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February 2011
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Kevin Slimp
Fixing Workflow Issues Results in Bigger Profits
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John Foust
AdLibs -

Six quick fixes for headlines

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Here is a current list of upcoming Inland Webinars. Please note: Through co-sponsorship NMPA members are eligible for the member rates

For Editorial Departments: Narrative Writing

Thurs., March 3 | 10:30 a.m. Central
This Inland Webinar will help your newsroom tell superior long, medium or short narrative stories.

Creating Effective Sales Scripts

Thurs., March 10 | 10:30 a.m. Central
Every sales presentation should be scripted, but they should never sound scripted.

Top 5 "Real World" Money Makers from 2010

Weds., March 16 | 10:30 a.m. Central
The Blinder Group made more than 5,000 sales calls during a tough 2010 and closed on more than $20 million of new digital and print revenue. How'd they do it?

Hyper-local: What the Competition is up to and Strategies to Succeed

Fri., March  18 | 10:30 a.m. Central

This Inland Webinar takes a comprehensive look at the business and revenue models of AOL's hyper-local Patch, including how and what they're selling to local businesses.

Your Mobile Strategy is So Yesterday! How to Future-Proof Your Vision

Tues., March 29 | 2 p.m. Central

Mobile is in such a rapid state of change that it's hard to formulate a plan, let alone set that plan in motion.

Upcoming Events

2011 NMPA Convention  

October 28-29, 2011 

Hyatt Tamaya



NNA Annual Convention  

Hotel Albuquerque

Nov 22-25, 2011




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NMPA launches redesigned website

The New Mexico Press Association has a redesigned web site with lots of new and interactive features.  The new site will not only allow the association to showcase news and photos from member newspapers, it will also allow members to post their own views about industry trends and issues.

Visit the new site at nmpress.org  and let us know what you think. 

Legislative update


As noted earlier SB 147 - Posting of public notices on the internet, was heard in the Corporations and Transportation committee on 2/9.  It was tabled with a 5-5 vote on the motion to "do pass" following a lengthy discussion.  It did not receive a recommendation to pass on to the Judiciary committee.  


Voting in favor (do pass):

Sen. Griego

Sen. Burt

Sen. Sharer

Sen. Boitano

Sen. Ulibarri


Voting against:

Sen. Lovejoy

Sen. Cravens

Sen. Keller

Sen. Munoz

Sen. Sapien


Bills to watch  

Check out FOG's list of 2011 legislation affecting open government.


NM Supreme Court: Public records viewers need I.D.
By Chandra Johnson

Published: Thursday, February 17, 2011 11:08 AM MST

Public records may have become a bit farther from reach for some New Mexicans this week as the New Mexico Supreme Court adopted a new rule that would require the public to show identification before viewing public court records.

The rule, which was adopted Feb. 2 and went into effect this week, has been on the court's radar since its first version was enacted last July.  Read more  



Public Records Fight Resolved

Journal lawsuit challenged NMDOT over documents


A fight by the Richardson administration to keep the Albuquerque Journal from reviewing state Department of Transportation records will cost the state an estimated $250,000 in legal fees and costs.

Much of the legal wrangling in the 2-year-old lawsuit was over the state's claim of executive privilege in connection with the records, which the state has now agreed to turn over to the newspaper.     


NMPA Welcomes new member   

The NMPA Board of Directors unanimously approved the membership application of the Ruidoso Free Press.  The Free Press now enjoys full active membership and we look forward to their future participation in the association.    

Industry News

Around the Industry

USPS announces new postal rates for April 17; NNA praises modified rate proposal

Posted on NNA

National Newspaper Association President Elizabeth K. Parker, co-publisher of Recorder Community Newspapers, Stirling, NJ, today praised the decision of new Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe and the USPS Board of Governors to present a modified postage increase in 2011. USPS on Jan. 13 filed its request for new rates with the Postal Regulatory Commission, saying it would hold average rate increases to around 1.7 percent.


Newspaper Advertising Trend Improves

With the gradual improvement in the economic conditions, positive trends are emerging in both print and digital advertising driven by an improving outlook for advertiser spending. Consequently, the rate of decline in advertising revenue is decelerating.  Zacks Industry Outlook 


Google Tweaks Algorithm to Push Down Low-Quality Sites

Google said Thursday that it had made a major change to its algorithm in an effort to improve the rankings of high-quality Web sites in its search results - and to reduce the visibility of low-quality sites. While the company did not say so explicitly, the change appears to be directed in part at so-called content farms like eHow and Answerbag, that generate articles based on popular search queries so they will rise to the top of the rankings and attract clicks.

Google has been facing criticism from some users for allowing articles that aren't useful to appear prominently in search results. That has now changed, according to the company.  NYT Article


Report: Facebook ad performance is abysmal

From Adweek

Facebook's advertising business is soaring. Yet the performance of the average Facebook ad is abysmal.

At least that's according to a new report issued last month by the analytics firm Webtrends, which recently examined 11,000 different Facebook ad campaigns which totaled 4.5 billion impressions. Webtrends found that in 2009 the average clickthrough rate on Facebook was 0.063%. That figure slipped to 0.051% in 2010.

Because of that decline, CPMs on Facebook have crept upward, going from 17 cents in 2009 to 25 cents by last year.

The only ad categories that were able to crack 0.1% clickthrough rates were "tabloids and blogs" (0.165%) and "media and entertainment" (0.154%). The worst performing ad category on Facebook, per Webtrends, was health care, which generated 0.011% clickthrough rates and an average cost-per-click of $1.27.



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