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Date: Saturday, March 6, 2010 
  Greetings BritBike enthusiast!

Within a month we will add a tech archive board on BritBike forum. Could you please check if you have interesting tech stuff available to share with the rest of us BritBikers. It should of course be related to British Motorcycles. You can discuss the subject further here.
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 As always send BritBike related tips and info to me.
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TRIUMPH 650 REBUILD DVD Home Built How-To:
Triumph Engine Rebuild DVD

Wes White of Four Aces Cycle and Tyler Malinky of Lowbrow Customs are proud to present the Triumph 650 Rebuild DVD.
Vintage Triumphs still prove to be great motorcycles and a perfect choice for customizing after more than a half century.
The Triumph 650 Rebuild DVD is a comprehensive four-hour film featuring show-winning bike builder and acclaimed British motorcycle expert Wes White of Four Aces Cycle, Pacoima, CA.
The skills that can be learned from this DVD will help you keep your Triumph in excellent mechanical condition.
Whether you are restoring your Triumph, building a custom bike, or need to repair one, you will find Wes' insight and tips invaluable. No more pouring through shop manuals; in the easy-to-follow chapters Wes teaches engine tear down, step-by-step cleaning, inspection and reassembly of a Triumph 650 c.c. motor. Perfect for your 650 c.c. or 750 c.c motor rebuild, this DVD is also very helpful with your 500 c.c. and Pre Unit motor project!

The Triumph 650 Rebuild DVD is $39.95, and is an All Region DVD that will play world-wide.
Secure ordering and world-wide shipping is available
Ed's note:
Even though I don't own a Triumph 650 I had a great time viewing it. Wes is an easygoing guy and he gives valuable tips to make it easier to work on your engine. I went back a couple days after as i am putting a Triumph 4-spring clutch on my project bike and re viewed on the clutch chapter. Thumbs up for this DVD!
 BritBike present Spider's New Years eve dinner cartoon
Spider's cartoon - 
Spider dreads this time of year because Mrs Spider, unreasonable woman that she is, expects him to turn over a new leaf. She starts by inferring that the house is about to tumble about our ears from lack of maintenance and that our four -wheeled transport is in such a disgraceful condition she is ashamed to go out in it. Not to mention the garden, which she makes out to be a jungle of tangled weeds etc etc. Oh and did she mention the decorating? She did, at great length!! Spider groans because he knows this will be followed by a tirade of perceived bike-related complaints which will only cease when he promises to change his ways! Having been forced to take refuge in the crypt he retaliates with the only weapon he has - a malicious cartoon. Regalia Regalia, T-shirts, decals etc
We are finished printing a new batch of t-shirts, with new waterbased inks. This means it basically 'dyes' the fabric, so you don't sweat from having a big imprint on your shirt, this gives a vintage look and never fades or cracks! 
Sizes Small all the way through 4XL are in stock!!
LowBrow Customs makes and resell T-shirts, Hats and Decals/Stickers 
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British Motorcycle CD-Manuals
Manuals, Spare lists, Instruction books, Service sheets & lots more
Hundreds of British Motorcycle Books scanned into PDF format.
CD's: AJS & Matchless, Lucas AMAL Girling & Smith.
DVD's: BSA, Norton & Triumph

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