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Welcome to our Archive page!  Here you will find some if not all of our latest Personal Brandwagon enewsletters which we hope you will find useful and may persuade you to sign up to receive them fresh and interesting every two months.  We don't believe in showering you with emails, we all get enough of those every day, but once every two months we let you know what is happening at Changing Gear, what Tessa Hood has been doing and hope that you will find something in the pages that interests you.
We believe in the power of the individual within companies, we believe that people make companies successful as without them there is no business, and we believe that empowering individuals within a company enables them to work in an entrepreneurial way, not just as cogs in the corporate wheel, and gives them the responsibility to add value to their businesses.
We offer many sorts of interventions in Personal Branding and Reputation Management, and we now have our new Programme - 5 Facets of a Living Brand - which we believe to be innovative, gives you tools to deliver your own great personal brand, and builds the reputation of the individual and the company into the future.
We can deliver this programme in many ways; through 1:1 coaching, through corporate workshops, through telephone coaching and through webinars.  Tessa Hood is also a professional Speaker and is in great demand to speak as a recognised expert at conferences and seminars.
Contact us for more information on 01932  868 868 or  07774 189913  and you can reach Tessa directly on Skype ID: tessahood or email her at

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