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"... ISEC promotes the development, construction and operation of a space elevator as a revolutionary and efficient way to space for all humanity ..."

Space Elevator Games Update
  November 6, 2009
History is made in the 2009 Space Elevator Games!

Team LaserMotiveThe 2009 Space Elevator Games - Climber / Power-Beaming competition is over and it was a roaring success.  Team LaserMotive turned in a Prize-Winning performance and was awarded $900,000 by the NASA Centennial Challenges program.

Team LaserMotive was the only team to exceed the required benchmark of 2 meters / second to the top of the competition tether (1 kilometer).  They did it in nearly 4 meters / second and, even more impressively, performed this feat 4 times.

The teams from the University of Saskatchewan (USST) and the Kansas City Space Pirates both turned in impressive performances but did not, unfortunately, qualify for any prize money.

No team exceeded the benchmark of 5 meters second and, consequently, no qualified for the $2,000,000 prize.  However, there is still $1,100,000 left in this prize pool and this will be the pot for the next Climber / Power-Beaming competition (to be held, probably, in 2010).

Congratulations Team LaserMotive - you did us all proud!

The picture is of the winning team holding the check awarded to them by the NASA Centennial Challenges program.  In the foreground is the prize-winning climber.

The Space Elevator Games was broadcast live on uStream and proved to be so popular, that it was picked to be broadcast as part of the iPhone "Favorite applications" suite.

So what's next for the Space Elevator Games?  Next year there will be another Strong-Tether competition and, most probably, another Climber / Power-Beaming competition.  Stay subscribed to the ISEC e-Newsletter and be one of the first to know the details of these exciting upcoming events.

This competition was made possible by many sponsors, one of being ISEC, the International Space Elevator Consortium.  Please consider joining our organization as sponsoring events like the Space Elevator Games and engaging in the other activities we do costs money.  Your membership fees will help us to sponsor and enable events these events.  Thank you.
ISEC Logo - transparent background EuroSpaceward's 3rd Annual Conference coming up in December

On December 5th and 6th, EuroSpaceward will hold it's third annual conference.  This year it is titled "Space Elevator, CNT Tether Design & Lunar Industrial Challenges".

The preliminary program for this conference is now available. It can be downloaded here or from the EuroSpaceward website.

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ISEC LogoThe International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC) is the result of a coming-together of leading figures and organizations who have worked long and hard over many years to promote the concept of a Space Elevator.  With organizational members in the United States, Europe and Japan and individual members from around the world, ISEC's goal is nothing less than to get a Space Elevator built.
From our bylaws:

"... ISEC promotes the development, construction and operation of a space elevator as a revolutionary and efficient way to space for all humanity ..."

Our plan of action is based on four pillars: Technology, Law, Business, and Outreach:

Each of the pillars is headed by a pillar lead, who functions much like a university's department head. Their job is to start initiatives (projects), pursue collaborations, guide project leads and prospective project leads in pursuing their individual projects, and generally increase the activity level of their pillar.

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