laughs, floats down the river, fireworks, fish tacos and a performance by all the kids. This weekend, I encourage you to take some time to think about your personal freedom as well. Are you living your life on your terms or smothered under a sea of "I should"s? This edition is dedicated to finding ways-big or small-to take back your freedom.

Liberating yourself is one way to boost your energy. If you want to take it a step further, I invite you to join us for Feeling Good On Purpose a group experience designed to help you manage your energy instead of your time and take back your freedom.

Be good to yourself and value your health,


Leah Lund
Executive Health Coach & Neuro Nutrient Therapist
A Holistic Approach to your Energy, Weight and Health  
Feeling Good On Purpose!


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Feel good on purpose!







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How Free Are You? 


As an Executive Health Coach, I help people understand why they eat things they don't want to, over use substances to numb themselves or start arguments with the very last people they truly want to argue with. One question I ask is this- Are you doing these things to exercise control in the only part of your life where you allow yourself that freedom? In other words, are you so over-scheduled, restricted, out of control or deprived of personal space and time that you act out of rebellion, reaching for an unhealthy behavior under the guise of "I deserve this."

We feel happy to the extent we feel in control in our life. To check in with how free you feel in your day to day life, try this exercise. On a scale of 1-10, rank how in control you feel over the following areas of your life, where 10 means you have total control, are doing what you want when you want and that your actions and day to day activities align with your values and mission. A rating of 1 indicates you have little control, you are not doing what you want and your actions and day to day activities do not align with your values and mission.


Physical Body
Energy Level
Self Care
Self Growth


Take action with the area that you feel the least amount of control and set an intention for the next 30 days. Set an intentionto do one of 2 things:

1) Take more control-do the thing that makes you feel free!
2) Release the expectation that you can control this area-there is great freedom in knowing what you have no control over a situation, even if that is only for the time being.

Liberating even one area of your life we boost your energy and start you on a path of feeling good on purpose!



Take Your Liberation a Step Further By Learning to Manage Your Energy, Join Us For  Feeling Good On Purpose!

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Let Freedom Sing!

I believe in freedom. Do you believe in freedom? "We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes".

The 4th of July is a day of celebrating the fight for many freedoms and rights in our country. As you celebrate the 4th of July it is impossible to not utter the word freedom. The simple word freedom brings music to my mind; specifically a song that touches my soul and moves me to a place of personal independence, empowerment and breaking free of negative thoughts and behaviors.

Every year I have the same thoughts of my own personal freedoms and steps to independence. Music is a powerful part of bringing people together. Music moves our souls. I associate freedom with music and music with moving my soul. I mean music that makes me close my eyes and move my head side to side. Music prompts emotions and can link to our memories. We associate songs to certain time periods of our past. Some professionals spend years proving that music activates a part of our brain that makes us happy, which translates to--music has the power to benefit our physical and mental well being.

What does this have to do with the 4th of July? It is a simple reminder to not only celebrate the independence of our country but celebrate your own personal independence. Freedom to be who you are meant to be, freedom to make decisions to move you ahead.



Journal by Jamie Duhon, Asst. Health Coach

Freedom with One Whole HealthIdeas for Finding Freedom

  1. Find one little thing to do for yourself each day. Be sure it is something that really makes your heart sing! It could be a walk, a bath at the end of the day or turning on your favorite music over lunch hour.
  2. Release control over what other people say or do. You can never change another and you drain your energy by even trying. Bonus Tip-other people's opinions of you are none of your business. ;)
  3. Reduce the number of things people expect of you or rely on you to do. Just say no! My client, Tina, had this to say when she decided to allow her teenage girls to become more self-sufficient "I'm starting to like this role of stepping back, being available but not in control. It's a bit liberating to not have them relying on me." Note to Self: this applies to employees, too!


Take Your Liberation a Step Further By Learning to Manage Your Energy, Join Us For Feeling Good On Purpose!
Reduced Investment if You Register On or Before July 15th 

 (Promo Code: Current One Whole Health Client)

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Hi! I'm Leah Lund and you have been reading my E-letter.  I am an Executive Health Coach with a holistic approach to your energy, weight and health. As found of One Whole Health, I understand that the success of any individual, business, family or organization is dependant on the energy, focus, drive and balance of the leader.  I support leaders in managing your energy instead of your time to achieve your personal and professional dreams.  Specializing in Neuro Nutrient Therapy, I have a proven system for helping you repair chemical and hormone imbalances that unknowingly sabotage your efforts.  One Whole Health provides private and group health coaching via telephone and Skype using journaling to accelerate results.  Corporate Wellness and Colorado (soon to be international) Wellness Retreats are also available.  I am certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners & SUNY (State University Systems of New York), serve as an Ambassaor and Student Mentor for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am a member of the International Positive Psychology Association. Contact me for more information and for speaking engagements at leah@onewholehealth.com