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October 2010
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NMPA Annual Convention
Nov 12-13
Hyatt Tamaya Resort
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Please enjoy the latest edition of ShopTalk.   In this edition you will find important information on upcoming events, including the annual convention at the Tamaya Resort in November.  

If you have interesting news items please forward them to director@nmpress.org and we will include them in the next available bulletin.  

For any membership questions or inquiries please call the NMPA office. 

Phil Lucey

From the President's Desk

The 2010 NMPA Convention is coming Nov 12-13 and we think you will find the event professionally stimulating and socially exhilarating.  Social activities and networking opportunities will abound and, at this beautiful resort, there is something for the whole family to enjoy. Plus, since the resort fee was waived as part of the special NMPA rate, you are free to take in everything this great location has to offer.

In these still difficult economic times, this is an unmatched opportunity to discuss the major issues facing our newspaper industry. Look over the agenda, note its tangible payback, and plan to be with us Nov 12-13 at the Hyatt Tamaya Resort and Spa.  

Tom McDonald
2010 President
New Mexico Press Association
Editor and Publisher
Las Vegas Optic
Las Vegas, New Mexico

NMPA Convention. Nov 12 - 13.  Reserve your hotel room today!

Call or go on-line and reserve your room today! Deadline is Oct 21st

On November 12-13 the NMPA membership will convene at the scenic Hyatt Tamaya Resort for their annual convention.    It is a can't-miss event.  Save the date and plan on joining us in November.   
Tamaya has secured a special convention rate for us of $119.00 a night.  We even have the resort fee waived, so bring along the family and enjoy everything Tamaya has to offer.  Call 505-867-1234 today!  

For your convenience you can go right on-line and register your room.  Click on RESERVATIONS and you will be taken to the NMPA registration site. 

The following links provide important information on the convention:
Registration Form
Article XI:  The fiscal year of the Association shall run from November 1 to October 31.
MOTION: to recommend a change to the by-laws to report financials on a calendar year, January - December, as opposed to the current November - October fiscal year and to be voted on during the business meeting of the annual convention; made by Charles Fischer;  2nd David McCollum.  All approved.
Background:   A motion was made during the summer board of director's meeting to recommend a change the Association's fiscal year to that of a calendar year.  In doing so the Association will be able to better report the financial standing of the Association's business.  As an example with a calendar based fiscal year the Association will be able to show all incomes and expenses for the annual convention on a year end financial report.  
The motion will be brought to the floor during the business meeting for discussion and voting.  
Per Article XIII Section 1 of the by-laws the Association's Articles of Incorporation, by a two-thirds majority, and these Restated Bylaws, by a majority, may be amended by a vote of the active members present and voting at the general business meeting at the annual Association convention.

State Headlines

Request for News Articles  

We pull ShopTalk news from articles received from the clipping service, stories sent out by national trade groups and items we happen to hear on the street.  We need your help in making this a comprehensive bulletin.  If you have articles or learn of stories on any industry-related item, please forward them to director@nmpress.org and we'll get the message out to the masses.

Roswell Daily Record presents new website.
RDR web-goers will likely notice some major changes with the paper's website.
The Record will be switching to a new, more user friendly, format. The new website comes after about four months of its staff working on a new layout. The new website will be available by subscription
only at a cost of $4.95 a month. The monthly fees will be used toward making future improvements in the paper. Subscribers to the print edition will be able to get the web service for $1 a month.

Taos News wins national award
The National Newspaper Association of America has named The Taos News the best large weekly in the United States. The award was announced at the NNA annual conference in Omaha, Neb.
Publisher Chris Baker said he was elated that the newspaper won for general excellence once again.
In addition, the newspaper won awards in several individual categories. Joe Warren, editor/publisher of the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle, The Taos News sister paper in Angel Fire, accepted the award.
Both weeklies as well as The New Mexican are owned by Robin M.  Martin.

Below is feedback received from AG candidates Gary King and Matt Chandler on New Mexico's sunshine laws. NMPA-member newspapers are welcome to publish if they like.

Editor's note: Freedom New Mexico invited attorney general candidates Matt Chandler and Gary King to share their views on New Mexico's Open Records Act and Inspection of Public Records Act. King accepted the invitation we made to both candidates to write a guest column. Chandler responded to questions submitted via e-mail.
Matt Chandler: Open Meetings Act needs stronger enforcement action
Question: How would you grade New Mexico's state and local governments on compliance with the Open Meetings Act and Inspection of Public Records Act?
Chandler: New Mexico's state and local governments are failing when it comes to compliance with the Open Meetings Act and Inspection of Public Records Act due to the fact that there is limited, if any, accountability for those that are violating the Act.

Q: What would you do to improve compliance?
Chandler: I would enforce the current laws that call for compliance, and support legislation for criminal sanctions for those that do not comply with proper requests for the inspection of public records.

Q: Do you believe the AG's office should prosecute violations?
Chandler: I believe it is the attorney general's responsibility to prosecute and enforce violations of the Act.

An example of this is the recent lawsuit filed by the Albuquerque Journal against Gov. Bill Richardson for allegedly violating his legal obligations under the Inspection of Public Records Act. This stems from Richardson's failure to comply with the Albuquerque Journal's repeated requests to inspect documents identifying the political appointees Richardson announced he laid off in the face of a budget crisis.

As attorney general, I will do all within my statutory duty to bring transparency to those that work for the public because I believe an open government creates an honest government.

Q: What would you do to ensure that more public information is available online?
Chandler: With today's technology, public information should be made viewable online to the public. I support the idea of having all public records, including legislative sessions and the state's current finances, listed online in a real-time format.

Matt Chandler, district attorney for Curry and Roosevelt counties, is the Republican candidate for New Mexico attorney general. He may be contacted through his campaign office at 505-306-8202. His website is: www.mattchandler2010.com

Gary King: Open government high priority

As a legislator, I sponsored and passed the modern versions of the Open Meetings Act and the Inspection of Public Records Act. Therefore, it will be apparent that I feel that these are two of the most important tools we have to foster transparent operations of government.

Compliance with these Acts, often referred to collectively as the Sunshine Laws, is critical to the operation of a government that our citizens can trust.

During my term as attorney general, I have focused much of the efforts of the office on training state agencies in the requirements of compliance. I believe that most elected officials want to comply and will do so if they have knowledge of the requirements. Therefore, we have monthly "road shows" where we take experts from the AG Office to communities throughout New Mexico for a half-day training session. At the trainings we provide free copies of the compliance guides and inform officials how to access the most current information on our website: nmag.gov

We also answer questions and make sure that local officials know how to contact our experts if they have questions.

I believe that this results in general compliance. How-ever, there are definitely occasions when the statutes are violated by public officials. Our office has a formal intake system to log in complaints of noncompliance and assign them to experts for review. If it appears a violation has occurred we first contact the agency and explain to them how to cure violations. If the agency refuses to comply, we will bring direct action to force compliance or work with the complainant to help bring an action for enforcement.

Occasionally we find that the sanctions in the law are not sufficient to compel compliance. Therefore, we are also advocating to the Legislature to add criminal sanctions to the Inspection of Public Records Act, similar to those found in the Open Meetings Act. Such sanctions are rarely brought to bear, but do help to assure voluntary compliance at an earlier stage of the proceeding.

Our office continues to work with the Foundation for Open Government to advocate for changes that would improve the efficacy of the Sunshine Laws.

We successfully advocated to include provisions in IPRA to allow for electronic requests for documents. I believe that we need to implement changes in the agency operation so that all documents are stored electronically and can be delivered in that format, thus significantly reducing copying fees and improving searchability.

Our office has made all recent AG opinions available online in a searchable format and I believe this could be done with state contracts and budget documents for all agencies. Some progress has been made in this area in recent years. The issue of open government will continue to get high priority in the next term under my administration.

Incumbent Gary King is the Democratic candidate for New Mexico attorney general. He may be contacted through his campaign office at 505-803-0942. His website is: www.garyking2010.com

Industry News

Around the Industry

Consumer Demand for News Encouraging
E&P Staff
As newspaper professionals, we're constantly looking for a bellwether. We're looking for a map to the future. And, even more sought-after is a contradiction to the common belief that digital media will be the end of newspaper publishers.
I read a recent report from The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press which finds that consumer demand for news and information is healthy and strong. My interpretation of the research is that our future's bright if we follow consumer demand.
The positive message is "the average time Americans spend with the news on a given day is as high as it was in the mid-1990s, when audiences for traditional news sources were much larger." In fact, "the net impact of digital platforms supplementing traditional sources is that Americans are spending more time with the news than was the case a decade ago."

E-Reader Owners Are Avid Newspaper Readers, Scarborough Finds
By: E&P Staff
CHICAGO People who own or plan to buy an e-reader such as the Kindle or Nook -- and there are nine million adults in that demographic -- are a ready-made audience for newspapers, according to a study released Wednesday by Scarborough Research.

Scarborough found that fully 78% of adults in so-called "e-reader households," which number about four million, read a newspaper in print or online within the past week. That compares with 71% of all adults. E-Reader Households are 11% more likely to read a newspaper regularly than an average adult.

While just 27% of all adults report visiting a newspaper Website within the past month, 41% of adults in e-reader households did so, making them 48% more likely than all consumers nationally to have visited a newspaper website during that timeframe.

Adults in e-reader households are also 9% percent more likely than all adults nationally to have read a printed newspaper during the past week. Nationally, 71%t of adults in e-reader households read a daily or Sunday paper during the past week compared with  65% of all adults.

And half of adults in e-reader households read a Sunday print newspaper on an average Sunday compared with 46% of all adults.

"E-reader devices are becoming an important technology for millions of Americans and our data confirms their emergence as a natural companion to newspapers," said Gary Meo, senior vice president of digital media and newspaper services for Scarborough Research. "At this point, many newspaper publishers are determining strategies for making their content available on e-reader devices, and this is creating a new opportunity to monetize content and increase readership."

By: E&P Staff
NEW YORK Newspaper companies attracted 102.8 million unique visitors to their Websites in September, nearly two-thirds (61%) of all adult Internet users - and are reaching key demos, according to an analysis by comScore for the Newspaper Association of America.
Newspaper sites also reached more than half (55%) of the advertiser-coveted 25-to-34-year-old demographic. In addition, the sites also reached 73% of people in households earning more than $100,000 a year.
Additionally, comScore found that 1 in 4 adult visitors to newspaper Websites come from households earning at least $100,000 a year, compared to 21% of all adult Internet users.

People in the News
Send updates of new hires, promotions, retirements, memorials, etc to director@nmpress.org.  We will print the news in this section each month.  

Lisa Morales
GM Lisa Morales has resigned her position at the Ruidoso News.  Morales joined the Ruidoso News in 2009.  She has also worked in advertising for the Carlsbad Current Argus and the Alamogordo Daily News.

Rick Romancito, Tempo editor, has been named a board member of the Rio Grande Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. Betsy Model, president, said Romancito brings a wealth of experience to the chapter with more than 20 years at The Taos News.

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