The Clear  Path Retreat

May 16-20
Crested Butte, CO


Let this serene setting be the catalyst for adjusting the course your life has taken.


 Feel good on    purpose!



This retreat from One Whole Health is for women who are ready to remove obstacles from their path and propel forward in their personal and professional lives.

One Whole Health...For You!               Vol. 115        


Greetings!   Leah HC

What do you, me and Planet Earth have in common? Everything! You and the Earth are one! If you are wondering what you can do to celebrate the earth this Earth Day-start with you!The healthier & happier you are-the greater the collective, whole health, including the health of our earth.

This edition is all about nourishing your health (our health, the earth's health) by planting seeds. Yes-I'm talking about seeds for your best food, but I'm also talking about seeds for your best thoughts, experiences and life. Planting seeds for the world in which you wish to live.

What would you like to see in for our world? More peace and harmony? Less fighting and waste? More sustainable practices that make room for all beings?  Good old-fashioned loving kindness?

Join the conversation at
www.facebook.com/onewholehealth and share how you will create the world you'd like to see...beginning with you!

Here's to cultivating abundance, positivity, self love, awareness and healthy, real food! Why food?Because our food determines our DNA and our thoughts!

Happy Planting!




The Tower Garden


Here's the latest in sustainable gardening! 

Aeroponic, vertical gardens that require little space, no dirt and only a slightly green thumb.



If You Think It, It Will Come

Thoughts are indeed like seeds. Our thoughts create and whether you think you can, or think you can't-YOU ARE RIGHT!  If you want tomorrow to be different, you must think differently today.  That's the law of attraction. This month, I'm sharing my Top 5 Tips for "Creating the Life You Want" through your thoughts:

  1. Take Time To Create Your Day. Spend at least 2 minutes every morning thinking, writing or speaking how you would like to the day to go.Imagine the best day possible even if you don't quite believe it will come true.
  2. During the day, give energy to what goes right.What do you have time for? What did you get done?Who made you smile today?Who did you make laugh?
  3. See how many times you can say "Yes" in a day!Instead of "Either" "Or", try " Yes!" and "More!"
  4. Try a To Do Menu. Moving incomplete items from one day to the next on your calendar feels like failure. Stop setting yourself up. Instead, "order" off the To Do Menu without ever expecting that you'll get it all done.
  5. End Your Day with gratitude.Spend at least 2 minutes thinking, writing or speaking what you have accomplished, what you are grateful for and what you like about yourself.

Bonus Tip: Ever notice yourself thinking something like "I wish they would stop complaining?"  When you find yourself wishing someone else would _______________ (fill in the blank)
TRY THIS- Do, act or be the exact thing you wish they were.

Transitioning to this way of thinking doesn't happen overnight. It may sound silly or like a waste of time. Then again, so does doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Changing your thoughts requires practice. I invite you to practice the tips above and other new thoughts by joining the One Whole Health Journal Community

You'll be amazed with what you create!

For the Love of Gardening


I'm sure you've heard it before, there's nothing like the taste of a home grown tomato.  Have you ever had the opportunity to walk outside your back door to cut fresh herbs to add to your salad? Can you imagine how satisfying it is to toss fresh vegetables from your yard into a simmering pot on your stove?

Maybe you are someone who dreams of
a garden but you don't have the yard space or time. Starting a garden is alittle intimidating to you. You think its sounds great, but wish it were easier.  I love everything about gardening including the feel of dirt on my hands, toes, and knees. I feel blessed to have room to grow my own food, but I know not everyone does. I must admit, even for an avid gardener like me, it can be discouraging when I check on my crops and there are pests on my beautiful plants.
I want to share some great news for the veteran, shy and want-to-be gardeners out there: Gardening just got a little easier! Check out: The Tower Garden!

 We live in a demanding world where we thrive on comfort and ease. This is a method that combines ease with nutritional health. The Tower Garden is a perfect and easy way to improve your family's health by growing your own vegetables and having these veggies right at your back door.  Getting started with the Tower Garden does not require any gardening experience.  It is vertical which allows it to fit easily on a patio, rooftop, or right outside your back door. It does not require soil; therefore, there are no weeds to pull or pests to worry about.

The Tower Garden can hold a variety of plants and uses an aeroponic growing system. Plants grow in less time and plants grow in an air and mist environment. The water transports nutrients to plants using a special device which trickles water down over the plants roots.

I believe in trying new things, in becoming more self-sufficient and spending less money in a grocery store! I believe everyone should try gardening in their lifetime, especially vegetables. While I am still one who loves the feel of the earth beneath my knees-it takes me almost a week to dig the dirt out of my fingernails. That might not be for you, but it doesn't mean you can't have fresh, beyond organic food in little time and at a great savings.   The Tower Garden will give you the taste of success (no pun intented!) and hopefully every season you will be planning your garden just like I am, because in the end-you are what you eat and food changes everything.

About One Whole Health

Hi! I'm Leah Lund and you have been reading my E-letter.  I am an Executive Health Coach with a holistic approach to your energy, weight and health. As found of One Whole Health, I understand that the success of any individual, business, family or organization is dependant on the energy, focus, drive and balance of the leader.  I support leaders in managing your energy instead of your time to achieve your personal and professional dreams.  Specializing in Neuro Nutrient Therapy, I have a proven system for helping you repair chemical and hormone imbalances that unknowingly sabotage your efforts.  One Whole Health provides private and group health coaching via telephone and Skype using journaling to accelerate results.  Corporate Wellness and Colorado (soon to be international) Wellness Retreats are also available.  I am certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners & SUNY (State University Systems of New York), serve as an Ambassaor and Student Mentor for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am a member of the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine and the International Positive Psychology Association. Contact me for more information and for speaking engagements at leah@onewholehealth.com