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Mt. Wam along the PNNST in North Western Montana


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From the Desk of the Director of Trail Operations

As most of you know, since April of 2005, I have been working numerous positions within the PNTA.  These have included Acting Executive Director as well as my own position as Director of Trails.  As of July 1st, I'm happy to welcome Steven Starlund aboard as the Executive Director of the PNTA.


Welcome Steven!

As for what is happening on the Trail, we have numerous crews out at the moment.  Our Quinault Crew is working on trails around Lake Quinault and the Humptulips.  We have a SKY Crew working on the Pacific Ranger District and another SKY Crew working out of the Hood Canal District.  Our Quilcene Ranger Corps Crew is working out of Hood Canal also.


On the Baker River District and Northwest Region of the DNR we have both a SKY Crew and Job Corps Crew performing Trail maintenance.  The Job Corps Crew will be doing some projects shortly for the Snoqualmie District, on the Pacific Crest Trail.


East of the Cascades, we have a SKY Crew working on the Pacific Crest Trail north of Rainy Pass, another SKY Crew working on Longdraw trail reconstruction, from the Loomis State Forest to the Boundary Trail.  Another SKY Crew is busy working on a seventeen-mile stretch of the Kettle Crest, from Sherman Pass to Mt. Leona.  These crews have also completed work on the new segment of PNNST on Fir Mountain, as well as work at Clark Basin, for the Tonasket District.


We've also been getting many hours of volunteer work done on the Trail by groups


I have been working very diligently to build volunteer groups to maintain sections of the PNNST in Eastern Washington and will soon start that pursuit in Northern Idaho and Western Montana.  We are also striving to build a larger membership base for the PNTA, those dollars that come from membership and donations can be leveraged at the tune of 5:1 in our efforts to raise federal money.  Please consider becoming a member of the PNTA, or making a tax free donation for the good of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail.



Happy Trails,


Jon Knechtel

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Whistler Canyon Bridge Projects

  Pasayten Region -- Pacific Northwest Trail Association



Jessica Painting Loga
Jessica painting logs

During the early spring of 2012, David Sunde, Trail Boss for the Okanogan Valley Chapter of Back Country Horsemen of Washington (OVC BCHW) proposed that the OVC approach the Senior Class Advisors at Tonasket High School to determine if there might be any interest to do trail related work as Senior Projects for members of the Class of 2013. During discussions with school administrators and Senior Class Advisors, OVC was asked to develop a list of possible projects for students to consider. OVC members identified three projects along the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail: a trail sign refinishing project at the Fourth of July trail head and two bridge construction projects on the Lower Whistler Canyon trail. In a subsequent meeting with interested students, three 2013 seniors expressed an interest in the projects proposed by OVC. In the weeks following, two of the students decided on other projects and one young woman, Jessica Puente, decided to build the Mosquito Creek bridge near the Okanogan National Forest boundary about three miles east of the Whistler Canyon trail head along U.S. Highway 97 south of Oroville WA.


Prior to actual bridge construction Jessica made arrangements with OVC members to fell and skid sill and stringer logs to the bridge location; cut 4-inch decking planks and pack the decking to the bridge site. Over the course of five field sessions, Jessica removed the old bridge; peeled all of the stringer and sill logs; supervised and helped bed the sill logs; and placed and pinned the stringers to the sill logs. Next, she spiked down the decking and installed the bull rails along the outside of the bridge. After placing end caps over the ends of the stringers, she helped hauled approximately 4 yards of fill rock and soil by hand in 5 gallon buckets to backfill the approaches to the bridge. Jessica worked nearly 50 hours on the bridge project and supervised nearly 200 hours of other volunteer workers time to complete her bridge. Quite a senior project!


Following completion of her bridge project, Jessica interviewed for and was selected to be a member of the Pasayten Region's 2012 Goodenough/Long Draw SKY Performance Crew. During the past 5 weeks she has worked as a member of that crew. The crew completed a log out and brushing job on the Clark Ridge trail for the Tonasket Ranger District and to date has completed nearly 6000 feet of reconstruction of the PNNST over Goodenough Peak in the eastern Pasayten Wilderness.


Trygve Culp

Pasayten Region Coordinator


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Cascade West Region


The Skagit, Whatcom, and Island county volunteers have had a busy spring and will continue their busy schedule. There are work parties planned for the 1st and 3rd Saturdays on August, September, and October feel free to call to find out more information. They will be working on the trail from Anderson Mt. going east.


The PNTA had a float in the Sedro-Woolley Logger Rodeo parade with youth and tools on display. The kids handed out flyers about the trail, volunteer opportunities, and vacation trips with the PNTA. We will continue to look for these kinds of events to get the word out. If you hear of any events that we could participate in please let us know.


We are still looking for vacation volunteers to fill up the remaining trips. The dates are listed be low. There are jobs for every one and all age groups on these vacations. Trips fees are $195 for the first and $145 for each additional trip. Contact 


Lewis Trout

Cascade West Regional Coordinator

Office phone 360-854-9415  -- Cell phone 360-333-7767



August 12 till 18               Hannegan Pass            Trailhead camping

August 26 till Sept 1        Twin Lakes                    Trailhead camping

Sep 16till 22                    Lake Ann                       Trailhead camping


There will be two Eagle Scout projects going on in August both of these will be on Blanchard Mt.


The first on will be removing a bridge and putting a culvert this will be started on the 4th of August.


The second project will start later in the month and will deal with the switch back coming up from Chuckanut drive. The wood retaining wall will be removed and a rock wall will be build to support the trail.


As the snow melts we will have crews in higher elevations around Mt. Baker for six weeks to help the forest service with trail maintenance and setting up, improving and building camping areas. 


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Volunteer Work Parties


The backbone of trail organizations like ours are the volunteers and members who through their efforts help to maintain what is one of our country's greatest assests, its wilderness trails and parks.  If you want to join a crew or if you, your club/organization or company want to put a crew together lets us know.  You can contact us at (360) 854-9415 or e-mail either Lewis Trout, Trail Crew Coordinator at or Jon Knechtel, Director of Trail Management at  If you want to let other volunteers join your crew we can add it to this list along with your contact information for those interested in volunteering.  


Tips to trail work:

     No matter where you work  wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, have work gloves, and plenty of fluids to drink.  If the crew is a day crew usually you will need to bring a lunch.  It all depends on the crew's organizer as to what you need. 



      Each person working on a crew will have to sign a liability release form.  Parents or guardians of those under 18 must sign for minors.


*******Work Parties*******


Skagit-Whatcom Trail Maintenance Organization

2012 schedule.April through October (First and Third Saturday of each month).  Except for National Trails Day the meeting place is the Cook Road Park-n-Ride, exit 232 from I-5 north of Burlington across from Starbucks.  Meeting time is 8:15 am.  For questions and more information call (360) 424-0407 or e-mail


August 4th and August 18th

September 1st and September 15th

October 6th and October 20th



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  Youth Volunteer Vacations 2012


Pacific Northwest Trail Association's Youth Vacations are opportunities for high school students ages 14-18 to spend a week outdoors building and maintaining hiking trails in a safe, teamwork-oriented environment throughout the state. Learn more about the details and the schedule.


Service Trips for High Schools Students


  Are you a high school student age 14 - 18 who loves to be outdoors? Are you eager to experience new challenges, learn new skills and meet new people? Learn all about the world of building and maintaining hiking trails, experienced in a safe, teamwork-oriented environment in various locations across the state. PNTA offers first-time participants front country trips, and more experienced students have the option to join a more remote trip in the backcountry.


Front country Trips:


PNTA Front country trips provide opportunities to experience projects near the ocean and in the mountains. All of our trips provide you with experienced crew leaders, a great project, some camping gear may be available (tents and sleeping pads provided for front country trips) and all of your meals for the week.


Advanced Backcountry Trips:


Those with experience, or Youth Volunteer Vacation experience may be eligible for one of our Advanced Backcountry trips. Participants on these trips will be backpacking in to the work site and will have a chance to advance trail and leadership skills under the supervision of a PNTA crew leader. Approval from a crew leader is necessary.


Youth Vacation Information:

  • You must be 14 -18 years old to join one of our Youth Volunteer Vacations
  • Each person working on a crew will have to sign a liability release form.  Parents or guardians of those under 18 must sign for minors.


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Grizzly Bears and Razor Clams!


Member and long distance hiker Chris Townsend has a new book coming out August 28, 2012 titled "Grizzly Bears and Razor Clams - Walking America's Pacific Northwest Trail.  It is a combination of a photographic and written journal of his 2010 thru-hike on the PNNST.  I was lucky to have a chance take a look through it and would say without a doubt it would be a great addition to anyone's library.  It can now be pre-order at 



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If you have any events you would like to have included or if you want to put together a volunteer work party and would like to have that information included in the newsletter you can contact us at (360) 854--9415 or e-mail us at  
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Great news up until now it's
been difficult to get a hold of
a copy of the PNT trail guide. 
But thanks to one of our
followers on Facebook we were given the heads up 
that you can now get an affordable copy of the guide from:  
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