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Advocacy Versus Lobbying
A Guide to Handouts for Legislators
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The Ins and Outs of Contributing to PACs
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Advocacy Special Edition January 2012

With the upcoming Winter Legislative Conference, this special edition of the OACAA Briefing focuses on advocacy. Articles include information on the difference between advocacy and lobbying, a checklist of what items to provide your legislators when you meet with them, the top items to communicate to your legislators when you have limited time with them, and the legalities of Political Action Committees (PACs).


We hope you find this information useful the next time you meet with a legislator. To find your legislator and make an appointment, click on one of the links below (one for the House and one for the Senate), enter your zip code where indicated, then click on their name or picture to get their contact information.






We look forward to seeing you at the Winter Legislative Conference February 1-3! If you haven't registered yet, click here.

Advocacy Versus Lobbying - What's the Difference?


Although most people use the words "advocacy" and "lobbying" interchangeably, there is a distinction that is important to understand. Advocacy is a broad term covering a range of activities that seek to bring about systematic social change. Lobbying refers to specific advocacy efforts that attempt to influence legislation. Therefore, lobbying is one form of advocacy. Lobbying always involves advocacy, but advocacy doesn't always involve lobbying.


So what does this mean for Community Action Agencies? ...                                                               Read More 


A Guide to Handouts for Legislators


Now that you know the difference between lobbying and advocacy, you might be considering setting up a meeting with your legislator to advocate for the needs of low-income people in your community. When you meet with your legislator it is a good idea to leave a handout with them that provides them with pertinent information that supports your cause.

Click here for a guide to advocacy handouts.


Points to Share with Your Legislator


When meeting with your legislator, often your time is limited so you want to make sure you get your points made effectively. Following is a list of things to share with your legislator:

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The Ins and Outs of Contributing to PACsPAC Contribution


Political Action Committees (PACs) are powerful tools for lobbying efforts. PACs allow groups with specific goals and priorities to affect their political future by making contributions to those running for elected office. But just as there are laws governing lobbying, there are laws governing PACs as well, in particular when it comes to contributions.


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