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June 2009

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The Story of the Honeyguide
Our periodic email newsletter is named after the Greater Honey Guide, a bird that has developed the remarkable habit of leading tribespeople to wild bees' nests, with the promise of honeycomb and grubs once the humans have opened the nest and taken the honey.

The complementary relationship shared by bird and human represents the newsletter's goal - to periodically lead readers to new and timely bits of information about East African wildlife, culture, and travel.

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Join us in Madagascar and find out!

Join Nichole and UC Davis CalAggie Adventures this December as she guides a small group of travelers through the bizarre and mysterious world of Madagascar.  Discover the abundance of endemic species and the colorful and vibrant culture of the island nation in true Another Land fashion:  By combining wildlife exploration guided by expert naturalists with authentic cultural interaction
To learn more call (888-334-7559)  or e-mail Marguerite in Another Land's travel division.
Come join us for a meaningful experience that benefits African villages!

Another Land and The Amias Project
The Story of Africa: Live it, Watch it, and Wear it. 

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Where the Wild Things Are
Spiny Forest of Madagascar
Madagascar separated as an island from Africa more than 150 million years ago. This isolation has made the world's fourth largest island a living laboratory for evolution.  Species found no where else on earth are the norm here.  From plants to animals and reptiles, the island is a naturalist's paradise. Lemurs, Moonlight and Music is the perfect opportunity to discover your own internal naturalist.

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the People 
madagascar cultureMalagasi culture is just as unique as it's flora and fauna.  A cross between Asian and African heritages, the island is a place where ancestors are as much a part of the present day as they are of the past; where in many areas taboo and tradition take precedence over the law, and western-style religion is freely mixed with ancient tribal beliefs from mainland Africa and Asia.  With Lemurs, Moonlight and Music you will explore this diversity with expert local guides in the city and in more remote regions of the country.