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...and in the heat of the summer, we all scream for ice cream. Specifically, locally-made artisan ice cream and gelato. We like to keep an eye out for those made not only locally, but also made with organic and local ingredients.

Here are some notable ice cream and gelato makers from across the country:

Pumphouse Creamery of Minneapolis, Minnesota: Pumphouse creates delicious ice cream using organic milk and cream from nearby Hope Creamery. Here's a flavor that is a must-try: Brandy-Soaked Local Cherries with Handmade Brownies. OH. MY. The cherries are sourced from local grower Griffin Gardens. And just because the weather cools off in the fall, doesn't mean you still won't be craving a chilly treat. In autumn, keep an eye out for the flavor Hot Cinnamon and Local Apples.

Pazzo Gelato of Los Angeles, California: While
Pazzothe mention of Sunset Boulevard may not to mind all things local and organic, never fear. The good folks at Pazzo Gelato are working to make sure your gelato is both. Partnering with Straus Family Creamery (hyperlink) and featuring local produce in season, Pazzo will keep you coming back for more. Especially with intriguing flavors such as Avacado, Buttered Brown Sugar, and Toasted Almond Fig.

PapalaniPapalani Gelato of Koloa, Hawaii: Papalani Gelato uses fresh, local ingredients to create frozen delights. You'll find traditional flavors as well as those dedicated to showcasing the local tropical flavors. Banana Coconut with Macadamia Nuts, anyone?

Jams by DanielMallard Ice Cream of Bellingham, Washington:  At Mallard, you'll find they handcraft their ice cream with an emphasis on fresh, local and organic ingredients. Be sure to check out their online "Flav-o-cam" to see what ingredients are available each day!

A cold treat is one of the best ways to cool off during the summer, and by choosing a locally-made one, you are guaranteeing a healthier you, a healthier environment and an healthier local economy. C
heck the
Locallectual database for more great treats to beat the heat. Don't see your local favorite? Add them yourself!

Local Love,
The Locallectuals

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