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ISEC e-Newsletter #6
August 2010
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2010 Space Elevator Games
Space Elevator Conference
Artsutanov and Pearson to appear at this year's conference
Artsutanov & Pearson Prizes
2nd Annual JSETEC Competition
EuroSpaceward announces their 4th International Conference
What is ISEC?
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Dear Subscriber,
Activity in the Space Elevator 'arena' is crescendoing at this time.  The American Space Elevator Conference is imminent as well as the Strong Tether Challenge of the Space Elevator Games.  The Japan Space Elevator Association is getting ready to host the second Annual JSETEC (Japan Space Elevator & Technical Engineering Competition) Games while EuroSpaceward is getting to ready to host its 4th annual International Conference.
The results of the Artsutanov and Pearson prizes have been announced.
And, two very special guests are attending this year's American Space Elevator Conference.
You can read all about these events and more in this newsletter.

Stay tuned - exciting times are ahead for all of us who want to make a Space Elevator happen!

Ted Semon
President - ISEC
The 2010 Space Elevator Games - Status update

Spaceward LogoThe Space Elevator Games, organized by the Spaceward Foundation and with prize money put up by NASA, consist of two events; the Climber / Power-Beaming competition and the Strong Tether competition.

The Climber / Power-Beaming competition has been postponed until next year.  Stay tuned to these newsletters or the official site of the Space Elevator Games for more information about when and where this competition will happen.  With LaserMotive's winning climb last year being awarded $900,000, there is still $1.1 Million left in the prize pool for this competition.

The Strong Tether competition will be held at the upcoming Space Elevator Conference.  The current schedule calls for this competition to be held on Friday, August 13th, at 4:15pm (US Pacific time), NASA Logoand, like the 2009 Climber / Power-Beaming competition, will be broadcast over the Internet via uStream.  Details for this competition will also be posted at the official site of the Space Elevator Games when they are available.
No winner has yet been crowned for the Strong Tether competition, so the full $2 Million prize pool is still available.  In 2007 and in 2009, teams brought tethers constructed entirely of carbon nanotube fibers, the material with which a Space Elevator will finally be built and we're hopeful of seeing entries like that this year.
Stay tuned to the Space Elevator Conference website or the official site of the Space Elevator Games for the latest details. 
The Space Elevator Conference
It's still not too late to sign up to attend this year's Space Elevator Conference, to be held at the Microsoft Conference Center from August 12th through August 15th.  The Microsoft Conference center is located in Redmond, Washington and is where the conference has been held at for the past two years.
Two very special guests will be attending the conference this year (see next story for more details).
The Conference will kick off with a presentation on the evening of August 12th, open to the general public.
The conference facilities are superb and this year's conference promises to be the best ever.  The 2010 Space Elevator Games - Strong Tether competition will be held at this year's conference.
Visit the official website for the Space Elevator Conference and sign-up soon.
Yuri Artsutanov and Jerome Pearson to appear at this year's Space Elevator Conference!
ISEC is very pleased to be able to announce that Yuri Artsutanov and Jerome Pearson, two pioneers in the Space Elevator Field, will be attending this year's Space Elevator Conference in Redmond, Washington.
Mr. Artsutanov is travelling all the way from his home in St. Petersburg, Russia to attend.  He and Mr. Pearson will be addressing the conference with a joint Q&A session on Saturday morning, August 14th.
Mr. Artsutanov came up with the original 'tensile' structure proposal in an article in 1960 and published it in Komsomolskaya Pravda.  Mr. Pearson independently came up with the same idea and published several articles about it, perhaps the best known being The Orbital Tower - a spacecraft launcher using the Earth's rotational energy.
In addition to hosting the Q&A session on Saturday morning, both Mr.'s Pearson and Artsutanov will be around for the entire conference.  It's not too late to register - visit the official site of the Space Elevator Conference and meet these true pioneers!
The Artsutanov & Pearson Prizes - no winner this year 

AP Prize LogoIn March, the International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC) announced the Yuri Artsutanov and Jerome Pearson Prizes for Space Elevator research.  ISEC has put up these prizes to "...advance our understanding of the Space Elevator" and to increase interest in this concept.
Several entries were received for this year's competition, but the prize committee did not feel that any of them met the criteria; "...exceptional papers that advance our understanding of the Space Elevator."  However, the prize committee did award an "Honorable Mention" to a paper submitted by Mr. Gaylen R. Hinton and he and his entry will be honored at the upcoming Space Elevator Conference.
These prizes will be repeated next year.  A new topic will be chosen for undergraduate students to write about for the Pearson prize while the Artsutanov prize will be remain open to everyone and will accept papers written on any space-elevator related topic.  Stay tuned to the ISEC website for details.
JSETEC Logo2nd Annual JSETEC Competition announced
From August 6th-8th, the Japan Space Elevator Association (JSEA) will host it's second annual JSETEC (Japan Space Elevator Technical & Engineering Competition) event.  The initial event, held in 2009, was a great success and this year's event will be too.
This year's event will be held at the same place the 2009 event was held at; Japan University's Futuwa Field.  Last year, the tether was 150 meters long and this year they've doubled it to 300 meters.
The goals of the competition are as follows:
  • To support technical experimentation and activities geared toward building a Space Elevator Climber model for a vertical belt tether based on the Edwards' Space elevator plan.
  • To support technical experimentation and activities geared toward developing a vertical rope tether climber which could be used for a stratospheric platform which is considered a milestone in the path toward realization of the Space Elevator.
  • Provide accurate factual information about potential plans for aSpace Elevator to the any interested parties.
A 26 page pdf file containing information about the Japan Space Elevator Association, the 2009 competition (including details of the various climbers that were entered) and the 2010 competition is available here.  It is a very interesting, very informative document and well worth the read.
Some of the highlights:
  • As of March 31st of this year, JSEA had 470 members.
  • If you look at the diagram and explanation of the Tether 'racecourse', you'll see similarities and differences to the 'racecourse' that the Spaceward Foundation has set up for it's own Space Elevator Games.
  • The 2009 competition was held on a 150 meter tether.  This year's competition will be held on a 300 meter tether.  Next year, they plan on using a 600 meter tether.  But, unlike the Space Elevator Games, they plan on holding the tether aloft with balloons, not a helicopter.  It will be very interesting to see how successful they are.
It is really interesting to see the various approaches here, both in the climbers and the setup of the racecourse itself.
We will post the results of the competition once it is completed.
Good luck and congratulations to JSEA!
EuroSpaceward logo EuroSpaceward announces their 4th International Conference

EuroSpaceward has announced their 4th International Conference to be held on December 4th and 5th in Luxembourg.  The theme of this year's conference is "Carbon Nanotechnology and Space Elevator Systems".

From the conference flyer: "The objective of the event is to push the technology development by examining and discussing the status quo of research in carbon nanotechnology and latest designs of the space elevator."

They have also issued their "Call for Papers" for this conference; abstracts to be submitted by August 31st.

More details can be found on EuroSpaceward website.
What is ISEC?

ISEC LogoThe International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC) is the result of a coming-together of leading figures and organizations who have worked long and hard over many years to promote the concept of a Space Elevator.  With organizational members in the United States, Europe and Japan and individual members from around the world, ISEC's goal is nothing less than to get a Space Elevator built.

From our bylaws:

"... ISEC promotes the development, construction and operation of a space elevator as a revolutionary and efficient way to space for all humanity ..."

Our plan of action is based on four pillars: Technology, Law, Business, and Outreach:

Each of the pillars is headed by a pillar lead, who functions much like a university's department head. Their job is to start initiatives (projects), pursue collaborations, guide project leads and prospective project leads in pursuing their individual projects, and generally increase the activity level of their pillar.

If you agree that building a Space Elevator should be a priority for all of us and you want to help make this happen, please Join Us!  Benefits include e-newsletters (such as this one), a print version of the ISEC Journal and other items listed on our sign-up page.

Come and join us and help make the future happen!
The ISEC Space Elevator Journal
2010 will mark the first year of publication for the ISEC Space Elevator Journal.  The theme of the Journal will reflect the ISEC theme for 2010 - Space Debris Mitigation - and there will be several articles in the Journal on this topic, including the best entries for the Pearson prize.
But this will not be the only topic covered by the Journal, far from it.  The best papers entered for the Artsutanov prize (which can be on any space-elevator related topic) will be included as well as articles from the Four Pillars of ISEC (Technical, Legal, Business and Public Relations).  In addition, other articles covering the whole gamut of Space-Elevator related topics will be included.
You, too, can submit an article for consideration in the Journal by sending it to
Dues-paying Members of ISEC will receive this Journal as part of their membership benefits - non-members will have to purchase it (price to be determined) if they want a copy.
Visit ISEC on the Web

Visit our website at  There you can join learn more about what is happening in the Space Elevator community and what is being done to advance the concept of a Space Elevator.  Please consider joining ISEC - we foster research and sponsor Space Elevator-related causes, but to do so takes money.  Your contributions are crucial to our success.  Thank you!

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