Gentle Giants

Each year in late June, thousands of whales migrate through the narrow straits of Belle Isle, putting on an eye-catching show. Be sure to check out Point Amour Lighthouse Provincial Historic Site, one of many hot spots where you can see whales frolicking near the coastline as they feast on capelin that have come to spawn. In fact, if you’re here in the summer, you could be lucky enough to see capelin roll onto beaches all across the province.


Birders Paradise

No need for binoculars when you can get up close and personal with 35 million seabirds. Watch closely as gannets, murres and kittiwakes lay eggs, dine on seafood, and flock around the appropriately named Bird Rock. Just ask our guest blogger Clare – she can tell you the best time of year to start planning your trip to Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve, a definite must-see in the seabird capital of North America.

Iceberg Alley

When it comes to icebergs, there’s no better place to catch a glimpse than right here. Watch these icy giants as they meander their way down Iceberg Alley, stopping into bays, inlets, and coves along the way. Get a sneak peek of their location using the map on Or contact one our friendly Visitor Information Centres for more detailed information. Stay up to date on everything iceberg by signing up for Iceberg Alerts and by following us on Twitter @IcebergTweets.

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