March 2010
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Dear Fitness Friend and Life Enthusiast,

Welcome to March Madness! This is the month spring arrives in LA and I am feeling bubbly and filled with sun energy!

I'm sure some of you in Sweden or on the East Coast are making ugly faces at me now. But let me tell you, spring is coming your way in a few months, too. While you're waiting for the snow to thaw outside your window, there is the fabulous world of PREP! What if you could create energy right smack in the middle of the darkness and cold, just by using a few easy techniques each day?

I hope this month's newsletter will help you find that extra "oomph" as we transition from the dark months into a sunnier season.

In Biceps and Cartwheels,
Tanja D
Loud FitnessLoud Fitness
Get Energized

First of all, I'm excited to announce the release of my new DVD, Reebok BootCamp! In this DVD, I guide you through seven mix-and-match workouts combining interval cardio and strength training exercises for maximum results. Prepare to work hard and burn some serious calories!
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I also want to share with you a great tool called the Spike Mat. Used for thousands of years, the mat is covered in tiny spikes that activate the body's endorphins and oxytocin. It helps you reduce stress and gain energy just by lying and relaxing on it. Learn more on my blog and give it a try!
Loud LivingLoud Living
Write It Out

When I want my clients to discover for themselves what they are really doing in terms of eating habits or behaviors, I ask them to journal for a while. For example, sometimes we forget how many cupcakes there really were on Sunday, but if we see it in print, a light bulb goes off! In other cases, it can be helpful to write and revisit journal entries about events and goals. As it's sometimes hard to see forest for the trees, a journal can be a useful tool for motivation and progress. Not to mention how old-school romantic it can be to write in a secret journal!

You can, of course, use any journal or notebook your heart desires, but if you'd like one with a little structure, check out Moleskine's Wellness Journal, which has sections for Diet, Exercise Log, Personal Goals, General Health, Games, and Inspirations.
Loud EatingEating
Abs Diet Powerfoods

Have you heard of the Abs Diet? It centers on 12 good-for-you "Powerfoods" that help fight fat and build lean muscle. This diet isn't about deprivation; it's about keeping yourself fueled, satisfied, and full of energy. Over on my blog, we have been looking at each of the Abs Diet Powerfoods in more detail. Check out the foods I've covered so far and stay tuned for the rest!

· Almonds
· Beans
· Spinach
· Dairy Products
Loud LoveTanja Djelevic
The Monthly Love Fest

Dad. It has been six years since my father passed this month. Here is a thank you for making me see and feel.

Happy birthday to my precious sister-friend Peggy, who I'm grateful to say is always there to support, care, help, or make me laugh! I love you! 

Thank you, Sanna Ehdin, for being such a precious light and an inspiration not only to me, but to many people all over the world.  

Thank you, health-conscious readers and active soldiers for taking time to read and listen, and also for taking time to give yourself some love.

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