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Greetings BritBike enthusiast!

We can report that:
CD-Kim upgraded his Norton Manual on CD to a new 5th DVD edition with a whole lot more content. read more below.
J. Wood & Company Auctioneers and Liquidators - sold out the Estate of Jack Dash
to close to half a million $$$. I'm sure that a bunch of our newsletter readers did some great buys. 
After visiting Motorcycle Hall of fame I decided to try and create my own BritBike Museum in order to tribute the old US dirt track heroes, specially those using British bikes that had to run with smaller engines than the Hardly Ablesons..
Any help to find related racing items is highly appreciated.
Dan Rouit Flat Track Museum sent a few pieces that made me grin from ear to ear.

As always send BritBike related tips and info to me.
Ride safe


Morgan Johansson
English 101 DVD English 101: Triumph and BSA Tune & Service DVD

English 101: Triumph and BSA Tune & Service DVD
A follow up to the critically acclaimed Triumph 650 Rebuild DVD, Wes White of Four Aces Cycle and Tyler Malinky of Lowbrow Customs have just released their newest endeavor, English 101. English 101 is a full tune and service DVD that covers pre unit and unit Triumph and unit BSA motorcycles. It takes the maintenance section of your shop manual and brings it to life with instruction by the charismatic Wes White. Wes' years of experience as a professional vintage motorcycle mechanic shine as he shows you the right way to keep your Triumph or BSA motorcycle on the road and running great.
Catch every detail of Wes' instruction in high definition in this 4 hour instructional DVD, broken into chapters that include everything from adjusting your valves and changing your fluids to installing a Hunt Magneto.
This all-region DVD will play world-wide and, in addition to the Triumph 650 Rebuild DVD, can be ordered online at Lowbrow custom as well as Choppertown

Ed's note: Sure enjoyed watch Wes do the dirty wrenching while I was having a brew with my feet up. It refreshed my memories too since it was a while I did some of the stuff.
Thumbs up for a well made DVD!
 News: Norton Manuals Now on DVD

Kim the CD-Man announces his 5th edition of Norton Manuals.
There are twenty NEW files in this edition, including two in the Commando section. Also, new tuning tips, something extra in the Rotary section, a whole lot of great memorabilia additions for the Commando and other models, some more Norty Girls posters (why pay heaps for these on eBay when they are all here at no extra cost?) plus a feature on CD-Kims personal 1968 Plumstead-manufactured Commando.

The Fifth Edition is now on DVD format
Click here to read about it  Order your DVD-Manual here.
 BritBike present Spider cartoons
Spider's cartoon - Family Man
The Family man!
Spider has watched with amusement as poor old Shaun passes the BritBike bug onto Our Lisa. Soon that little 125cc bike will seem too small for her and she will cast lustful eyes on bigger, meatier machines. In fact the die is cast cos she has already sampled the joys of riding Shaun's M21 at the Rabbit Rally (even though she dropped it!). Watch out Shaun, when she's gone through your M21 and your A10 it'll be the M33 combination next. Shaun's crafty plan to only let Lisa have the M21 IF she can start it is doomed to failure cos a mere 600cc side-valve engine presents no challenge for a black belt Karate guru! She'll probably start it with her teeth! Regalia Regalia, T-shirts, decals etc
Get Your BritBike Regalia now tomorrow might be to late!
LowBrow Customs makes and resell T-shirts, Hats and Decals/Stickers 
 A must for all'ers 
  CD/DVD - Manuals
British Motorcycle CD-Manuals
Manuals, Spare lists, Instruction books, Service sheets & lots more
Hundreds of Books scanned into PDF format.
All books are printable if you need a close up to bring to your shop unless you take your laptop with you.
The CD's are for:
BSA, Norton, AJS & Matchless and Lucas AMAL Girling & Smith.
The DVD is for: Triumph

Price: $69.00 each or $299.00 for all five.

BritBike Regalia Knitted Hats
Original Knitted Hats
Probably the coolest hats in the world!
Comes in following variations:
  • Black color short beanie
  • Black color long beanie
  • Navy color short beanie
  • Navy color long beaniePrice

Price: US$12.00 plus shipping

 A must for'ers
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