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A 'Doing It Right' doubleheader: Rocking revenue with music award shows and giving women what they want  |  It's an Inland webinar two-fer taken from two success stories featured earlier this year in Editor & Publisher's "10 newspapers that do it right."

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State Headlines


Digital BNC contest  update  

This year entries for the Better Newspaper contest be will be entered and judged by digital submission.   NMPA will be sending out a series of emails on how to upload entries and will give you plenty of time to get familiar with the entry website before contest time.   The site is being finalized and information and rules packet will be sent out in early July.   The contest period will remain the same: July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012.   Deadline for entries will allow time to enter all submissions on-line and time to answer any questions with the new process.  This year the BNC contest will be judged by the Kentucky Press Association and we will return the favor by judging their contest in the fall.   Look for more details to follow.    Entries will be entered at   


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NFIB-NM 'disappointed' in court's Obamacare ruling
By New Mexico Business Weekly by Dennis Domrzalski, Reporter

The business organization that led the court fight against the federal health insurance law said Thursday it respects the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to uphold the law, but it will continue to work to minimize the law's impact on small businesses.

"We are disappointed with the decision, but we respect it and now we are going to move forward and narrowly focus on influencing the regulatory process," said Minda McGonagle, director of the New Mexico Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business .

"There are no real answers at this point. In many ways, we're at the beginning."  Read more  


State reactions from decision:  

Here are some of the reactions from New Mexico politicians in the wake of the 5-4 US Supreme Court decision that upholds nearly all of the provisions of President Obama's controversial health care law.

As you'd expect, Democrats hailed the decision while Republicans hated it.

Since this is an election year, we broke down the reactions by matchups voters will see in November:  Read reactions at Capitol Report - New Mexico 






Governor orders staff to end use of private email for work matters
By Steve Terrell | The New Mexican

After a week of taking heat following the disclosure that Gov. Susana Martinez and top officials in her administration used personal emails to conduct state business, on Monday she ordered all state employees in agencies under her authority to use official state email for state business.

"Today, I am directing all state employees under the governor's authority to utilize official state email when conducting state business via email," Martinez said in a news release. "This includes discussions preliminary in nature to final decisions or actions that have occasionally been sent via personal email because they are not required to be maintained under state law."  Read more 



List of state workers and their pay spurs lawsuit

New Mexico's largest public employee union is suing for the removal of names and salaries from a state-run online database.

The Albuquerque Journal reports the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 18 filed a lawsuit in state District Court in Albuquerque this week. The group is arguing Gov. Susana Martinez's administration violated state law by adding employee information from the state's Sunshine Portal.  Read more 



Fighting to keep daily newspapers
By The New Mexican

As our readers surely know, newspapers across the country are in transition right now. Thankfully, in Santa Fe, we remain an independently owned and operated daily, beholden to no shareholders or corporation and published seven days a week. Even so, The New Mexican is affected by the same forces that are buffeting our industry across the country. There's the transition from print to online, as well as the same recession that has hurt businesses and families everywhere. These are, as that old saying goes, "interesting times." Read more 



Study: Newspapers Key in Corruption Fight
By Thomas Cole / Of the Journal

Researchers have found a connection between population concentrations around state capitals and public corruption.

"Isolated capital cities are robustly associated with greater levels of corruption across U.S. states," says a study released last month by Filipe R. Campante of the Harvard Kennedy School in Boston and Quoc-Anh Do of Singapore Management University.

Less concentration of population around a capital means less newspaper coverage of state government and politics, which means less accountability for public officials, Campante and Do write.

"We find that the role of media accountability helps explain the connection between isolated capitals and corruption," the researchers say.  Read more 



Carlsbad newspaper carrier's car stolen, set ablaze

CARLSBAD -- A car stolen from a Carlsbad newspaper carrier has been found completely burned to its shell.

The Carlsbad Current-Argus says a car belonging to Carolyn Fry, one of their deliverers, went missing Wednesday around 3:45 a.m. while she was dropping off papers.

Fry says she stepped out of her Ford Taurus long enough to put a newspaper on a porch. When she turned around, she saw someone jump into her car and drive off.

Police located the car nearly an hour later in a canyon.

Fry, who has been a paper carrier for 11 years, says paying for a replacement car will be hard when her job depends on having a vehicle.

A Current-Argus sales manager says this is the first incident he knows of involving a carrier.




Political advertising guidelines

 With an election season upon us it is important to be aware of advertising guidelines. Policies and guidelines should be made clear in rate cards, sales materials and in discussions with potential advertisers.
Any person or organization must specify the name of the sponsor that authorizes the publication of advertisements.  Click Here for statutes


Public Notice promotion 

Thanks to Maria Lopez Garcia and the Rio Grande SUN we have new promotional ads letting the public know they now have several options to find notices: in print, the NMPA website, and now   The state websites do not upload our content, they only provide a link to the existing website.  Please run the ads as space permits.  Not only does it let the public know where to find these notices, it will also be instrumental in the upcoming legislative session to make legislators aware of how the newspaper industry has made these notices accessible and a clear message to any outside interests that have thoughts of creating new public notice websites that newspapers already have that covered.   No other medium can deliver public notices to the public in print and online like newspapers can.     Find the ads online at NMPA Public Notice Ads.  




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Industry Headlines


Around the Industry


Editorial: Why Newspapers Are a Better Ad Buy
By Jeff Fleming Editor&Publisher

Impact, reach, and results. Three words marketers crave and three words newspapers deliver more effectively than any other advertising medium. A comprehensive advertising package of all things digital coupled with print. Yes print, that in-your- face broadsheet that offers advertisers a chance for impressive, bona fide visual impact. In fact, a recent NAA study revealed that "print users rate highly the utility of print advertising (44 percent) and that they usually notice it (41 percent)." Yes print, the platform Facebook and Twitter don't offer.

Last month, General Motors stopped advertising on Facebook, concluding that its paid ads don't have a big impact on consumers - 900 million users and Facebook can't deliver; what a pity. GM is no slouch when it comes to marketing research and investing ad dollars. Why pour $10 million into Zuckerberg's pocket when you can capitalize on social media's doctrine of sharing innovative and relevant content for free?  Read more 



Data Points: Print Loyalists Mobile users aren't abandoning print any faster than non-mobile users
By Lucia Moses AdWeek

Two-thirds of U.S. adults now use at least one mobile media device such as a smartphone or tablet, and they're the kind of people marketers want to reach-they skew more educated and higher-income than people who don't own those devices, according to a survey by the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri. And, happily for purveyors of print, they haven't abandoned newspapers and news magazines in droves. For marketers looking at where to place their bets, smartphone and large media tablets (iPad) owners are more likely to be male while e-readers and small tablets skew female. People who own Apple and BlackBerry devices tend to be higher-educated and earn more than their Android-wielding counterparts.

View full story at AdWeek  



Everything in Moderation
By Charlie Warzel AdWeek

As the shouters grow in volume, the comment moderator's job has become more demanding

As online publishing grows increasingly social, publishers are eagerly trying to foster community on their sites. But when everyone gets a voice, things can easily go too far. Thus, among several top Web publishers, the role of comment moderator is becoming that much more demanding.

Justin Isaf, The Huffington Post's community manager, oversees the 7 million online comments per month that flood the site's servers, helping a team of moderators and algorithms police pages to shield users from offensive content. The hot buttons are usually race, religion, politics, and even parenting.  Read more  


Plan to close post offices changes

WASHINGTON-New plans for keeping rural post offices open, rather than a large-scale shutdown, emerged from the U.S. Postal Service in May. Responding to major pushback from Congress and mailer groups like National Newspaper Association, USPS says it has a new thought.


Instead of closing 3,750 post offices, it has reviewed 17,000 post offices and decided 13,000 of them will have reduced operations hours. Most will be open 2-4 hours a day. Some will have a six-hour operation. Thousands of postmasters will be moved into retirement, though some may come back as casual employees.


NNA had recommended in 2011 that although many small offices could be unnecessary to postal operations, they still could be central to their communities. NNA Postal Committee Chair Max Heath suggested instead having a circuit-rider postmaster oversee a group of offices, which could then be operated by lower-level clerks.

NAA/ABC Circulation Subcommittee's Guide to Verified Circulation

Verified circulation, a key category of the new ABC metric "total circulation," captures an important and growing slice of the newspaper audience. Research has proved that verified circulation, paid or free, has the potential to build readership beyond the traditional bounds of paid circulation and can bring in new audiences previously outside of the traditional methods of marketing the newspaper.

Advertisers value the reach of these products, and reporting verified circulation is necessary to convey the total reach of the newspaper portfolio of products and the multitude of sales channels. 

This guide, a product of the NAA/ABC Circulation Subcommittee, explains how to use the newest categories of circulation reporting to expand and enhance your company's brand, provides new measurements of audience metrics and gives the details needed to get it done effectively within the ABC reporting process. Read more 


Health-Care Ruling Likely to Lead to More Marketing From Insurers, Hospitals 

Now that the Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act, expect increased marketing from insurance companies and health-care providers as they vie for the attention of consumers.

The law, slated for implementation by 2014, requires that states set up exchanges through which consumers can purchase health insurance regardless of pre-existing conditions. It also mandates that consumers show proof of coverage through their tax filings.

This means that insurance companies will continue to boost marketing aimed at a consumer base to which it never had to cater. And those that had put their marketing efforts on hold until the ruling was made will have to scramble to catch up.  Read more 


Supreme Court Punts in FCC Cross-Ownership Case

In a blow to broadcasters, the Supreme Court Friday declined to review a lower court ruling blocking a Federal Communications Commission decision that would have loosened regulations and allowed firms to own both newspapers and television stations in the same market.

The high court offered no comment on why it declined to accept the case, ruled on by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, for review.  Read more.  







People in the News  

The Albuquerque Journal has hired Kevin Robinson- Avila, a veteran New Mexico journalist with three decades of experience, for its business desk.

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