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Vita-Mix Problem

I recently ran into a problem with my Vita-Mix blender that I must share with you. As many of you know I often recommend the Vita-Mix blender for making Detox and Breakfast smoothies. Recently I was making a smoothie when I noticed a funny noise coming from my blender followed shortly after by billowing smoke. I immediately turned it off and investigated. I found that the blade was sticking and not turning easily. I called customer service at Vita-Mix and they informed me that if the protein powder is added to the blender bottle FIRST, it can get into the blade assembly bearings and over time will cause sticking. I have always added the powder first, so it appears that this was my problem. They informed me to add the liquids first, then the fruit and veggies, and add the powders LAST. 
Needless to say they were very apologetic and gracious to send me the needed replacement parts for free. But, what a HASTLE. 
I hope I can help you avoid the same inconvenience.
As always, all my best, In Health
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