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John Foust
 Sailing to close to the wind
Sailing and selling have a lot in common. In a sales presentation, it's also impossible to sail directly into the wind. If your prospect is countering what you are trying to communicate, you have to adjust to the situation and change direction.

Technology with Kevin Slimp
The latest news in publishing technology



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State Headlines


Digital BNC contest   

This year entries for the Better Newspaper contest be will be entered and judged by digital submission.   NMPA will be sending out a series of emails on how to upload entries and will give you plenty of time to get familiar with the entry website before contest time.   This year the BNC contest will be judged by the Kentucky Press Association and we will return the favor by judging their contest in the fall.   Look for more details to follow.    


Printed ShopTalk   

At the winter board meeting the NMPA board of directors approved the re-launch of a printed edition of ShopTalk.  It will be sent out on a quarterly basis and designed and published courtesy of Bob Trapp of the Rio Grande SUN and printed by the Santa Fe New Mexican.   NMPA will continue to send out monthly e-bulletins.  If you have news items you would like to include in the print or electronic edition, please forward them to   Also the NMPA website  is  updated on a regular basis with stories from around the state and industry-wide.  Please check for updates.    


New owners believe community newspapers future of industry

New owners Garry Ellis and Gary Stevenson say acquisition of the Clovis News Journal, Portales News-Tribune and Quay County Sun marks the end of a 2 1/2-year search "for just the right (media) property."

The two are partners in Clovis Media Inc., which assumed ownership today of the three papers from Freedom Communications, the Irvine, Calif., that has owned Clovis since 1935 and Portales and Tucumcari since 1997.

Both men said a diverse economy and the progressive spirit they encountered in eastern New Mexico is part of what convinced them to buy the papers. Coupled with the excellent staff they found, Stevenson said there was no doubt but to buy the properties once Freedom offered them.

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Trustees Violate Open Meetings Act


Posted in the Village of Williamsburg Post Office is a notice that a closed special meeting will be held by the trustees on Wednesday, Feb. 1, at 10 a.m., at Village Hall.

The agenda states "contract/agreement" will be discussed.

New Mexico State Statute 10-15-1 I(2) states a closed meeting, "if called for when the policymaking body is not in an open meeting, shall not be held until public notice, appropriate under the circumstances, stating the specific provision of the law authorizing the closed meeting and stating with reasonable specificity the subject to be discussed, is given to the members and to the general public."

The special meeting announcement does not cite the provision giving authority to have a closed meeting and the agenda is not reasonably specific.

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History: Downtown changes - Sun-News building now yesterday's news

The old Las Cruces Sun-News building, originally a Safeway, is now history, with its high brick and steel frame walls toppled by bulldozers beginning Jan. 27.

In its place, the Sun-News plans a new structure and a move back downtown, after a fire in an adjoining building last year forced its exit. Few are mourning the loss of another major downtown building - anyone who worked inside it may be wondering what took so long - and it'd be hard to claim it was a legitimate historic structure.

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Public Records Request Reveals Email Loophole
A recent dispute over records requested from the city of Espanola highlights a potential loophole in the state's public records law which fails to define when a records request is considered satisfied.
A Dec. 13 request from the Rio Grande SUN to inspect the City Council meeting packet from Dec. 10 went unfulfilled until Dec. 19 - one business day after the initial Dec. 16 deadline.
The state Inspection of Public Records Act states that a records custodian has three business days to respond in writing to a request, at which time up to an additional 12 calendar days can be taken to fulfill the request.
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City Appeals Court Decision Case Relates To Worker's Firing

Rio Rancho has asked the state Supreme Court to reverse a recent Appeals Court decision in a case related to the firing of former city manager James Palenick.

The opinion the state Court of Appeals issued in November effectively said a city can't wait nearly a year to correct a violation of the Open Meetings Act.

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Public Notice promotion 

Thanks to Maria Lopez Garcia and the Rio Grande SUN we have new promotional ads letting the public know they now have several options to find notices: in print, the NMPA website, and now   The state websites do not upload our content, they only provide a link to the existing website.  Please run the ads as space permits.  Not only does it let the public know where to find these notices, it will also be instrumental in the upcoming legislative session to make legislators aware of how the newspaper industry has made these notices accessible and a clear message to any outside interests that have thoughts of creating new public notice websites that newspapers already have that covered.   No other medium can deliver public notices to the public in print and online like newspapers can.  Session begins January 17th thank you for helping to spread the message.    Find the ads online at NMPA Public Notice Ads.  




Webinar Training

There are a series of upcoming webinar training sessions offered through Inland Press.   NMPA members are afforded special member prices through co-sponsorship of these convient training sessions.  Please take a look at the upcoming topics on the left hand side of this newsletter.   Clicking on the title will bring you to the registration page and provide additional information.  



Industry Headlines


Around the Industry


Please help NNA's campaign to have electronic subscriptions counted by the Postal Service

At long last-after nearly four years of effort by NNA's Max Heath and the Postal Committee, the U.S. Postal Service is considering a proposal to allow electronic subscriptions to count as paid circulation!

If the proposal succeeds, newspapers could begin immediately to ramp up e-subscriptions to count them in the October Statement of Ownership. As long-distance mail service deterioriates, members tell NNA these electronic subscriptions have become more important.

There are two ways to help.

1. You can write USPS directly with your comments. You can find the proposal here, along with instructions on where to write. Comments are due March 5.

2. Or you can join with other NNA members in providing your comments through this short survey. All signed comments will be provided to USPS. Anonymous submissions will not be included. To take the survey, click on this link.

Thank you for your support of NNA.

Tonda Rush
Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel   


Readers vote - and voters read
More and more candidates have begun to rediscover what they had long forgotten about newspapers. As a result, campaigns have increased newspaper political advertising investments tenfold from 2002 to 2010. How did they do it? Or perhaps a better question is why, in the age of "new media," is a medium as "old" as newspapers not only able to compete, but also able to thrive?
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Campaign Insider Why newspaper advertising still matters 

Just as soon as you're sure about a new trend, a survey comes out and says, "Not so fast. That's not exactly true."

For instance, take a look at the "givens" in this year's political landscape. Young voters are increasingly turning to the Internet for campaign news, right? Wrong. But at least Twittter and Facebook play big roles when it comes to getting campaign information, right? Wrong. And nobody but senior citizens gets their news from newspapers anymore, right? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

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Internet-Only TV Homes Surge 22.8%, Spend 9% Of TV Time Online 

Characterizing it as a "development to watch," Nielsen issued a new report to clients Wednesday showing that the number of U.S. households that bypass cable or satellite TV and subscribe only to broadband Internet access has grown dramatically in the past year, and not surprisingly, they spend dramatically more time watching TV over the Internet.

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NAA: Newspaper Sites See Traffic Rise In Q4  

Traffic to newspaper websites rose nearly 6% during the fourth quarter of 2011, according to a new report from the Newspaper Association of America.

Newspaper sites logged more than 111 million monthly unique visitors, an increase of about 6 million compared to the same period a year ago, according to NAA analysis of comScore data. Some 63% of all U.S. adult Internet users visited newspaper sites during the quarter, the NAA said.

Average daily visitors increased by more than 3 million -nearly 15% - during the quarter. Total time spent on the site also increased, rising 14% during the quarter, the association said.










People in the News  


The Daily Press has hired Deanna Marie Lopez, a lifelong resident of Santa Clara, as a photographer.

Aaron West has joined the Silver City Sun-News, replacing former reporter Carlos Silva Jr. who left to take a sports reporting job with a newspaper in Odessa, Texas.









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