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January 2008
Take Pretty Pictures in Africa

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July 22 - 30, 2008

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The Story of the Honeyguide
Our periodic email newsletter is named after the Greater Honey Guide, a bird that has developed the remarkable habit of leading tribespeople to wild bees' nests, with the promise of honeycomb and grubs once the humans have opened the nest and taken the honey.

The complementary relationship shared by bird and human represents the newsletter's goal - to periodically lead readers to new and timely bits of information about East African wildlife, culture, and travel.

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Be More Smarter with Pretty Pictures


Our 2008 New Year's resolution was to help the world become 'More Smarter'. Therefore we are sending out this Honeyguide featuring intelligent books, calendars and classes filled with pretty pictures!

Photographers, David Pluth, Angela Beckwith and Carol Fischer, have spent decades taking profound, insightful and enlightened photographs throughout Africa for National Geographic. Having worked with them in the field and witnessed their dedication to tell the story right and to tell the story beautifully, we are happy to offer these books and calendars at The Amias Project online store to help kick-off a more smarter 2008.

Also, you can learn to make your own pretty pictures with a north shore photography workshop led by photographer, Alec Johnson.

Nichole Smaglick

Women of the Africa Ark 2008 Wall CalendarWomen of the African Ark 2008 Wall Calendar
Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher met in East Africa more than twenty-five years ago while documenting a Maasai ceremony. The two author/photographers teamed up, traveling the continent to record rapidly disappearing traditional cultures. This calendar presents twenty-five of Beckwith and Fisher's color photographs, featuring women from Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Namibia, Senegal, Southern Sudan, and Tanzania. Concise, informative captions provide insight into African traditions, focusing on rites of passage for women of the African Ark.

(On a personal note, I had the pleasure of taking Carol and Angela to the lands of the Barabaig to document a ceremony. On this adventure, not only did the two inspire me to begin The Amias Project, but also photos of some dashingly adorned Barabiag women at the ceremony are featured in the month of JULY in this calendar.)


Eye of the StormEye of the Storm: A photographic journey across Uganda
A showcase for the brilliant, and often moving, photographs of David Pluth and Pierre-Francois Didek, the photography is interwoven with sympathetic commentary and  thought-provoking poetry.

The authors chose to portray the 'real' Uganda - in all its faces - showing ordinary people going about their daily lives. For anyone who has lived or traveled in the area it will provide an irresistible memento of their time spent in Uganda. For those who have never visited Uganda it will open up a window on this fascinating and fast-developing, part of Africa.  The book contains both color and black and white photography, and it contains full text in both English and French. 


Kilimanjaro: The Great White Mountain of AfricaKilimanjaro: The Great White Mountain of Africa
Nothing in Africa is as majestic and awe inspiring as Kilimanjaro. This fabled mountain - Africa's tallest and the world's 10th highest - which lies astride the Kenya  / Tanzania border, rises more than 5800 meters in the clear blue equatorial sky, it's crown of snow and ice ever beckoning and alluring.

A source of mystery from time immemorial - to this date nobody knows the meaning of its name - Kilimanjaro is the subject of many fables and legends and is home to the Chagga and Maasai people, to of Africa's most fascinating communities.

Their engrossing history and the captivating beauty of Kilimanjaro and its natural history are portrayed here in all their glory through the magnificent color photography of David Pluth and Mohammed Amin.  This book's compelling and often lyrical narrative delves into the many secrets of The Great White Mountain.


Karamoja: Uganda's Land of warrior Nomads 10 years in the making and David Pluth's newest work, this groundbreaking book of stories and photography brings into focus the proud Karimojong warriors and herdsmen of the remote semi-desert plains in northeast Uganda.

Karamoja reveals both everyday and extraordinary scenes with the stark magnetism of photojournalism and the timeless beauty of African imagery. The photographs accompany dramatic tales based on actual events in the region. Follow the paths of such young warriors as Amaese, who is forced to fight for his family's existence and to rid his kinsman's house of evil spirits. The stories embody everything from Karimojong traditional religion to concepts of beauty and justices, from child rearing to the mysticism of the gun.

As the Karimojong have arrived at a crossroads in their history, their stories and images become all the more priceless and powerful.

(On another personal note, many of you out there may know our former Travel Division Manager, Jeremy O'Kasick. He teamed up with David Pluth and co-authored the book. Congratulations on a great masterpiece!)


North Shore Photography Workshop Set on the scenic shores of Lake Superior, from Gooseberry Falls to Split Rock Lighthouse, this intensive and highly personal 3-day workshop is designed to build your vision, creativity, and technical ability through the development of foundation concepts for digital photography. Your instructor, Alec Johnson, leads you into the field helping you master f-stops and shutter speeds, depth of field, creative use of white balance, exposure and much, much more! You will leave this workshop with more confidence, feeling inspired  to use your newly-gained technical abilities to realize your creative vision.

Workshop Dates: June 16 - 18 and July 14 - 16, 2008