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With the rising costs of oil sending gas prices through the roof, everyone is looking for new ways to save money.  One way to maximize a homes' energy efficiency is with passive solar energy design.

Willet Deltec Home 

Passive solar energy design takes into consideration upfront planning of your new home that will create a comfortable indoor living climate year round while saving you money everyday.  


Your home's windows, walls, and floors can be designed to collect, store, and distribute solar energy in the form of heat in the winter and reject solar heat in the summer.


Check out this months' featured homeowner, Dan and Jodi Clere. They're building the new Deltec Crescent Chalet model that is completely designed with passive solar energy .  In addition, read the article below on this topic, "Follow the Sun", written by Deltec's Director of Sustainability, Steve Linton, that appeared in Building and Construction Northeast magazine.   


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Announcements & News  



deltec and DIY

 Very Exciting News! Deltec Homes will be featured in the DIY Network Show "This New House" later this year.   


The show is a new magazine-style series that brings viewers inside homes across the US that feature innovative building materials and techniques.   


The Deltec program will be focused on one of our homeowners who built their Deltec home as a DIY project and now builds Deltec homes for others.

Stay tuned for further details.  We will announce the show date as soon as it is scheduled. 





The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon is an award-winning program that challenges 20 collegiate teams to design, build, and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive. Deltec Homes is proud to announce a recent partnership with Appalachian State University The Solar Homestead.  


As a partner, Deltec Homes is providing student lead teams with hands-on experience in our Asheville factory to construct wall panels and roof systems along with working collaboratively with Deltec's team on the engineering aspects of the project.

the solar homestead 

The 20 team showcase will be on the National Mall's West Potomac Park in Washington, D.C., Sept. 23-Oct. 2, 2011.   







Circular Shape Takes Edge Off For Deltec Homeowner

Nan Decker was recently interviewed by the Akron, Ohio Beacon Journal. Read the full story here.

Deltec homeowner Decker


Decker, a veterinarian, lives in a  Deltec round home, an uncommon design in her area which is heavily influenced by Colonial architecture.


The best part, "It's something she senses, not something she can show. It gives me a good feeling to be in the house," she said." . . . I almost want to say it's a spiritual thing."




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When it comes to financing your new Deltec home, it's nice to know there is a dedicated, mortgage company and expert that can provide permanent financing on Deltec Homes. 

Whether you need advice on the size of a loan, are investigating the best way to finance your new home, or are seeking the lowest interest rates, financing options are available.

At New American Mortgage, we've earned a reputation for putting our customers first. That's why no matter how large or small a loan you're looking to take, we'll be there to guide you and help you with all the details.

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Featured Homeowner- Passive Solar Designed Deltec 

Dan and Jodi Clere ~  Asheville, NC 


Clere Deltec homeowners


In our last newsletter, we launched our new Crescent Chalet model and we are proud to introduce you to Dan and Jodi Clere.  They are building a passive solar two story Cresent Chalet in Asheville, NC.   


This unique passive solar designed home will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer using many low-tech design methods.   




Passive solar graphic


One design technique is the placement and size of windows. The south face of their home was designed to have the majority of the windows so that in the winter months these windows will receive full sun warming the house naturally.  In the summer, when the sun is at its highest, the house will receive no direct sunlight resulting in a much cooler indoor climate.  



Clere Deltec homeowners front of house  


In additon, to maintain the proper glass-to-mass ratio, the upper floor's windows are shorter than downstairs to avoid overheating. 






Clere Deltec homeowners block wall


Another low tech passive solar idea is incorporating a block wall into the staircase to increase thermal mass.  The thermal mass in the block wall will hold heat longer so that solar energy collected from the daytime sun will be released into the living space throughout the night.    


To see more pictures and read about all the details of The Clere's passive solar house click here.    


To read a recent article written and published by Deltec's Director of Sustainability on passive solar design see the article below.    


GREEN LIVING ~ Just Follow the Sun  

By: Steve Linton

Building Contruction logoDeltec Homes Director of Sustainable Technologies, Steve Linton, talks about passive solar design in the current issue of Building and Construction Northeast Spring 2011.   


The overall concept of passive solar design is simple: Let the sun help to warm the house in winter and keep heat out of the house in summer.  There are countless ways to accomplish this based on varying homes configurations, climate and user interaction.


True passive solar homes involve a very detailed design process. However, regular homes can benefit from many of the same design concepts that are utilized in a passive solar home- a concept known as "sun-tempered" design.  The key elements to understand are properly sized overhangs, window design and placement, and thermal mass.   


To a deltec home living room area luporead the full article click here.   


Designing a home that integrates with its natural surroundings is not an all-or-nothing endeavor.  Each of the principles discussed in the article can be used at many different levels in a home. For all your questions on passive solar design, call Deltec's green department at 800.642.2508.  



Pricing Your Deltec Dream Home 

Wondering how much a Deltec Crescent Chalet would cost? The links below will give you an idea of what a 1- story,1844 square foot Crescent Chalet floor plan looks like and the associated Deltec shell costs.  Please contact your sales consultant today to discuss your building plans.


The floorplan and quote below are for a typical 1-story Crescent Chalet.

Deltec homes crescent chalet


Call 800-642-2508 or E-mail us with questions or a quote on your home!   

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