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Why Energy Matters

7 Ways to Feel Good On Purpose!______________


How to Pick Yourself Back Up





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One Whole Health...For You!              Vol. 119       



When I first began working with executives on managing theirLeah HC energy, something very surprising happened. I was working with a small group in a course called Managing Your Energy Not Your Time (following the path of the famed Harvard research) and almost immediately, one person spoke up and said "I don't think I want more energy." I was shocked because I thought everybody wanted more energy. I came to realize that people are afraid to have more energy because they don't know what true energy is. In their minds, more energy=more work!!

I learned most people fall into one of two categories:

  1. People that don't want more energy because they don't have control over how, when and where they spend it. More energy puts their life further out of balance.
  2. People that think the energy they have is as good as it gets. These people don't understand that running on sporadic, stimulant induced energy is unhealthy, unsustainable and limits their potential.

Either way, you might find yourself feeling anxious, irritated, discontent and tired. Not Good.

This edition is full of ideas to get yourself back on track when you don't feel good. If you want to go beyond these suggestions, I invite you to register for our upcoming group course Feeling Good On Purpose 

Be good to yourself and value your health,


Executive Health Coach
A Holistic Approach to your Energy, Weight and Health  


Feeling Good On Purpose!


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Feel good on purpose!



 7 Ways To Feel Good On Purpose!



True energy drives success at all levels. When you have true energy, you have some left for your family and yourself-you have greater balance. True Energy is our natural design.

As a human being you are designed:


To wake up easily in the morning feeling rested
To go the bathroom within the hour without stimulants or laxatives
To eat three meals a day and not feel hungry or have cravings in between

To have great memory and stamina
To go to sleep at night easily and sleep the whole night through
To attract and create the life you desire


We are in fact, genetically designed to live to be 120, to not contract cancer. We are meant to rebound emotionally from disappointment and trauma. The human body can heal itself by itself-if given the opportunity.


If that is not happening, you are not operating from full energy. Most people don't have this kind of energy and so they compensate for low or mediocre energy by managing their time. It seems the time goes to work and professional agendas and little is left over for themselves and their hobbies/interest or family which in turn DRAINS ENERGY FURTHER.


What's Another Good Reason to Pay Attention to Your Energy?

Here's the most important thing to know about energy. When you define and evaluate it accurately...Energy is a barometer of how well your body is in balance. Think of it as a health indicator. If you don't have energy...somewhere, something is not going right with your physical body-something is not working. If ignored, it will become a problem-weight problem, a premature aging problem, a health problem, a disease problem. In the short term, you are interfering with your success. In the long term.. it can lead to disease and premature death. As an Executive Health Coach, I help people feel good on purpose.



7 Ways to Improve Your Energy and Feel Good On Purpose: 



  1.  Sleep. You've heard 8 hours and that is what the average person needs. If you sleep less than 6 hours a night, the blood flow to your brain is reduced and cells are damaged, impairing your cognitive reasoning and memory. There is no way to outsmart this fact. You can't function on less than 6 hours of sleep even if you have trained yourself to believe that you can. It's not your physical design.
  2.  Make a decision, even if it is the decision not to decide. Nothing drains energy like indecision. Wondering what to do and worrying about making the right choice can consume you. With any decision that is weighing on your mind, do one of two things: Make the best decision you can at the time and take action or decide not to decide. Come back to the decision in 30 days and commit to not thinking about it in the meantime.
  3. Eat food that looks like you want to feel. Vibrant colors, rich textures, nourishing to your body, mind and spirit. Food is our #1 stress (yes-more stressful than finances, relationships or your job.) Sugar, caffeine and alcohol make you feel bad. Don't believe me? Eliminate these items for 3 weeks and see how you feel.
  4. Pay attention to "I'm fine." This statement is a red flag for discontentment. Stop and think when you hear yourself say things like: "It's ok that I worked on Saturday" or "I'm fine with my kids ignoring me" or "It's no big deal that I don't have time for my friends right now." It is in fact not ok and that situation is draining your energy. Don't let your standard of living get stuck on "I'm fine."
  5. Release the belief that you work best under pressure. If you can't seem to get motivated until you are in crisis mode or your deadline draws near, you are relying on adrenaline as your energy source. Adrenaline release is following by cortisol release. Prolonged, elevated levels of cortisol not only drain you, but deteriorate body and brain cells, affecting your memory, stamina and appearance.
  6. Mood Freedom. Your moods are a protective and necessary part of your design, but should come back into balance quickly. Holding onto emotions too long is exhausting. Try the 90 Second Rule. Instead of getting down on yourself for being angry, disappointed, frustrated, worried....acknowledge the feeling for 90 seconds-even express it to yourself or the appropriate person and then let go of it. There is no benefit to dwelling on an emotional response.
  7. Journal! Quantum Physics, Neuro Science and Neuroplasticy all tell us that new thoughts create new neural pathways which mean new habits and new results. If you are tired of feeling tired, disappointed, overwhelmed...journal your way to feeling good by developing new thoughts. I invite you to enjoy our on line journal and free course Thoughts That Make You Feel Good

How Jamie Gets Her Groove Back-A Journal  

How do I dig deep and keep on going when I am tired and exhausted? Digging deep is a thought I used to use especially while running. I dig deep past the exhaustion and just push through. This way of thinking in my life outside of running led to adrenal fatigue. I am committed to living my life with a purpose and with the commitment I have to be able to recognize when my mind, body or spirit is lacking something. I learned a different meaning of the term digging deep from the book "The Gifts of Imperfection" written by Brene' Brown, LCSW.

Digging deep means getting Deliberate, getting Inspired, get Going. This way of thinking coincided with my commitment to living life with a purpose. So now when I'm tired or exhausted I look at every aspect of my life. Am I getting enough sleep, am I eating foods that are fueling my body, am I getting enough water? I get deliberate in my reflections or meditations. I get inspired to make changes or make different choices. And then I take action or get going. I have developed my own strategies for digging deep depending on what my body, mind, or spirit is going through. As Brene' Brown encourage me to dig deep, I encourage you to down your own digging deep into restoring energy back into your life.

A Journal by Jamie Duhon, Asst. Health Coach



About One Whole Health

Hi! I'm Leah Lund and you have been reading my E-letter.  I am an Executive Health Coach with a holistic approach to your energy, weight and health. As found of One Whole Health, I understand that the success of any individual, business, family or organization is dependant on the energy, focus, drive and balance of the leader.  I support leaders in managing your energy instead of your time to achieve your personal and professional dreams.  Specializing in Neuro Nutrient Therapy, I have a proven system for helping you repair chemical and hormone imbalances that unknowingly sabotage your efforts.  One Whole Health provides private and group health coaching via telephone and Skype using journaling to accelerate results.  Corporate Wellness and Colorado (soon to be international) Wellness Retreats are also available.  I am certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners & SUNY (State University Systems of New York), serve as an Ambassaor and Student Mentor for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am a member of the International Positive Psychology Association. Contact me for more information and for speaking engagements at leah@onewholehealth.com