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  Issue # 5 13 August 2010

    Find out:
      * Who made "The List" and
      * What these "folks" have in common with BaBA.

               Cleveland Indians      Lebron James
    Read on & Enjoy-
  We Made the "A" List!
  Both Adventure Packs

     Education Bug, a fantastic, one-stop, all-you-need parent & teacher       resource added us to their exclusive list of valued resources!

      Be sure to check them (and us) out:
                 & look under "Resources".

Can you say, "WE'RE #1 !"
artist  August's Featured Artists:
          Miss B's 1st Grade Class, Garfield, OH (Part 3)

  What's in the box in the basement
  What's in the Box
         in the Basement?
   Could it be LeBron James
               & the Cavs?
           Lebron James

   How do the Cleveland Indians
            fit into the stories?

   Check out the adventures from Miss B's 1st Grade

Click the book cover image (here & on the next page)
Open the PDF

    Don't Forget:
    Next month is their last installment: "What's cooking in the kitchen?"
"I'm in Denial"

  Both Adventure Packs
Believe it or not, some kids are already back in school.   
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