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  Issue # 4 09 July 2010

    Miss B's 1st Grade class created a huge sensation!
    The response has been overwhelming!

    Everyone has been clamoring for their next installment:
    "What's in the attic".

     After this, there are 2 more adventures to go: "What's in the box" &
     "What's cooking". So, stay tuned.

     Also, we've included a PDF version of the file, in case you have
     difficulty opening the photo gallery.

     Like we said last month, Sit back and enjoy the show!


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attic July's Featured Artists:
          Part 2: Miss B's 1st Grade Class, Garfield, OH

  What's in the attic
   What's in the Attic?
    Monsters? Pinatas? Puppies?

   Again, thanks to Miss B's 1st Grade
   class in Garfield, Ohio,
   we now have their imaginings.

Click the image
(here & on the next page)
Open the PDF

& Enjoy!

    Don't forget,
   you can send me your ideas, too.
    June's Featured Artists:

          Part 1: Miss B's 1st Grade Class, Garfield, OH

  Who Is Bailey
   Who is Bailey?
   What does he like?
     Inquiring minds want to know!

   And thanks to Miss B's 1st Grade
   class in Garfield, Ohio, we have
             16 great ideas!

   Not only will you see what they
   think, you'll be able to read about
           Bailey & his likes.

Click the image
(here & on the next page)
Open the PDF

   Grab a cup of coffee, take a break & away we go!
"It's Still

Both Adventure Packs
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It's still Summer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere).

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