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Research Hub Launched - Try it for Free!

UC Berkeley has launched a new "cloud-like" research hub designed to make it easier to manage data, share documents and get information on the go.

Research Hub lets UC researchers store and manage files securely, and features full-text search and advanced filtering. It's designed for collaboration and the sharing of files with colleagues across the street or across the globe.
The hub is secure and Cal Net Authentication is required to access the service. Eventually users will be able to invite others outside the UC Berkeley campus community to join in. Users can control who can view, edit or comment on  research.
Another plus of Research Hub is that you can access it from anywhere -- even your Smart Phone.

The first 10 gigs of data are free! Users who want more storage will have to pay extra.
Check it out at
Read more about Research Hub:
Read the Research Hub blog:

Research Hub is managed by Information & Technology Services, UC Berkeley.
Oct. 14-16, 2011
The College of Natural Resources and the entire UC Berkeley campus will be hosting a weekend chock full of events for Homecoming 2011, including a presentation by Professor Tasios Melis of Plant & Microbial Biology.

Prof. Melis will speak at 11 am Oct. 15 in Sibley Auditorum on "Photosynthesis-to-Fuels: Renewable Energy Production."

Other speakers include Dean J. Keith Gilless, with a State of the College address; Professor David Sunding of Agricultural and Resource Economics; and Professor Danica Chen of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology.

For more info about Homecoming at CNR go to
For more info on what is happening campus-wide, visit
For more info on Prof. Melis' research visit
Plant & Microbial Biology Seminars 

PMB Seminars are going great this Fall Semester, with excellent attendance and an impressive array of local, national and international speakers.

Next week we will have a special seminar on Thursday, 10/6 in 338 Koshland Hall, featuring Mark Tester of  University of Adelaide, Australia, hosted by Professor Russell Jones.
Mark Tester is a professor of Plant Physiology. The aim of his research is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms that enable certain plants to thrive in sub-optimal soil conditions, such as high salinity or low N availability. The applied aim is to modify crop plants to increase their productivity on such soils; and to increase the mineral content of their seeds. The intellectual aim is to understand mechanisms of long-distance communication within plants through the study of genes that lead to appropriate shoot nutrient levels. Find out more about Mark Tester's research at
The regular seminar series on Wednesday, 10/5 in 101 Barker at noon features Melanie Ott of the Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology at UCSF. She will discuss "New Connections Between Hepatitis C Virus Infection and Liquid Droplets." The seminar is hosted by Prof. Britt Glaunsinger. Find out more about Prof. Ott's research at

PGEC seminars are also moving along at a fast clip, featuring a full schedule. Find out the details at

Student and postdoc seminars are ongoing and promoted on the home page of


Pat Brown's Grille, Lawn Closure

Both Pat Brown's Grille and the Genetics and Plant Biology Lawn will close starting Friday 9-30-11 and remain closed until the start of the Spring Semester in January.

Pat Brown's Grille will be remodeled to improve disabled access, reconfigure the cash register, kitchen and grill areas, and put in new customer seating and tables.

The GPB Lawn will be closed off to give additional access for construction and landscape crews to the Li Ka-Shing Center, which is scheduled to open in January, 2012. The lawn area also needs to be closed off to allow for installation of artwork and landscaping in the GPB lawn area. The area, which is scheduled for use by PMB front office staff, will be unavailable during this time.

Link to:
in the Genetics and Plant Biology and Pat Brown's Grille area.


Pat Brown's Grill, UC Berkeley
Pat Browne's Grille and the GPB Lawn are closing temporarily.
Calendar Success & Web Site Updates 
Event Calendar Image

Thank you to everyone in the department who has been using the new calendars on our new web site,

The response has been phenomenal! If you want to know what's going on in the department, check out the two calendars on our site: one for public events and one for internal department events.

The public calendar is a separate, online calendar linked to the university's networked calendar system. The internal department calendar is a Google calendar embedded in our new website, under Services / Calendar.

Both calendars are full of handy information, from seminars to finishing talks to holiday parties. Check it out! 

In addition, webmaster Karyn Houston is always accepting feedback and comments about our new web site. Web sites are continually changing and growing and suggestions are welcome! 
Soon we will have staff, graduate student and postdoc listings indexed and alphabetized, making it easy to find our coworkers. We are also working on ways to add individual lab sites.
Other News & Events
Faculty Meeting Dates

Thursday, 10/20, 1-2 pm

Thursday, 11/3, 1-2 pm

Thursday, 12/1, 1-2 pm

Tuesday, 1/10, 12-1:30 pm

Tuesday, 2/14, 12-1:30 pm

Tuesday, 3/13, 12-1:30 pm

Tuesday, 4/3, 12-1:30 pm

*Wednesday, 5/16 - Graduate review, 12-1:30 pm

*Note new date

  Chelsea D. Specht, Kathleen Ryan and Mary C. Wildermuth have recently been promoted to Associate Professors in the department.
   Frank G. Harmon has been promoted to Adjunct Associate Professor.
  Kathleen Ryan is a molecular biologist and focuses on isolating pure populations of Caulobacter swarmer cells and observing many parameters during their synchronous cell cycle progress including fluorescent protein localization, DNA content and global transcriptional patterns. 
  Mary Wildermuth is a plant biologist and researches plant-pathogen interactions. Her long-term goal is to understand the mechanisms by which hosts and pathogens interact to redirect host metabolism and physiology.
  Chelsea Specht researches the processes and patterns involved in the evolution and diversification of plants, especially the monocots.
  Frank Harmon researches the circadian clock, investigating the plant circadian oscillator's molecular mechanism, using Arabidopsis as a model system.
Find out more about their research at
Save the Date 
for a Rockin'
 PMB Holiday Party!

Who: All PMB staff

 Friday, Dec. 2, 5:30 pm

Entertainment is still being determined at this time

Alumni House, on campus
For posters and more information coming soon!



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